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Ballet books to give away

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I'm following the current trend of de-cluttering and have decided to give away many of my books on ballet. They range from dancers' biographies to more general reference books about the art to detailed accounts about specific ballets.  I have a list I can email to anyone interested and since I live in inner London and have a freedom pass I can easily meet up at the ROH or any any station in Zones 1-6.


I could give them to a charity, of course, but I'd prefer to pass them on to other ballet-lovers who will enjoy them as I did.




p.s. for those who live outside London I'm happy to send by post but that's a bit expensive for hardbacks.

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How lovely.  Bangorballetboy beat me to it, but I LOVED Life at the Royal Ballet School when I was a child - my tiny local library had a copy and I think I got it out about once a month on average.  I basically read that and watched the Natalia Makarova Ballerina documentary which I had on video on repeat.  Happy Memories.

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