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  1. Just had an email to say due to illness, Natalia Osipova has been replaced by Marianela Nuñez as Tatiana.' for this Friday (7th February).
  2. Thanks for the review - I was in Paris the weekend before last for the Leonardo and did look at what was on at POB as we were staying very close to the Louvre for the exhibition - I decided against the Crystal Pite in the end as I was taking my mother for her birthday and it was unlikely to have been to her taste! I also enjoyed the Leonardo - especially the chance to see Vitruvian Man (although I understand that this is only on display for the first 8 weeks of the exhibition) and the scientific and mathematical drawings. I would add that to be aware if you don't read French well that both the free exhibition guide detailing the works and the exhibition catalogue were only available in French (although we went on opening weekend so wondered if translated versions were running behind). The audio guide was available in English, but offered insights on only 22 or so of the works.
  3. Whether clumsy drafting or not, it is certainly something that needs clarifying.
  4. I would have liked the same. I got home and spent a good 30 minutes trying to work out who a few of the dancers I didn't know were from the ROH website and old programmes.
  5. I thoroughly enjoyed watching the class this morning and would definitely recommend it if they do it again. I particularly enjoyed seeing some of the lesser known dancers (to me anyway) and that it wasn't just the principals being interviewed.
  6. I'm a Friend+ and got a ticket for Fidelio as part of a Design Your Own Package in the Stalls Circle. Bur I see now that it's not included. I wonder how many tickets are being held back for general booking as it's showing as pretty much sold out at the moment - either sold out or under 20 tickets left per performance.
  7. Agreed. I may take to emailing them back every time I get such a reminder and point out that I would love to attend more performances, but I have a budget and their current pricing strategy has unfortunately priced me out of attending more often.
  8. Agreed - I avoid booking Balcony Right for similar reasons as it feels like such a trek in the interval!
  9. I saw Werther on Friday night and it finished at 10:40. I was in the SC and had a very good view of the mass exodus during the curtain calls from the OS, presumably for similar reasons.
  10. Agreed. I thought it might be a bit of a bunfight for Fidelio, but I had no problem getting a seat in the area I wanted.
  11. I thought Jennifer Hudson sounded awful as well - her voice is just all wrong for a musical role, especially for a song like Memory. Interesting as she also came to prominence on a tv talent show, but I saw Alexandra Burke in Chess recently and she stuck out like a sore thumb as by far the weakest link in an otherwise great show. I thought Francesca Hayward looked lovely and I am really looking forward to the film (Cats was the first West End show I ever saw when I was 9 and I was obsessed by it and I've just introduced my daughter to the soundtrack (also now aged 9) and she loves it as well).
  12. This has annoyed me hugely as, as far as I'm aware, was not indicated to Friends prior to booking. I've booked the cheaper Stalls Circle seats because they were what I could afford, without even looking at the packages first (a) because of the meltdown on the Friends+ booking morning as when I eventually got onto the website I didn't want to waste time navigating the website further and (b) because you don't automatically get booked onto a package if you book seats within a package but have to go through the separate packages channel, which is virtually impossible to find on the new website. If I'd know this, I would have looked at the packages as I suspect the packages discount would have brought the slightly higher priced ticket within the price range I was prepared to pay.
  13. Thank you - I have nabbed one for Cuthbertson/ Ball. I wasn't planning on seeing Manon this season, but this seemed a bit too good to miss!
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