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  1. Agreed. I thought it might be a bit of a bunfight for Fidelio, but I had no problem getting a seat in the area I wanted.
  2. I thought Jennifer Hudson sounded awful as well - her voice is just all wrong for a musical role, especially for a song like Memory. Interesting as she also came to prominence on a tv talent show, but I saw Alexandra Burke in Chess recently and she stuck out like a sore thumb as by far the weakest link in an otherwise great show. I thought Francesca Hayward looked lovely and I am really looking forward to the film (Cats was the first West End show I ever saw when I was 9 and I was obsessed by it and I've just introduced my daughter to the soundtrack (also now aged 9) and she loves it as well).
  3. This has annoyed me hugely as, as far as I'm aware, was not indicated to Friends prior to booking. I've booked the cheaper Stalls Circle seats because they were what I could afford, without even looking at the packages first (a) because of the meltdown on the Friends+ booking morning as when I eventually got onto the website I didn't want to waste time navigating the website further and (b) because you don't automatically get booked onto a package if you book seats within a package but have to go through the separate packages channel, which is virtually impossible to find on the new website. If I'd know this, I would have looked at the packages as I suspect the packages discount would have brought the slightly higher priced ticket within the price range I was prepared to pay.
  4. Thank you - I have nabbed one for Cuthbertson/ Ball. I wasn't planning on seeing Manon this season, but this seemed a bit too good to miss!
  5. Still glitchy clearly. Mine seems to have worked ok for now. And I did take great pleasure in giving them a 0 when they requested feedback for whether I would recommend the ROH website after I'd bought my tickets 🤔
  6. Same here. Can't get onto any of the ticket booking pages at all. 15 minutes now and nothing. But they've managed to send me the email to tell me booking is open.
  7. I find the packages too restrictive most of the time as you have to book the same number of seats for all performances. I tend to go on my own, but there will be performances I want to attend with my 9 year old daughter and I can't risk not being able to book an adjacent seat at a later date for her and she can't sit on her own. Plus, I tend to vary where I sit in the auditorium depending on finances and who or what is performing or being performed.
  8. I absolutely love this, how have you been keeping count? I've actually just started a spreadsheet (helpfully assisted by all my bookings back to 2008 being in my account on the ROH website), mainly as an aide-memoire as to performances/ performers and my thoughts. I really enjoyed last night and was very glad I stayed for Symphony in C. I thought the Firebird was excellent - I'd seen the same cast last week from the OS but was in the Amphitheatre this time and liked the different perspective. I've not seen A Month in the Country before and thought it was wonderful - I'm really coming to enjoy one act ballets in the same way I've come to enjoy short stories more. I was particularly impressed by Anna Rose Sullivan and, of course, Vadim. I LOVED Symphony in C - my only gripe was that I wanted to refer to my cast sheet throughout as I'm not as familiar with some of the dancers as others here. But, as with last week's Fonteyn Celebration, I thought it showcased the current breadth and depth of talent in the Company.
  9. I’ve just popped into the ROH shop and, as suspected, the £45 ones in the shop are the Helios ones available on Microglobe for £22.
  10. I've been going back and forth over whether to do the same tonight! I do really want to see Symphony, but also the thought of a 10:50 finish (and interminable journey home) is really making my heart sink.
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