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The Real Marigold on Tour - Wayne Sleep

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I don’t normally watch this but it got left on last night and had Wayne Sleep and companions visiting Buenos Aires. There was quite a lot about tango dancing but of more interest a short section where Wayne Sleep visited the Opera House and watched part of a rehearsal of a pas de deux from The Merry Widow and told of how he never performed on the stage there when the Royal Ballet were supposed to have visited in the 1970’s. He finally got to stand on the stage and dance a few steps. Worth a watch to see the interior of the Opera House and the small amount of ballet. Available on iPlayer.

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I was wandering if anyone else saw this - I just happened to turn on the TV when this programme was on - made me want to visit Beunos Aires too.  I’ve always been a lover of the music of the the tango - and the dance.  It was so good to see how the Argentinian culture has so much respect for older people and how everyone of all ages dance together - there’s a lesson to be learnt from that.  It was also good to see Wayne Sleep and Paloma Herrera at the stunning Teatro Colon - they seemed to have genuine affection for one another.  

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Many thanks Pulchinella, after reading your posting I made a point of catching the film of Sleep in the Teatro Colon.  What a fabulous opera house!  Really worth seeing, however brief the section and far more interesting than Jan Leeming and her various men.

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