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RB Symphony in C

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As reported elsewhere,  at the Spring Gala the main pairings we saw (Act 4 only) were:






but I have no idea if this is to be repeated for the full show. I am sure it will be splendid, come what may. 

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23 hours ago, Vanartus said:

Any news about casting? I've tried to dig a little on the website but I'm just getting "The Company". In the end I booked last performance ...


It is still showing as 'the Company' in the latest ROH magazine too. Maybe that is all we'll get?

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3 minutes ago, jmhopton said:

Casting for this triple bill on the ROH website seems to alternate between Hayward/Ball and Naghdi/Bracewell. Is this casting for Infra or Unknown Soldier? Either way it sounds really good!


It's for the Unknown Soldier, Joan.  We had a taste of the Hayward / Ball combo in the Spring Gala :) 

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