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  1. What a beautiful "review" LinMM. More and more, when watching the RB and their sublime dancers, when attending RB performances, it provides me with an escape from daily life and all its worries. When I go to the ROH I feel in heaven, I can escape from the world and all its daily worries. Thank you to all the dancers who provide us with such amazing performances!
  2. It's a grey area isn't it Sim. It takes up to 14 days or more apparently before any symptoms show up so one may be a carrier of the virus unknowingly before the symptoms show, therefore the best precaution would be for any dancer/ opera singer who has been in one of the Government listed countries to self isolate in order to protect other singers and dancers.
  3. All we know is that there are a very high number of cases in northern Italy and Francesca Hayward posted on her social media that she was in Milan for the weekend, and so seems to have been Corrales. As she danced DAAG last night she clearly has been inside the ROH since coming back from Milan thus mingled with the other dancers. I just hope all will be ok. Just imagine the potential of the virus spreading amongst the dancers. LinMM: anyone coming back from Government listed countries (northern Italy and many Asian countries) has to self isolate for a minimum of 2 weeks according to NHS and Government guidelines.
  4. Was looking forward to seeing the 2nd cast...but as he's just back from Italy, the Corona virus issue demands two weeks of isolation.
  5. It is very worrisome as some principals do travel to guest abroad like Muntagirov in Tokyo, or they travel for pleasure. I saw on social media that Francesca Hayward was in Milan over the past weekend to watch a fashion show, the epicentre of the outbreak in Italy. I wonder what measures the ROH has put in place for travelling opera singers and RB dancers.
  6. I'll make an attempt describing the difference in Naghdi's characterisation of her Tatiana in Act 3, between her debut performance back in January and her 3rd one last night. At her debut, her Tatiana in Act 3 was characterised as if she was still a rather naive, young married woman, with hints she might have just about learned to love her husband a little bit, there was moving tenderness between them, whereas last night her Tatiana was that of a fully mature married woman, she had simply learned "to be" with her husband as society expected from her. She clearly didn't love her husband, there was a deep sadness in her, but she was respectful to him and grateful for the life he had given her. When she danced with Onegin, she let go of all of her feelings for him, showing him remaining, dormant passion (as if for a moment she completely forgot she was a married woman). Their pd2 showed all of her past feelings and emotions for him, very passionate, and I felt there were instances when Naghdi's Tatiana could have been totally capable of suddenly changing her mind and reunite with him. It was but a let-out moment for her and a sudden catharsis occurred once she had released all those pent-up emotions. She completely changed her body language and her facial expressions suddenly turned very stern. With great self-confidence she made up her mind there and then. She told Onegin to never come back and she left him in no doubt! Their Dream Scene pd2 last night was also very beautifully executed.
  7. There was also a lot of bravo shouting during the clapping at last Friday's Naghdi/Bonelli show, again last night bravos could be heard. I feel the ROH audience has become much more vocal in their appreciation. To me there's nothing wrong with it, it's all part of the appreciation of the dancers and their performance.
  8. I felt exactly the same Sim, Naghdi clearly gave it all she had last night, I guess she didn't have anything left to give by the end. When she told Onegin to leave her alone, when pointing her finger ordering him to leave, that was so dramatic, forceful and intense. At the end of the ballet I thought this is just not a ballet I have watched... but Ballet turned into sublime Art.
  9. Well what more can be said about the Naghdi/Bonelli cast that hasn't already been said? Tonight was indeed a whopping WOW! as zxDaveM posted. Naghdi has the ability to show her audience new and different aspects of her artistry performance after performance, we never get to see the same Naghdi twice. Her Tatiana tonight, and also last Friday, showed a ballerina who had freed herself from any "restraints", she was totally free and gave herself over in complete abandonment. Frederico Bonelli was amazing too and these two wonderful principals connected so beautifully, physically and emotionally. Anna-Rose O'Sullivan was again a beautiful Olga and Sissens really improved since his debut as Lensky. Bennett Gartside was a very special Prince Gremin, my favourite one. As The Royal Ballet's newest and youngest Tatiana, Naghdi has certainly made this role her own. The huge amount of flowers delivered on the stage caused audible gasps from the audience, nice to see Sissens and O'Sullivan getting a few bouquets too, and Gartside and Bonelli got a rose each from Yasmine Naghdi. I hope Onegin will come back soon, this ballet has it all!
  10. Yasmine Naghdi's pas de deux with Bennett Gartside was totally heartbreaking! She was so tender and elegant, but no smiling, she had accepted her destiny. A pas de deux I'll never ever forget. Her last pas de deux with Bonelli really made me cry, it was deeply moving. Naghdi's transition from a naive young girl in love to married woman was amazing, and every emotion was readable on her face. An overwhelming and outstanding performance from Naghdi/Bonelli, she visibly poured her heart and soul in this ballet. The whole cast was great, O'Sullivan and Sissens were also wonderful as Olga and Lensky but Naghdi was phenomenal and the night belonged to her. I am really looking forward to catching her last Tatiana on Monday. The huge roars from the audience said it all.
  11. Well now that Friedmann Vogel has danced with Yasmine Naghdi in Tokyo there may be a possibility for Vogel to dance with Naghdi here at the ROH. Who knows. I'd dearly love to see that happen!
  12. Will Marianela Nunez now dance Tatiana on Friday evening and on Saturday evening (her scheduled show)? I have a ticket to see her on Saturday evening.
  13. I have a ticket to see Marianela Nunez as Tatiana on Saturday evening. Will Nunez now dance two performances in a row? or will she be replaced by another Tatiana?
  14. I'd love to see a (short or long!) clip of Naghdi dancing with Vogel!
  15. That is such super short notice for Yasmine Naghdi to replace Alina Cojocaru...two days (according to IG) to learn Balanchine's "Ballet Imperial", dancing with new partner Friedmann Vogel, and be on stage tomorrow night 😱😱. I believe she has never danced "Ballet Imperial", this will be a debut prepared for in two days. Wishing Yasmine Naghdi and Friedmann Vogel much success, as well as all the other dancers involved!
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