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  1. I agree. As far as I am aware it only happened to Hayward (2016): she was urgently needed to replace Salenko and dance with McRae on tour. As the RB is contractually obliged by the Japan Tour organisers to showcase only principals in lead roles (so I was informed by dancers) AND there are enough principals available to dance Kitri on tour it shouldn't be difficult to replace Takada/McRae in those 2 shows by another principal couple.
  2. Well there is Cuthbertson or Naghdi or Nunez or Osipova who could squeeze in an extra performance and replace Takada.
  3. Yes but she had already danced Juliet as a soloist, had danced several Aurora's and Sugar Plum's as well as the notoriously difficult Mathilde Kchessinskaya and Zenaida Yanowsky was leaving thus vacating a principal place.
  4. As Mr. O'Hare is in charge of fostering the career of his principles and knows best what they need in order to advance their career he is the best placed "judge". He has to keep his principals happy and occupied too (and not only his soloists). https://www.thestage.co.uk/features/interviews/2019/royal-ballet-director-kevin-ohare-we-have-a-breadth-of-new-talent-i-cant-help-but-be-a-proud-parent/ In the above interview link he says: “I didn’t realise the commitment you need to have, and want to have, to each of the individuals. It is fascinating to see how dancers develop and their individual careers blossom. People like Francesca [Hayward] and Yasmine [Naghdi] came out of the company and are now principals. You can’t help but be a proud parent.”
  5. There are eight female principals. Let's say one is injured, one is guesting abroad, one is not suited to dance a particular role that leaves five principals who will be cast to dance at least twice if not three times the leading role. That makes a run of at least 10 to 15 performances and Mr. O'Hare likes to give a first soloist and/or a soloist a chance too. There we are: a run of 12 to 15 performances (and some people complain certain runs are too long). Therefore I think there is currently no room for another one.
  6. Sylvie Guillem once said in an interview" ... talent alone is not enough to get to the top."
  7. I wouldn't worry about the great classics not getting sold out fast as there are always numerous corporate bookings, tourist bookings,... and these people do not care who is dancing. They just want to see a classical ballet at The ROH, they go to any show they can see whilst in London.
  8. It's interesting to look at all the Principals: Bonelli: joined as a principal in 2003 Watson: became a principal in 2005 - it took him 11 years to go through all the ranks - White Lodge/Upper School Soares: in 2006 (joined as a 1st Artist) McRae: in 2009 - Upper School - gone through the ranks Kish: joined as a principal in 2010 Vadim: joined as a principal in 2014 Hirano (Prix de Lausanne): 2016 - through the ranks Campbell (joined as a soloist): 2016 Ball: 2018 - White Lodge and Upper School and through the ranks 4 (Ball, Hirano, McRae, Watson) male principals who went through all the ranks 2 ( Ball, Watson) of them all the way from White Lodge/Upper School/all ranks The female principals: Nunez: 2002 - did one year at the RBS Upper School (Graduate year) and skipped ranks Lamb: 2006 joined as a first soloist Morera: 2007 - White Lodge/Upper School - took 12 years to go through the ranks Cuthbertson: 2008 - White Lodge/Upper School and through ranks but she skipped 1st artist rank Osipova: 2013 joined as a principal Takada: 2016 - Prix the Laussane and gone through all the ranks Hayward: 2016 - White Lodge/Upper School and gone through all the ranks Naghdi: 2017 - White Lodge/Upper School and gone through all the ranks 4 (Naghdi, Hayward, Takada, Morera) female principals who went through all the ranks 4 (Naghdi, Hayward, Cuthbertson, Morera) White Lodge/Upper School
  9. True, Osipova became a Principal in 2013 after she guested with the Company, she was imported from Russia. I was thinking of dancers who all came up through the ranks
  10. So Sambe was off at the start of the Season up until December.
  11. There were eight years of no female Principal promotion at all between Lauren Cuthbertson (2008) and Takada/Hayward (2016)/Naghdi (2017). For the males: Muntagirov in 2014, Hirano/Campbell 2016, Ball 2018
  12. Wasn't Sambe injured up until...November/December/January? I seem to recall he was injured at the start of the Season (??) and absent for a while.
  13. I was once told by dancers if a dancer does not dance out a full season (due to injury or else) they cannot be considered for promotion. I like to believe Corrales or Bracewell would have been up for promotion to principal had they not been injured.
  14. Hayward's promotion, before she danced any lead role in any of the RB's tutu classics, came about when the company went on tour to Japan in 2016 and Salenko (partner of McRae) was injured: the Japanese Tour organisers contractually demand principals dance the lead roles so McRae had Hayward as a replacement partner. Not that she didn't deserve it after her Manon and Rhapsody... but no she did not dance any tutu classics before she was promoted to principal (except Sugar Plum).
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