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Season's Greetings!


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19 hours ago, Sim said:

Every year I am amazed by the incredible way you decorate your house, Melody!  Truly amazing.  How long does it take, and do you have a lot of help?  

We start in early November, but we're doing less than we used to as we get older. The village and the spectral tree stay in place all year. The four smaller trees (angels, fish, birds, and stars) are stored partly decorated - we just take off the breakable decorations. The trees are all on stands with wheels, so we wheel them to the room with the village and carry them down the three steps and store them there with bags on. The only ones we need to break down are the poinsettia tree, which is a bunch of artificial poinsettias in pots (which are stored under the tables with the village) on a frame, and the new tree in the hallway, which is going to be too heavy to move in one piece. If we need help with that one, we have some neighbours with twenty-something sons who can hopefully help with the dismantling and heavy lifting. It usually takes most of January to get everything stored away.

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15 hours ago, Lisa O`Brien said:

Wishing everyone on here a very peaceful and happy Christmas and New Year. [ I haven't been on this Forum much. Been a difficult year for me, mental health wise. But sending you all my love].  xx

Lots of Love to you too Lisa and all the very best wishes for you. Take Care. X

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Merry Xmas everyone, and wishing you all lots of great dance in 2018.  I just got an early Xmas present (not that it's arrived yet) - unexpectedly won a pair of signed pointe shoes from Ekaterina Shipulina. They'll be hanging underneath the Frankie Hayward pair in our study!

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