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  1. It was the Wimbledon ticket free-for-all today and we managed to get a pair for Court 3, which is perfect - we find Centre Court just too big and most seats too remote from the action. That just about makes up for our Birmingham tickets having been bumped to next year!
  2. Haven't seen that anywhere, I'll be very interested to find out. Love her as a dancer and from her social media posts she's clearly as sharp as a tack, so Stanford will be a fantastic development opportunity for her. It's worth joining Instagram just to follow her, as she posts a mix of ballet insight and laugh out loud observational humour. He latest craze seems to be fancy poultry - does Stanford offer Chicken Studies? 😂
  3. meanwhile the LTA is punting various membership upgrade schemes to get preferential access to tickets, and Wimbledon are pushing 'hospitality packages' that guarantee a place: "if you would like to guarantee your attendance at The Championships this year before mid-June, then we would like to make sure you are aware of our hospitality ticket options. Whilst this summer may look a little different at Wimbledon, our exclusive hospitality packageswill provide you with a long-awaited first-class day out, that is also safe and comfortable." So the message appears to be - you can buy your way in if you have deep pockets
  4. Looking forward to the Birmingham tournament next month and glad I hung onto our tickets. I do hope we're not expected to wear masks in outside seating. Did anyone see the Rome finals yesterday? Swiatek double bageled Pliskova in 46 minutes - never seen anything like it and felt rather sorry for Karolina.
  5. One swallow doesn't make a summer - how about two and a sand martin? And a three bits of avocet fluff with their mum, who was defending vigorously against all comers, including a huge goose!
  6. Spring still feels somewhat distant, and so was this cuckoo this morning!
  7. I've been very lucky to see Dartford warblers on two occasions over the last week - never having seen one before at all. Quite a striking little bird. Also came across a nest of adders in the dunes at Minsmere beach - all in different colour combinations...
  8. I had a very early and frosty walk today looking for a barn owl - which turned up but led me a merry dance, so I only got one photo. I did see lots of linnets, very noisy and active oystercatchers and a yellowhammer. The lark below filled a whole frosty meadow with its song, perched proudly on a molehill...
  9. it's about this time of year you find them gathering old newspaper reviews to line their nests
  10. For those who enjoy South Asian dance there's a free two day online Akademi event starting tomorrow. Needs registration to get an access ticket.. details here
  11. he might well have - I waited till his head went down then scurried bent double behind a hedge to get closer. my wife suddenly left far behind me, had much the same expression...
  12. The avocets have returned, always a lovely sight. For the first picture, look at the sheldrake on the left then imagine the Benny Hill chase music...
  13. We had a great day for birds yesterday - woke up to a spotted woodpecker drumming in the garden, went out to snap it but found a treecreeper instead. In the afternoon we walked by the estuary and saw a herd of probably a hundred deer, a lovely female stonechat and a huge flock of knots, plus all the usual egrets, redshanks etc. Flurry of pics to follow below... Knots Landing...
  14. Thanks for reminding me of this clip, which deserves an outing in this thread..
  15. Bit of an odd draw for the AO - nearly all the big names are in the bottom half, with top half local Ash Barty thereby pretty much guaranteed a place in the final! My favourite players keep having to play each other, which is reducing my chances of having anyone to cheer for in the final.. I'd be happy enough with Halep or Osaka taking this.
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