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  1. No cuckoo, but respectively below a meadow pipit, reed bunting, skylark and marsh harrier from our walk by the Alde river yesterday. Also saw an adder, but it slithered off while I was fumbling with my phone....
  2. I popped back to see the avocets this morning; couldn't get close as some birders had beaten us to the good spots, but we were able to watch their wonderful courtship ritual.
  3. Yes, before my time, though by coincidence, one of my early girlfriends lived in Jupiter Road. I was at Ipswich School, which was then 99% boys - the girl's school was still across the park in the 70s and its occupants were the focus of most of our attention. It moved out to Woolverstone in the early 90s and the houses were converted back; we were a few doors up on the corner with Gainsborough Road.
  4. Small world - we lived for ten years in a house facing that park in Westerfield Road. Never saw a red squirrel there, though there was a resident tawny owl who lived in a very exposed tree hole by a main path and became quite a local celebrity.
  5. Oh well, more mundanely, here's the wren who lives right outside our bedroom window. No excuse for not being able to reach the camera!
  6. I have taken my camera on a few walks recently and barely seen a bird. Today when I left it at home for a 6 mile loop round the roadbeds at Dunwich beach, we saw four avocets, lots of herons, three large deer, what was possibly a female marsh harrier and got within feet of a reed bunting. Sod's law!
  7. I still have the programme from the first run - Aszure Barton's notes were to the effect that this is a plotless piece and that she wants people to form their own interpretations..
  8. actually that does look like it. it's heavier than the adult collared doves round here but a lot of baby birds seem to have that 'baby fat' look
  9. I have seen a jay in the garden so that's a possibility and I'd be happy with that outcome.. Don't think it's a collared dove as we saw a fledgling with its mother the same day and it was far less stocky. Could be a woodpigeon but on the pics I've seen their beaks have a more pronounced bump in them. It's flown off now so we'll likely never know!
  10. Found this half-fledged beastie in the bushes today and rehomed it away from the cat. Probably a crow, which cause us endless grief, so this might not have been a wise rescue.
  11. I doubt it, but unlike money they do grow on trees - I guess this was advice that won't help till next autumn!
  12. Maria Khoreva is going to stream a 'scratch' development of a ballet piece with choreographer Vladimir Varnava. Every day at 1pm EST on her Instagram account 'marachok'.
  13. Lisa - conkers are good for repelling spiders. We live in a barn which used to get full of them, but putting lots of conkers around the place on window ledges, beams etc really works - you just need to put fresh ones out each year as the effect wears off.
  14. Seconded, she's hilarious. Her weary dad's line "We were absolutely fine here till you came over from London" sums it up!
  15. I like how the ENB broadcasts have tracked progressive restrictions - first we had class at ENB with four dancers and Tamara, then it went down to Tamara with just Francesca Velicu, now we have just Tamara in her kitchen at home! I believe she will be back on today on ENB's Facebook page at 11am.
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