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  1. It was 1967, with the London Philharmonic, so she was just 22 - doesn't say where, I guess the default would be the Royal Festival Hall.
  2. And the bag scanners and ushers are ok with it? I’ve thought before about taking g my DSlr with a 300mm lens but always chickened out
  3. I have to agree - 'busy' was exactly the word I had in mind. There were some lovely passages but also a lot of milling around a full stage for no apparent reason, and too much 'air cello' for my liking. I really enjoyed Dancers At A Gathering on the other hand, though even that could use a judicious 5 minute pruning; and for that piece the bare stage was a perfect foil to the beautiful dancing and witty choreography. A delight to see Frankie Hayward on wonderful form and without a tail.
  4. Initially disappointed that Alina wasn't appearing (hope she's not injured), but Erina Takahashi was a great replacement. All the guys were great - lie Bruce we marvelled at Frola's jumps. I thought Shiori Kase was an absolute delight too.
  5. So we are at the Coli for Le Corsaire and the girl sitting in front of my vertically-challenged wife has her hair tied up in a 3 or 4 inch vertical bun right on top of her head, which is right in her sight line. Is it acceptable to lean forward and chop it off at the roots?
  6. now you're really tempting me! I wonder if I can disguise my 300mm lens as a tube of Pringles...
  7. Quintus

    Room 101

    Famers not keeping their ditches flowing, and councils not unclogging rural drains after autumn leaf fall... We live in the sticks and last week during the heavy rains my wife drove into one of the many flooded road sections and got swamped by a lorry coming the other way. That drove water into the air intake and wrecked the engine, which in turn caused the car to be a write off. We'd had that car for 13 years and it felt like a member of the family 😫
  8. I've seen celebrities tweeting performance photos before - they seem to be held to a different set of rules to the rest of us. Aside the IP considerations most small cameras these days, like phones, have a screen that lights up, which is very disruptive. I often take curtain call pics on my iphone, which are fuzzy but give a recognisable souvenir. I regularly do see remarkably sharp and close up curtain call pics on Instagram though which makes me wonder whether people take proper cameras in - and get way with it.
  9. I know I'm posting dance in the 'not dance' forum, but it feels more appropriate here than interrupting the ballet chat... As I have just 'broken up from work' for Xmas, as no doubt have others here, please entertain us all in our new found leisure time with your favourite clips of dance which is NOT ballet. I'd love to broaden my horizons. I have a few in mind, and here's one to kick off. This is my favourite contemporary dancer Fukiko Takase, accompanying Thom Yorke of Radiohead in his spin off project. Fukiko is formerly of Company Wayne McGregor, where I always found her the dancer who drew my eyes on stage. I love the contrast between the professional dancer and the singer (who is however well known for his idiosyncratic dancing) when they are doing parallel moves. Atoms For Peace Ingenue
  10. I was also there last night - one of the most enjoyable evenings I've had at ROH for a while. I concur with all the other members praising the Concerto second movement - it was simply beautiful. Frankie Hayward was a delight, Fumi Kaneko was gorgeous and Vadim floated... plus all the others to numerous to mention, the whole programme was a treat. I was sipping a house red before the show in the Amphi bar and spotted Bella Brouwers of ENB - it's good to see that professional dancers still choose to go watch ballet to relax!
  11. I saw the working stage rehearsal a couple of days ago, which was fantastic - top cast of Rojo/Streeter/Quagebeur/Cirio. It seems even sharper and more dramatic than last year - perhaps there have been some further tweaks. Just as when I go to Mizu I always have the yaki udon despite the extensive menu, when I see this Giselle I always want Stina Quagebeur as Myrthe despite the fine alternatives available. She absolutely owns that role.
  12. A packed and wildly varied programme at the Linbury last night from the Kazakh company. There were four pieces, most of which broke down into a series of scenes that felt quite distinct - so it felt like a long list of one act-ers and the audience was rather unclear at one point as to whether might have finished (it hadn't..). The first piece was to Edith Piaf music, neoclassical in style, the second was an extended Salomé that was very dramatic but perhaps needed a somewhat larger stage, then came a series of traditional Kazakh folk-oriented pieces. That was very impressive from a costume and spectacle perspective (my wife loved this section) but felt a bit Soviet-era folklorski spektakl to me. The final piece was based around the tango, but on pointe. Overall, an energetic and athletic, almost gymnastic young company that gave a hugely entertaining evening - not always tightly controlled, but no moments of longueur. I was pleased for them that it was very well received by what appeared to be a full house.
  13. Hope you didn't put money on that! I thought there were some interesting strands in the women's US Open this year. The Townsend saga was fascinating - particularly how she beat a completely exasperated Halep, who just could not adapt her game to that relentless serve and volley. There were some dramatic doubles matches along the way too, though the final was dull. A classy, gracious victory over young Coco Gauff by Naomi Osaka, comforting and keeping her on court for the interview. Then Andreescu beating Serena... what a resourceful player she has proved to be, and what a journey over the last year! The women's draws had it hands down this year. I could probably have rephrased that last sentence but I'll just leave it out there..
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