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RBS Upper School Finals 2017


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Last year the approx 30 girls inc Senior associates and girls from the UK and many other countries from around the world, too many to mention .  I think only 3 girls were SA s .

In the afternoon the WL girls joined the audition, so probably approx 45 girls in the audition. There were less boys as far as I can remember 

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There are currently 14,6 ex WL, 1UK, 1 Norwegian, 2 American.. 1 of which is repeating first year as she started a year early (age 14), 4 Australian. 3 Australians have already been offered a place to start in September plus a Japanese girl and I think one of the Prix winners from America too. But as VR quite rightly says every year is different and thee are some beautiful girls in year 11 at WL.

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