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  1. After my hopeful prediction that we might hear soon after the flurry of activity on lower school results, no news here! Given the discussions above about the absence of the AD, could it be he wants to review the candidates chosen before the emails are sent to prevent anyone being 'missed' - I know how anxious my dd is for the result and we have only had to wait since Sunday, some of the prelims were a few weeks ago so surely the results of them must be available so wondered what the hold up is...hence my theory? Anyway, whatever the reason, hope we all hear soon and good luck to all ☺️
  2. Rightly or wrongly, i guess the school director trusts the judgement of head of outreach enough to delegate the prelim adjudication to him and and another member of staff. I would expect he will be at the finals for both schools and the ultimate decisions will be with him. within the audition itself, my dd had similar comments about not being watched but she also said that the two panelists marked half of the class each, so even when she was being watched, it was only by one of them. This could be common in all auditions, it is just she has never mentioned it before. Just shows how sub
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