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Great Britain Wins the Davis Cup


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A great achievement for Team GB: they've beaten 3 quality teams on the way to the final, and thoroughly deserved the win.  In fact, the way the whole team - including players no longer on it - have dragged themselves up from the depths of the competition structure to the final in virtually the minimum possible time is almost a greater achievement.  Belgium did surprisingly well, too, and should be proud of themselves.

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Thinking further on this, though, I'm wondering what effect the effort he's put in this year will have on Andy Murray's season next year.  After all, he's played so many extra best-of-5-set matches that they could have taken him to an additional Grand Slam final, if there were one - not to mention the doubles matches he's played - and that surely has to take its toll physically, and maybe emotionally, regardless of how fit he is.  At the beginning of this year, we saw both Roger Federer and Stan Wawrinka have a noticeable post-Davis Cup slump after they'd won it for Switzerland - and there were two of them to take the strain.  Given how much effort Andy's put into winning the Davis Cup this year, will we look back and realise that he's sacrificed some potential achievements in 2016 for it as well? 

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Let's hope not! And he has the joy of his first baby's arrival to look forward to in February...that should buoy him up...nothing like an extra mouth to feed to motivate you! :)


Many congratulations to team GB on a wonderful performance.

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