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  1. Do you know how long this will stay available? We missed Bayadère, sadly!
  2. I cannot find via the link that Li Tai Po posted (https://tengrinews.kz/tv/#) any details of anything to do with ballet transmissions from Almaty - have I missed everything? I do hope not!
  3. I am looking for two SC standing or sitting for Onegin on Mon 24th Feb. But I'll consider any other places/seats too - I do need two, but not necessarily together! Please PM as well as replying here if you can help.
  4. "I noticed that the women dancers had much curvier figures than what we are used to nowadays" said maryroseatonapin ... they did, and delightful they were, cool and controlled in Chopiniana (which sadly the Trocs ruined for me a long while ago) and playfully lascivious in Scheherazade. But the men were also noticeably well-nourished : I don't know what the rations in the slave quarters were, but they were obviously not calorie controlled. Turkish Delight and Baclava maybe... Also, I think had I been Scheherazade I should have been very happy to have stayed true to the Sultan... Having seen the Astana Ballet a few weeks back with a completely different repertoire it was interesting to see this take on classicism - the Kazakh Ambassador to the UK in his introductory speech did say that they had received considerable help from their friends in Russia with the sprucing up of the company. He also intimated that Kazakhstan was on the cultural offensive at the moment and is making appearances here in several branches of the arts. Good - it is always fascinating to see dance from far away!
  5. A good word for Alston's choreography might be "creamy" ... luscious and more-ish, and different in different contexts but always recognisably itself. We have seen the company as often as we could over the years and they have very rarely disappointed. Woking's programme was gorgeous, and we shall miss them enormously when it all has to stop next spring.
  6. I would like to sell SC standing D45 for the Takada / Hirano cast on Mon 11th Nov at 7.30. Cost is £11.00 It is an e-ticket which I can (try to) forward, or I can meet you on the night. Please send a PM if you are interested. Thanks!
  7. I am looking for 1 ticket for Friday 11th Oct at 9.00 please.
  8. And as Sadler's Wells has been mentioned - there was a very unpleasant scene at the Alvin Ailey Saturday matinée. In the Stalls was a family group - 3 year old child (at most) with mum, auntie and granny. The child ate crisps ALL the way through Act 1, sang along and talked loudly. The poor chap in from of them turned round after about 20 mins and really nicely and calmly asked the adults if they could keep the child quiet. Mum burst out laughing and passed his request on loudly to her family, then, to punish him I guess, got her own bag of crisps out of her bag and with maximum noise of crunching and rustling ate those for the rest of Lazarus Act 1, washing them down with cans of coke that were popped open and shared around. The man kept his cool, but when the interval came all the women started shouting at him, accusing him of disrespect, lack of understanding of children, and finally of racism. (He was white, they were black). The usher tried her best to calm the situation, but it was all very ugly. When I went into the foyer, he and the family had surrounded the House Manager, and he was definitely coming off worse.... Because we had seen and suffered almost as much as he had (we were in the Side Stalls just above the fracas) I said my bit to the Manager, and the poor chap, who was shaking by now, nearly burst into tears at having his story corroborated. There are lots of morals to be drawn from this, and in many respects it was an interesting episode (!) as it showed up so many of the ways in which lines can be stepped over and afternoons spoiled. I hope he was ok later - he either left or was re-seated, while the family continued to enjoy the ballet in their own way...
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