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  1. Didn't know that...I must have lockdown lag...I did see ENB have now got Jurgita Dronina, in fact I watched the live stream of her La Sylphide, now I come to think of it...and still the penny didn't drop.
  2. I have a feeling that Acosta has boundless passion, drive, ambition - but maybe not so much managerial ability. It's a whole different ball[et] game, after all. Hope he proves me wrong for the sake of the company.
  3. I echo your feelings about Ramonda, it could do with a make-over. although in contradiction to what Tamara says about the ballet, her gala performance of the Ramonda pas de deux with Steven McRae is breathtaking. I'm quite passionate about ENB. In my eyes, they dance for the right reasons, not the gloss and the fame, but to bring ballet to ordinary folk like me. And I wish I saw as much written about Alina Cojocaru on here as is printed about RB Nunez. Alina is such an exquisite dancer, her technique is quite flawless, and she is one of the few dancers who can make me feel a shred of sympathy for stupid Manon...
  4. I hope this thread carries on after Covid, smiles are always good. This is a piece by one of the world's greatest finger-pickin' style guitarists. It's royalty free as it was made as a tribute to Rock guitarist Eddie Van Halen, but it's played on an accoustic guitar. Mike Dawes, playing his arrangement of Jump
  5. It's a nice balance but I do wonder how much the content would rate for attracting new followers to ballet. I get the feeling the paying public prefers fewer grey leotards and more frou-frou.
  6. So am I. Why would someone on this forum worry about my partner's name? It's nothing to do with ballet or cricket. I gave random initials because he has a right to be anonymous with anything I post.
  7. PS My post was intended to entertain, not offend
  8. Brian Daniel? I mentioned it to him, and he said "I'll take that as a compliment."
  9. I am truly sorry about this - I just didn't look to see who posted it. I was trying to do a good deed. The Osipova/ Acosta Giselle is on my DVD shelf already, although I must say I would like to buy the Coppelia. I'm going to have to put it down to a [steep] learning curve
  10. I do have on external drive but it's not terribly convenient as I mostly use the laptop in bed. I have some DVDs on it's hard drive, but it's quite full, and of course, not the Giselle. I keep telling BD that I need a better laptop with a bigger drive and wouldn't-you-know-it's-my-birthday-in-a-couple-of-months...It might work
  11. No, it was my fault, I got over-excited I actually have the Acosta DVD, but, of course, these days computers don't have the capability. It's why I spend too much time on YouTube - my 500 music CDs are mostly redundant, because now playing them is confined to one room, and then not late at night. I shall have to be more careful.
  12. Not sure whether this is the correct place, but didn't know where to post it. Please relocate it as fit. If you search, there is the FULL Acosta / Osipova Giselle being streamed on YouTube. I've no idea how long it might remain up There is also a full Osipova Coppelia with the Bolshoi.
  13. I have had cricket forced upon me over the last 5 decades, but it's slowly turned me into a fan. I still don't get test matches, although I think I voice my complaints in proper fashion i.e Me, when the England score is approaching 600 - "Why doesn't Root declare so we get a proper 5 day match"; BD, patiently "Because it's all about winning": Me "But that's so boring..." It will come as no surprise to you that I live for the IPL I love the bravado and the mad Indian grannies in the crowd! And Kohli, though I'm off him a bit at the moment, on account of India pulling out of the last test. This love of a bravura hit dates back to the time BD and I went to a Hampshire one-dayer at Basingstoke. Viv Richards was playing, and he hit a six out of the ground. The ball smashed into the roof of the house opposite, and the resulting glorious cascade of tiles was one of the seminal moments of my life (Although probably not the house owner's) PS Any fans of Le Tour on the forum? BD & I have to reach a compromise during those three weeks June-July. He takes his radio into the garden and the dog and I watch the cycling. Fortunately, none of us are tennis fans.
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