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  1. Some rather late night performances to be seen here in early December. It's quite a short show compared to their usual - but given that they start at 11pm, that's just as well! https://www.adctheatre.com/whats-on/dance/scheherazade-the-tale-of-one-thousand-and-one-arabian-nights/
  2. One little bit that moved me enormously was the slow zoom into Juliet's face as she sat on the bed. Her expression spoke a thousand words. I think Ball must just be too subtle for me. I felt he was just playing it a bit too cool. BTW, did Hayward play the role in other performances? Still in love with her Clara...
  3. Naghdi - just stunning - agree with the arms comment. We weren’t that taken with Ball either. BSB was fun as always.
  4. Is there a good way to book for groups (8-10 people) at ROH? eg. register as a Friend or go through some agency or something? When I say "good", I probably mean "cheap" with a dash of "early access"... I've done this before at Sadlers Wells, but suspect ROH isn't so desperate!
  5. I nearly went to see it yesterday afternoon - I was wondering if they drop the prices a bit like "standby" flights of old? Not that they were expensive in the first place...
  6. We also thought the boy to be the best. still, it’s a reasonably classy show and I like that one can see the full dances online. I’ve never heard that reimagined nutcracker piece before.
  7. We'll be wanting to visit ROH with some relatives to see a ballet "sometime next year"... Is there any way to get a clue of what might be coming up this far ahead?
  8. I have wondered if female dancers are slightly stuck between the choice of portraying femininity and grace or athleticism and power? I've not been following ballet for that long, but have sensed a rise in gymnastic ballet. I think this can result in more specialism for roles where certain attributes are required. Male roles are less nuanced like that, it seems to me.
  9. We were also there. Wonderful, but wasn't Lorenzo played by Jonathan Howells? I agree that Gartside was tremendous as Gamache! Unless the cast list is wrong, of course - not sure I'd be able to tell the difference! I'd also like to single out Fumi Kaneko as Kitri's friend - so sharp and yet adorable.
  10. The ballet sections have finished, but they're doing contemporary now - possibly of interest to some here?
  11. Ooh, best of luck with the baby! Agree about over ambitious pointe in general. That was a bit of an issue in this production among the intermediate level dancers.
  12. A slightly odd review here. Not often that the photographers get name-checked and the producer/director don’t? https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/thetab.com/uk/cambridge/2019/03/03/review-cubcs-don-quixote-121861/amp a more conventional review here https://www.tcs.cam.ac.uk/review-don-quixote/
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