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  1. A belated response here - I think it did go pretty well, although it's tough getting a full house at that time of night! It was certainly very colourful.... I wanted to include a picture, but the system is rejecting my 90kB image, saying I'm only allowed up to 153.6kB!
  2. A bit last minute, perhaps, but there's another chance to see this at a more socially acceptable time(!) - at West Road indeed - as part of the CUBC triple bill. This includes A Midsummer Night's Dream and The Sorcerer's Apprentice. http://www.westroad.org/event-info/cambridge-university-ballet-club-4/
  3. Has nobody (else) here seen it?! I went on Friday evening expecting the worst and came away thinking it's not great, but not THAT bad. OK, so I'm still in love with Francesca - she is just so adorable. Her singing (I presume it really is her) was very nice and simple - it suited her role. I didn't much care for the music. I've not seen the stage show, but am familiar with the bigger numbers (as is everyone!). We did like most of the dancing, although at times there was a great deal of unnaturalness - I presume it's been heavily subjected to computer videoshopping. I wasn't expecting so much ballet from the backing dancers, but they seemed very competent. Hayward's eyes are so mesmerising, though. I can see that most people would not like it at all, and I can see that it would work better as a stage show. Some people did walk out - first time I've seen that in a long time.
  4. I had always assumed that it was to do with copyright - AIUI, ALW/Really Useful are extremely controlling and litigious in this area. Schools that perform Joseph aren't allowed to sell DVDs to parents etc (unless, possibly, huge licence fees are paid). I think that's the reason that gymnasts (at least at the levels I've been involved with) aren't allowed to use ALW (or Disney) music to their routines.
  5. Answer - no! there's no group discount for the day/performance we want.... I was struck by how soon the restaurants all get booked up, too - so it's off to Frenchie's we go (fingers crossed)
  6. Thanks. I'm wondering if we should buy 10 and then offer one for sale on here - might work out cheaper than buying 9 at full price!
  7. Just wondering- are there any clever ways to book about 9 mid-price seats at a better price - perhaps via third parties?
  8. Some rather late night performances to be seen here in early December. It's quite a short show compared to their usual - but given that they start at 11pm, that's just as well! https://www.adctheatre.com/whats-on/dance/scheherazade-the-tale-of-one-thousand-and-one-arabian-nights/
  9. One little bit that moved me enormously was the slow zoom into Juliet's face as she sat on the bed. Her expression spoke a thousand words. I think Ball must just be too subtle for me. I felt he was just playing it a bit too cool. BTW, did Hayward play the role in other performances? Still in love with her Clara...
  10. Naghdi - just stunning - agree with the arms comment. We weren’t that taken with Ball either. BSB was fun as always.
  11. Is there a good way to book for groups (8-10 people) at ROH? eg. register as a Friend or go through some agency or something? When I say "good", I probably mean "cheap" with a dash of "early access"... I've done this before at Sadlers Wells, but suspect ROH isn't so desperate!
  12. I nearly went to see it yesterday afternoon - I was wondering if they drop the prices a bit like "standby" flights of old? Not that they were expensive in the first place...
  13. We also thought the boy to be the best. still, it’s a reasonably classy show and I like that one can see the full dances online. I’ve never heard that reimagined nutcracker piece before.
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