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  1. Been very late last year and this year due to late auditions for COVID. Last year we found out on 22nd July. Don’t think it will be too much longer! Good luck x
  2. For anyone interested in RCS Junior Conservatoire, I just noticed on their Facebook page that they are going to be delivering a Modern Ballet class in Edinburgh. This used to only be offered in Glasgow. Looks like closing date for next session is 17 May.
  3. What level is your daughter applying for at SB? DD is currently in level 1 Mid associates which is for S1 so one weekly class with around 25-28 children. Good number of boys accepted on the class - maybe 8 or so in our class. She applied for EFB last year and was accepted but in the end we didn’t accept the place simply due to class time conflicts as DD wanted to do RCS junior conservatoire aswell. RCS juniors is a good class because they only have about 15 in my daughter’s group and she has the same teacher in this class as she does for her Scottish Ballet Mids class. So again, excellent teaching.
  4. We are a no for Dundee. Disappointed as DD had SWL for JA 2 years ago, SWL last year for Mids and was eventually offered a Wait list place in Newcastle which we turned down due to COVID situation which is annoying when it ended up on Zoom mostly! We’re hoping she would get a place or SWL this year but sadly not. But shows that wait list places are offered. Good luck to everyone else!
  5. This is a really interesting thread. Thank you to everyone for sharing your personal stories and thoughts on this as I have started thinking about these issues with my 12 year old. I see her feeling self conscious over her developing body and it can’t be easy for them when they are standing around in leotards. I feel for the original poster who wants to protect her daughter from feeling emotionally upset at the situation and it is hard to give advice. Very tough situation!
  6. I was hoping we would know by end April as it starts to have an impact on other associate schemes and whether to apply, pay audition fees etc. They might send an update confirming timeframe - especially if they start getting lots of queries. Would hate to have to wait until late May!
  7. I can speak from our own experience of the culture in the junior conservatoire and the staff we have worked with and can honestly say that it is a really nurturing environment. DD absolutely loves it and wants to do the modern ballet course in the future. Many of the same teachers work on the degree course. We also know students who completed the BA Modern Ballet course and have ended up moving on to work in companies after graduation and have had really positive experiences. Well done to your DS for his offer!
  8. Agree that it’s important to get the balance right and not commit to too much but think the difference here is that the RBS JA is fortnightly in this centre and not every week like most JAs and the other class runs most of the time on the RBS free week apart from those days that clash. So I guess it is just like having one weekly associate class.
  9. Shame they are both on Sundays! It is really good to try out different schemes and see what works well for your daughter and great to have these under her belt which will help her in the future! An exciting journey ahead!
  10. How exciting for your daughter. Congratulations! I think it can be useful to do both because there are different styles of teaching which really benefits at that age. But only if you can fit it in without stressing the family out and rushing about too much. Plus there will be homework exercises given that she will be expected to do. And both programmes come at a cost which is expensive on top of the normal ballet classes. One thing the associate programmes are all agreed on is that they don’t like students missing classes or leaving early. But sounds like the travel isn’t too much of an issue for you. I’m assuming DD is keen to do both!
  11. That’s a good point. I guess they may have downloaded them but maybe not. I guess they might contact me if they try and look again and there is a problem with the video
  12. Just a word of warning to anyone who created a Vimeo plus account. I’ve just noticed a payment of £89.20 pending to come off my account. To avoid this you have to opt out of auto-renew before 30 days has lapsed. So make sure you do this and remove your card details too. I Didn’t even remember adding them when I set up the account. I just googled how to cancel the subscription and it was really easy - just a few steps. Thought I should mention it in case it affects anyone else!
  13. Yes it’s a bit odd. We are pleased with the SWL anyway and you’re right, could be loads of change by Sept anyway!
  14. It does seem that there are a lot on the waiting list this year, certainly on this forum. It’s weird that on my Vimeo plus it still shows that our video hasn’t been watched. All that checking was for nothing!
  15. Congratulations to everyone with a yes. For those who haven’t been successful it is tough to take. Hope your little ones are okay. For those on SWL there are mixed emotions as there is a tiny bit of hope. We were SWL last year and nothing came of it. We said yes to go on the SWL this year and will see what happens but if we get other offers I guess we will go for them to make sure she doesn’t miss out.
  16. We uploaded ours on 9th June, also quite early. Surname early in alphabet too. So not sure how they are doing it. Sure there will be a method in there somewhere. Maybe they looked at photos initially and watched the ones they thought fit the bill first. The waiting makes you think all sorts of things, both positive and negative. At least we will hear on here when results start coming out, so might be clearer then!
  17. I guess they must have so many to get through. I optimistically thought we would hear next week but might be too much to expect.
  18. I’ve been overthinking myself! Keep trying to forget about it but it’s not easy with so much up in the air for everyone. Hopefully when we find out it is at the same time then we can all decide about the different offers and make the right decisions.
  19. We applied for Dundee. Haven’t seen anyone mention Dundee yet so maybe started at other venues
  20. Checked Vimeo today and our video hasn’t been viewed yet. Not sure how accurate the stats are though. Anyone else notice theirs hasn’t been watched? Hopefully some movement next week.
  21. Yes, more like the CAT schemes. Options limited in Scotland if you want to stay at home, so hopefully it takes off!
  22. My video was also just over 2 GB. I have the Vimeo plus account which allows up to 5 GB each week but guess if it’s over 5 it still won’t work. Have you managed to get it to them using another platform?
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