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  1. My DD will be joining prep 3 in September. Our acceptances have to be in by 2.7.21 so I imagine not long after that we will receive all the info needed but so I can be prepared can any one advise me please how much the leotards are, any other uniform needed. Type of ballet shoes, etc… I realise things may change but from previous years any ideas what time prep 3 may start & finish? Is anyone else joining prep 3 this September? I will be in & out of London as I have a younger child who I need to get to their regular Saturday class. Luckily for us we come into Blackfriars so it’s not even a 5 min walk to the studios from there. we’re very excited to be joining Central & meeting other families there.
  2. Congratulations on the short waitlist! That has to be seen as an achievement. 👏fingers X your child gets in 🤞
  3. Well done to your daughter & I hope she enjoys the ballet school she goes to. I’m sure there will be an excited child on the waiting list who can take your place. X
  4. In response to my original post of RBS MID associates I have just had an email to say for us it is a no. At least we know now for sure. Good luck to everyone else. There’s always next year! 🩰
  5. Any reason why? Does that mean the JA’s will be waiting a long time too to find out? (Friends have kids who have gone for JA)
  6. Hello am new to the forum & the world of dance associate programmes. My DD applied via video audition for the RBS Mid Associates this year & we were wondering if anyone has heard back or knows when we may hear a yes or no?? I know WL places have gone out so I’m hoping the mid associates will be looked at next. thanks
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