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  1. My DD got a spot today in London MA’s.
  2. My dd had a place at RBS for the cancelled intensives and we are queuing with everyone. All in the same boat! 😁
  3. Different booking sessions for different weeks?
  4. Same. They told us to keep trying...no joy yet
  5. Thank you. She’s been really sad about the spring and summer intensive cancellations so this was a happy surprise.
  6. It’s a yes in London for my dd. SWL last year.
  7. Hello, we are on the SWL for London year 5 (girl) and haven’t heard anything. I think the only chance now is if someone is a no show when the program begins.
  8. Congratulations!! 😁 Was he on the waitlist?
  9. Thanks! Is it monthly payments or a few months instalments?
  10. Thanks for the information it is very appreciated by all the SWL’s. Do you know when payment is due? Sometimes there’s movement around that time.
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