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  1. My DD got a spot today in London MA’s.
  2. My dd had a place at RBS for the cancelled intensives and we are queuing with everyone. All in the same boat! 😁
  3. Different booking sessions for different weeks?
  4. Same. They told us to keep trying...no joy yet
  5. Thank you. She’s been really sad about the spring and summer intensive cancellations so this was a happy surprise.
  6. It’s a yes in London for my dd. SWL last year.
  7. Hello, we are on the SWL for London year 5 (girl) and haven’t heard anything. I think the only chance now is if someone is a no show when the program begins.
  8. Congratulations!! 😁 Was he on the waitlist?
  9. Thanks! Is it monthly payments or a few months instalments?
  10. Thanks for the information it is very appreciated by all the SWL’s. Do you know when payment is due? Sometimes there’s movement around that time.
  11. I believe there were three pas de deux entries. My understanding is that the score has to be sufficiently high enough to reach the designated thresholds for the medals. I could however, be entirely wrong 🙂
  12. I’m really hoping that everyone on the waitlist will update us if their status changes. It would be lovely to see some movement there if possible. 🤞🤗
  13. I love that! LEGO is very important 😁. Kids are so resilient. Learning how to handle rejection is key to persevering in the future. My dd has been acting professionally for a few years now and consistent rejection is just a normal part of it 🤪 she knows it’s not personal and never takes it to heart, she just has fun with it all 🙂
  14. That’s pretty much how it works. I was hoping that there may have been a London Sunday option added this year which would allow a few more spaces.
  15. Right?! Well there’s at least 3 on the wait list from this forum alone and I think there might have been at least one other from an earlier audition date for a London y5 that was also SWL’d.
  16. Just got a SWL for London day 2 group 3 audition for year 5
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