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  1. Also interested in a photo please if @The red shoes doesn’t have it. Thank you.
  2. Ah no, ours is 7-8, sorry. No wonder it’s too small for my dd!
  3. I might well have the tracksuit - just checking size! Bear with me...
  4. I know it’s a long shot, but looking for a Degas 9502 in 12A, ideally meryl soft. Thanks 😊
  5. Ah, thanks @AdageKitty - I’ve just realised that my daughter wears a 12a not 10a. I would have snapped up the 9502 otherwise!
  6. Hi @AdageKitty, are any of these still for sale? Thanks 😊
  7. Ah, yes, that’s what I’m getting now. I got excited for a second as I finally got into the home page!
  8. Has anyone managed to book? I still can’t get into the site!
  9. Yep - I’ve been refreshing the page since 2:55pm but keep getting error messages...
  10. Thank you @Coffeemum for such a positive post.
  11. Thanks @ArucariaBallerina, that’s really helpful. And well done!
  12. Thanks Macy1 - her school don’t offer anything like Pilates/PBT/conditioning - but I agree it would really help so I will definitely be aiming to find something for her.
  13. Kings International summer school (non residential) is still due to go ahead at the end of August. Info is on their website.
  14. Thanks everyone - definitely lots to think about here - I really appreciate all of your responses.
  15. Thanks @Anna C, very sound advice. If I’m honest, I worry that they will think I’m deluding myself over dd’s talent/potential! Or trying to make her out to be ‘better’ than other students and therefore worthy of ‘special treatment’! But I think that is more my issue than theirs, so I definitely need to be more open with them about dd’s next steps.
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