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  1. My DD is hoping for the same @sunrise81, she didn’t get WL finals but did get swl for mids (which she was really happy about as hadn’t expected it after not getting to finals). She is desperate to get a yes from Elmhurst though. I just wish they would hurry up and send the letters out - feels like we’ve been waiting forever!
  2. As worn by Elmhurst associates. 2 pairs available, both size 2B. 1 x lightly worn but very good condition, £5. 1 x brand new, £10 Plus postage £1.50 Happy to send photos.
  3. Thanks @Mrs Brown, my shoulders are the same, so it may be that dd has inherited this tendency. She is also often cold!! Yes - she is very excited and would be completely over the moon to get in....we’re trying to keep it all in perspective though.
  4. Thanks @drdance - I have sent you a message 😊
  5. Hi Heather Yes! Both Birmingham & Worcester are do-able for us. Thank you - recommendations very much appreciated.
  6. Thanks @Valentina - that’s really helpful (and reassuring)! I will definitely keep things low key for dd before the audition but in the meantime look for a physio.
  7. Thanks @Anna C, we’re around 2hrs from London - we could definitely get there but probably not before the audition - I’m not sure how important that is though, as I’m guessing it won’t be an immediate ‘fix’.
  8. Hi Anna C, no she hasn’t - to be honest I would have no idea how to find one - would it be best to try to find one that specialises in dance physio?
  9. A while ago DD’s associate teacher mentioned that she had ‘undue tension in her shoulder line’. We weren’t really sure what this meant, but I had observed that she had a tendency to raise her shoulders if she felt at all uncomfortable or anxious (it’s a family trait - my shoulders are always really tense and knotty). So she has focused on relaxing them and keeping them down. Nothing more has been said about it, and her usual ballet teachers haven’t mentioned anything. However, watching her practice at home today, I definitely noticed a lopsided look to her shoulders, with the right one held slightly higher than the left. This affects her arms too, so they also look misaligned in certain positions. I tried to help her relax the right shoulder by massaging it very lightly - and she seemed in lots of pain from the lightest touch, and it definitely feels knotty. She has a vocational school final audition for Y7 entry in a few weeks and we’re now worried this will count against her. Is there anything we can do to help? I have no idea what has caused it, but given the associate teacher’s previous comment I get the idea now that it may be a longer term issue rather than a recent injury.
  10. Thank you - she is so happy.
  11. Our letter finally arrived - dd is through to finals for Y7.
  12. Nothing here today either - a bit odd!
  13. Sorry to hear that busymum. Still waiting here too.
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