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  1. I know of a few girls who only applied for MAs last year and were offered places - it just meant waiting quite a bit longer for the results.
  2. @Daintydanceryes - I think in previous years the existing young dancers were ‘invited’ to move on to year 7 based on potential etc, but this year it was by audition.
  3. Hi @Dancingfeet Are either of the black leotards still available? Thanks.
  4. Just in case anyone needs one and they are out of stock, I’m selling an age 12 leotard that my dd barely wore due to lockdown. Please PM me if you would like more info 😊
  5. She’s in purple group - how about your dd? x
  6. Ah ok, my dd is going into year 7 so I probably won’t be much help! Good luck to your dd - everyone else is likely to be in a similar boat in terms of not being in top shape after such a long time at home.
  7. What year is your dd auditioning for @Dancerz?
  8. Bloch pink satin full soles, both never worn, one pair in 2B and one in 3B. Style is S0234L. £12 each inc postage. PM me for more info or photos.
  9. Bloch Prolite 2 Hybrid pink leather split soles in 2.5 C, never worn as my dd skipped this size. £18 including postage. PM me for more info or photos.
  10. I have the following leotards worn for the Elmhurst Young Dancers programme: 1 x 8-10y, well worn but still plenty of life left, would be good as a back-up! £8 inc postage. 1 x 12y, barely worn as bought just before lockdown. £15 inc postage. PM me for photos or more info.
  11. Thanks @Tops - I am definitely interested.
  12. Also interested in a photo please if @The red shoes doesn’t have it. Thank you.
  13. Ah no, ours is 7-8, sorry. No wonder it’s too small for my dd!
  14. I might well have the tracksuit - just checking size! Bear with me...
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