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  1. Hi DreamChaser, we do have experience of this. When my DD did not make it off the reserve list for Year 8 MDS last year, we would have been able to take up the paid school place originally offered (no reduction in fees possible). The main problem (apart from finances!) was there were no boarding places available, as I gather all beds had already been offered to those who accepted paid places from the prelim auditions (not invited to MDS recall) and beds would also have been secured for the very small number of MDS places. My DD was so keen to go, we looked at all possible ways to get her there, including host families and bursaries - which the school made clear were purely private arrangements and not something they could help with. Throughout all these conversations, we were never able to find out where my dd was on the waiting list. In the end, we decided that the financial commitment was far too much for us (even though a host family arrangement would have cost less than full boarding) and we were not willing to take a risk on a host family not known personally to us being suitable for a girl of my dd's age. Good luck with your journey, and fingers crossed that there is still movement and your dd comes off the waiting list. Feel free to pm me if you would like any more detail.
  2. We have tried so many soft shoes to get a snug flattering fit for a narrow foot! We've had some joy with Starlite and Roche Valley, but our favourite split sole satins have been Katz https://www.katz-dancewear.co.uk/ - unlike the other bigger brands, this one only comes in one width but is a perfect shape for narrower feet. If particularly narrow like my DD (as in A-B width fitting) then go half to a full size down to get a proper snug fit. Only about £10 too I think, although it's been at least a year since we've bought them for comps and performances.
  3. Safely designed footstretcher for sale, only used a few times before starting at ballet school, so not needed anymore. Bought new for £125, selling for £60 for quick sale. THE-footstretcher™ is designed to stretch your feet safely* and properly. Exclusively available in the UK through selected trusted outlets, its patent-pending design releases pressure from the heel and the achilles tendon as you stretch. It also stretches your foot in the correct position (winged line) on and off the floor to help you feel your lines in different positions. 60 foot exercises and 6 foot workouts ranging from easy to hard are also provided to strengthen your feet. With a twist of the hand, THE-footstretcher™ also becomes a foot roller and a muscle massager. Furthermore, it features a thumb-like end to help you release your trigger points. Its detachable design and light weight allows it to be very portable, so when you are finished stretching, exercising and massaging you can simply put it in your ballet bag and bring it anywhere with you.
  4. As New - the original Flexistretcher - bought for £65, selling for £40 WHY FLEXISTRETCHER IS DIFFERENT - Unlike stiff nylon straps or flimsy elastic rubber stretch bands, the Flexistretchers resistance has been measured carefully to provide progressive stimulus to the muscle without sacrificing control. You will not find this combination of stretch and support found in any other product. The unique design allows it to be used in full body stretches such as arabesque but with its full adjustment can be used on smaller body parts such as hamstrings and shoulders. THE FLEXISTRECHER IMPROVES FLEXIBILITY AND STRENGTH - Using the Flexistretcher allows you to simulate specific dance or sport movement and patterns concentrating on improvements in execution and mobility. Utilizing the elastic resistance increases strength in a safe manner. Training with elastic resistance provides resistance throughout the stretch or exercise eliminating the possibility of cheating your way through the movement. HOW TO STRETCH WITH FLEXISTRETCHER - The key to stretching is to engage and active stretch based Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF). The PNF stretching techniques employ the concept that muscle relaxation part of the stretch is fundamental to effectively enhancing flexibility and deepening the stretch. A popular PNF technique is the contract - relax where the muscle is stretched contracted relaxed and then stretched further.by using gravity.
  5. Looking for Gamzatti leo in Treasure (jade green/turquoise) , Peach or Black in Adult Petite or Child Extra Large sizes.
  6. Hi SwanFlake yes you're right, Capezio Hanamis would not work for a narrow foot if you went for your actual size - but going down a couple of sizes works, as I think the stretch of the canvas is in all directions and so on a shoe that's then too short it stretches widthways on a narrow foot...
  7. For narrow feet, after much searching for auditions etc would recommend Capezio Hanami (a size or two down from normal) and ultimately, if you can spend a bit more then MDM Intrinsic Profile are the best we've found. My dd is size 5.5/6 narrow usually and she takes 8NN in MDM sizes.
  8. My dd from UK is going, she’s excited to meet other young Ballet dancers from all over the world - 60 different countries according to the handbook! We know another UK girl going too.
  9. My dd on Reserve list, recall was last Monday for Year 8 place and she was called to Physio. Well done to those who got MDS, and also everyone for even getting to the final stages - no mean feat!
  10. Please can I have the black one?
  11. If you have a Tring Classical Ballet Academy uniform lilac leo lying around not being used, we would like to buy it please! And belt too if available. For a tall 11-year-old, so either size 3 or the very smallest ladies' size. Thank you.
  12. Yes Dopedeedoo I know what you mean! Can be quite a draining process. Sorry to hear your dd didn't enjoy her RBS audition yesterday, from my experience with dd though you just never can tell, as at times has had her best outcomes from auditions she enjoyed least, and negative results from what she thought were the best auditions that she enjoyed most! I've given up trying to guess what any of it means 😂
  13. cotswoldmum for Junior Dance, our wait was 2 weeks and 5 days - I hope you hear soon!
  14. We have post! And invite to funding recall for Year 8! Very happy dd 😄
  15. Congrats Scottishballetmum! We're still waiting and good luck to everyone else who is too Xx
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