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Found 5 results

  1. Hello everyone, I need advice and help in terms of my feet shape and which vamp etc will be most suitable for me. I will like to point out that I have Joint Hypermobility Syndrome and although it affects my entire body, my ankles and shoulders can sometimes dislocate if I stop strengthening everything. I have attached some photos and I look forward to hearing from you all! 😘 P.S Sorry for the low quality photos but you can still see my feet. 😀 http://s557.photobucket.com/user/pixy-dust-here/slideshow/
  2. Hi everyone! Annoyingly my employer seems to have blocked this forum from our internet connection claiming that it’s not secure so having to type this through my phone. I’ve recently discovered that that my DD’s school shoes are heavily worn to one side on both her feet caused by rolling of the ankles. A quick Google search calls it supination (where the feet turn sideways outward to the side when walking/running/standing). Her ballet teacher has said that they didn’t notice any massive rolling of the feet in class, but looking at her shoes, it’s really bad so I suspect that she’s doing it outside of class. There’s quite a bit of stuff online about it, including use of insoles etc. However I’m inclined to see a specialist about this and wonder if this will impede on her progress in ballet (she’s 9). I’ve recently read something about the NIDMS, is that where is best for DD to be referred to? Or can anyone recommend a good orthotics specialist that can be done through tha NHS or doesn’t cost a fortune? There is an interesting blog I found called the ballet blog where someone asked the question “should dancers use orthotics?” however as this is all new to me, I’m not sure what to do. Any advice would be most appreciated!
  3. Hello all, I am totally new to the forum and was hoping you may be able to help me... My daughter is 8 years old and has been dancing in a local ballet school since she was 3,5. Her teacher approached me some time ago and recommended that the auditions for JAs at RBS when she turns 8. She said that my daughter has the right physique to be successful - she is slim and long limbed. On the not so positive side, her feet arches are rather low and I am wondering what chances she has given how very competitive the auditions are. Does she stand a chance given how important feet are for ballet? Are there any mums out there whose girls have been successful at auditions despite low arches? I have read up on the topic and it doesn't seem like much can be done to correct low flexible arches so I am wondering if I might be setting her up for failure? Thank you!
  4. I've just seen this wonderful article online - very interesting and helpful I think. http://pointeperfect.com/learn-your-foot-type-pointe-fitting/
  5. I just thought I'd mention this to see if it rang any bells: since I'm not a serious dancer, I won't be bothering to get medical treatment or anything. For some months, I've had an intermittent pain on the top of my foot, where the toe meets the foot. It feels rather as though someone has taken a hair, wrapped it round the base of the toe, and pulled it very tight, so a very thin line of pain. I only really ever notice it sometimes when I'm doing class, and particularly when I'm pointing the foot or have the foot up on the barre. It was originally the middle toe, then it moved (shifted, not spread) to the fourth toe. I'm waiting to see if it decides to move on again to the little toe It's just a bit annoying, really, so I wondered whether the symptoms I've described struck a chord with anyone?
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