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  1. Or the R&J balcony pdd. It's as if the ROH thought it should be reflecting the times rather than helping us to escape temporarily from them! Reflecting the times is fine, and necessary, but only up to a point. Even though the singing was beautiful I spent most of the evening feeling thoroughly melancholy. And though I'm very much looking forward to next Saturday's programme, it could again be characterised as largely a load of melancholy songs... Very odd thinking. Having written that, I realise that the aim is presumably to show how 'relevant' music and ballet are.
  2. It was lovely to see/hear live performance again and to see the ROH again, and the singing was wonderful. But I thought the programme choices were more Wigmore Hall than ROH and I would have liked some more stirring opera rather than what felt like largely sombre songs (even though I love songs and am not really an opera person). The duet at the end of the programme was terrific. I almost enjoyed the McGregor piece - I didn't particularly like the constant distortions of movement for Corrales, but they weren't exactly a surprise, and Hayward was beautiful (and spoke beautifully). It was a plea
  3. I must be very compliant and unnoticing... I realised my ROH login wasn't working, so I just clicked to create an account (I didn't even know it was for vimeo!) and paid. Then the confirmation email has provided the link for watching it. So I personally found it very easy. Let's hope it works on the night!
  4. A very vivid (and so heartbreaking) expression of the sheer physical frustration of these wonderful dancers at not being able to - dance.
  5. Though I think companies do sometimes find ways round this sort of thing by re-jigging job descriptions/functions so that they're not exactly reinstating the same post/s.
  6. I didn't receive the survey. Surely the views of all their current supporters matter, since initally they are the ones most likely to take up any offerings?
  7. The new Wayne McGregor piece on Saturday evening is described as 'an intimate new ballet' and will be for Francesca Hayward and Cesar Corrales.
  8. Well yes, but I think it's preferable to proceed with sensible and realistic precautions rather than aiming for perfection.
  9. As far as I'm concerned the swans are essential to the plot; they're von Rothbart's other victims, they're princesses to Odette's queen, they express anguish, love, protection, pride, anger, fear, dignity, courage - depending on which part of the ballet they're in and what the music is saying at the time. They make the ballet more than just a personal tale of the prince and the Swan Queen but a story of mythic grandeur and spiritual redemption. Ditch the swans and I'd ditch the ballet.
  10. And with no mention of social distancing etc. (I went as far as the ticket selection page for 1 September.) ??
  11. Ah, I didn't registered that it was students. Yes, maybe it was for the end of year performance then.
  12. Ashton's Act IV is sublimely beautiful, stunning, transcendent. It absolutely takes my breath away.
  13. I see that the review in today's Links refers to 'Deane's choreography' for Act IV! Poor old Ashton...
  14. I didn't think Watson quite said he had completely done with dancing - just that he knows he's near finishing (though I could be misremembering). After all when this programme was made he would presumably still have been looking towards doing The Dante Project at least. I also didn't know that he now coaches for the company. And it was interesting to hear about Zucchetti choreographing, clearly quite a big piece. Maybe that would have been on the cards for next season? Who knows.
  15. I see that he's posted this on Instagram: 'JUST TO BE CLEAR☝🏻 I have received a number of messages from people, worried about my injury after watching the latest Royal Ballet Documentary, ‘Men at the Barre’ that was aired on BBC4 or from reading some articles reviewing the program. Unfortunately I was painted as a dancer of a particular age, riddled with injuries and having to come to terms with my career coming to an end...... I would like to make it VERY CLEAR that I have NO INTENTION of stepping away and I am more determined than ever to make the best possible return to the @ro
  16. Yes - I actually thought it was unnecessary and disappointing to use her comments as the reason for the programme.
  17. There's a double-page feature in this week's Radio Times, interviewing Kevin O'Hare, Edward Watson and Matthew Ball, to highlight the programme. The headline is 'Ballet boys - From support acts to taking centre stage - the role of the male dancer has changed radically, say three of the Royal Ballet's leading men'. I'm not sure it's actually changed 'radically' - I think it's a very long time since the men were just 'support acts' (after all, Mayerling was made more than 40 years ago). But I suppose it's a way of trying to provoke interest in male dancers.
  18. Yes; and if the BBC is really serious about arts/ballet programming it will make good the assertions in this programme about 'men in ballet' and actually commission those other programmes...
  19. I understand your comments, The Sitter In, but I think this was a programme with a particular purpose. It wasn't about men in ballet, with all the areas such a programme would/should cover; it was about the image of men in ballet (for the general public) as opposed to the reality. So I do think that ultimately it was pretty superficial, but it gave everyone a chance to see (and hear from) these magnificent dancers and that in itself is more than worth doing. And I agree with Jan that it would have been better placed on BBC2 or BBC1 since it was clearly aimed at a general not a specialised audi
  20. Yes, I wondered if it might be something like that; but I would have thought that the right sort of marketing could entice more people/more money (and be more democratic, even if payment is involved).
  21. I don't quite understand the rationale for it being for a limited number of paying customers - why not as many as wish to pay?
  22. I haven't had all my refunds or credit notes yet. I don't think their system is really set up (understandably, I suppose) for doing multiple reverse transactions like this. (The emails I've received about the various credit notes have been completely confusing.)
  23. If so, and for the sake of a more complete picture, he should know that I watched Dust recently in my dressing gown.
  24. It seems to me that the key to any sort of meaningful resumption of performances is that social distancing is to be maintained 'where possible'. It's clearly not possible for dancers to keep their distance from each other to either rehearse or perform. There's a limit to how complete social distancing can be if a group of people get together to watch a performance any distance from their homes. There's a limit to how far social distancing can happen on public transport at least some of the time. If 100% social distancing is to be required at all times (which isn't in fact how it has generally
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