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  1. Yes - what has been until now a great joy and luxury has become a vital essential.
  2. Happy Christmas to everyone, and thanks for ensuring that even with hardly any live performances ballet was still a huge part of my life in 2020.
  3. The Lilac Fairy intervening at Mayerling so Mary and Rudolf just have a nice long sleep? Drosselmeyer making the trees grow at the Sleeping Beauty palace? Puck sprinkling Juliet's eyes so she falls in love with Paris?
  4. Millions of us will be alone on the 25th. Knowing that brings a sense of solidarity and even comfort, to me and I hope to others.
  5. Interesting comment from David Mead in his review in today's Links, that maybe this version could form the basis of a Nutcracker production that could be toured (whereas the standard production is too big).
  6. I really hope that new paths will open up for your daughter in the coming year, cotes du rhone! It was a beautiful performance last night of which she can be justly proud.
  7. Not to me! I loved Ballet Shoes, but for some reason it's Curtain Up that I return to time and time again. Something about the wartime setting, I think. I've read it so often there are bits I almost know by heart!!
  8. I really enjoyed this - I hope they heard me clapping through my laptop!! Thrilled to see again the wonderful partnership of Momoko Hirata and Cesar Morales, who I loved so much in Giselle last year and who danced really beautifully tonight. The adapted production worked really well and was still so rich and magical. Jonathan Payn was a commanding Drosselmeyer and Karla Doorbar a sweet Clara. Brilliant. Also delighted that it was dedicated to Marion Tait (and there was a really good interval film about the production, including an interview with her).
  9. Lovely performance this evening (and this was the 500th, so LW must not have been at the first night). These dancers are so committed and so courageous; they gave their all even in the face of another heartbreaking rupture. As Drosselmeyer, Gary Avis really dominated the proceedings and bathed the performance in mystery, drama and emotion. Meaghan Grace Hinkis and Valentino Zucchetti worked together well as Clara and Hans-Peter, Fumi Kaneko was the most beautiful and glamorous Rose Fairy, and Laura Morera and Federico Bonelli brought warmth, expressiveness and musicality to the Sugar Plum Fairy and The Prince. Yes, I did feel the effects of the Covid-required adaptations and there were times when the stage looked a little under-populated; the smaller orchestra did sound a little thin at times; and the auditorium was less than half full. But this performance was an act of faith, in ballet and everything it represents; it embodied the hope, the beauty and the transformative power of this art form, at an incredibly difficult time for everyone. So many thanks to all the performers and musicians and to everyone who has worked so hard to stage these performances.
  10. Thank you, jmhopton. I agree very much with your comments under the review and I've just posted a comment of my own. What a mean-spirited review it was!
  11. Yes - all Makarova except the last lady (don't know who she is); Dowell in the wool hat, MacLeary in the dark suit, Baryshnikov at the end. Great photos!
  12. I have just this moment received an email confirming it! 7pm on Dec 22nd
  13. The Times article in today's Links confirms that the Dec 22nd performance will be livestreamed. I'm not aware this has actually been conveyed to potential audiences yet though maybe I've missed it.
  14. Well yes - but it seems that the stated availability doesn't necessarily match the actual availability once you try and book (at least for a single ticket - maybe 2s are better). Or at least the info is rather misleading - you may be able to get a single ticket but only at £95/£100!
  15. From Twitter: 'It is with great disappointment that we have had to cancel Birmingham Royal Ballet’s production of The Nutcracker at the Royal Albert Hall this year. The government restrictions from 2 December will limit public attendance at indoor events to 1,000 people which makes it financially impossible to stage a production of this scale. We had been determined to share The Nutcracker this year and had been investigating various options including a streamed performance, but the costs were just too great to make this a viable option. The Royal Albert Hall have been in contact with bookers this afternoon with further information about their tickets.'
  16. Yes; but she has been acting director, and Ballet Hoo was such a unique and socially valuable project, so maybe those factors in addition to all the others will lead someone to have the imagination to see that she is indeed deserving of this recognition.
  17. Funnily enough I hated the costumes when the ballet premièred, but now I love them! They're a fine fizzy filigree delight, like the choreography. (I hated the temporary re-design.) So you may keep your excellent new profile picture Richard LH!!
  18. I have to say that in these circumstances I don't care a jot what the casting is - I'll just be thrilled if it goes ahead. All the dancers are wonderful. (Besides which I imagine it will be a bit of a lottery trying to get a single ticket at an OK price in an OK seat for any performance. I draw the line at sitting in the Upper Slips again!).
  19. It's not often a critic talks about shouting for joy over a performance!! (artsdesk)
  20. I know exactly what you mean about Elite Syncopations. I really enjoyed it when I first saw it MANY years ago, and I've very much enjoyed the recent performances as a colourful company come-back work; but for me it never really does take off. It's too slow, and too long, and the choreography is not sufficiently interesting or varied. (And the costumes are way OTT!). I'm not sure who decides these things, but I wouldn't have thought that it's considered a major MacMillan - it's just unusual for him in that it's entirely lightweight/happy/frothy or however you want to describe it, and I suppose the music is popular and it's very easy on the eye (if you have a strong eye!). But just to repeat - I've really enjoyed these recent performances! And they've been very well danced.
  21. Very sad. One of the heroes of my youth!
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