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  1. It's more cost effective that way as sometimes if companies keep using the same brand they would get a special discount. I remember some pointe shoe comapny doing that but I can't remember which, it maybe Freed but I'm not 100% sure.
  2. I went to them after the Elite's but they never lasted and in the hard shank I really struggled to get over my box. I was using the medium shank but they weren't lasting me really long. Back then my fitter told me to try the Fouette's haha nope. They snapped after a few classes. I'm trying the Dream Pointes on Tuesday and getting a pair of 2007's next week so we shall see if I have any luck with them.
  3. I have to second this, Russian Pointe are divine but they are just so loud in my opinion. I could not get mine to be quiet and loud shoes always made me really self conscious. I had the Brio ones which were one of the older styles I think. I love the Jewel's collection. Gaynor's are amazing, my extra-flex are going on 7 months now and the shank and box has molded to my feet. After finding out my right size I get mine from Dancia or http://www.dancemania.biz/ who I find always have a good stock of GM's shoes in all shanks.
  4. I wish Bloch would work for me but oh no, they just do not follow my feet at all.
  5. Alessandre (is that spelled right?) Ferri will always be my favourite Giselle but gosh darn it I just adore Sarah Lamb.
  6. I have to admit I do keep going back to Grishko, purely for the fact they mold to my feet faster. But they're just so loud. Have any dance moms or dads found they prefer it when they're son or daughter go with a certain brand? (This is probably in the wrong place, should this be in general discussions?)
  7. The amount of layers I wear in general is enough for a whole class. I come to class wrapped up for the North pole, change into my dance wear which consists of a Leo, tights (fully footed) skirt or shorts or sometimes both, leg warmers, a wrap top or a jumper then my school sweatshirt and then keep myself warm. If I dont I get severe cramps. Of course the layers shed but they're all shoved back on after class so I am always kept warm. I have really bad blood circulation so I do get cold incredibly quick but to me it is natural to stay warm.
  8. Has anyone tried their silk range, does anyone know how well they wash? I've been contemplating on ordering their wrap cardigan as well as the long jumper. I can only wear soft or fine knit wool as I have really sensitive skin and the ones I have at the minute are nearing their end. What do you guys wear for you classes? What do you DD's and DS's wear to warm up with?
  9. I wear Grishko's soft pointes, has your DD tried going up a size as I had to cause I have very tapered toes but very broad across the top of my foot. I ran a damp sponge over my box, hammered the bottom of the box (the bottom of the shoe/sole) with a flat topped hammer and then once they rehardened which is common in grishkos I ran a damp sponge over them again. They're really quiet now and the box has molded to the shape of my foot
  10. So far the only people I've came across are those who like my videos, all my friends and family are people I know (and trust in some cases) although I'm starting to think it maybe a technical issue unless I have misplaced my trust in someone. My mom said it could be jealousy. I'm only on facebook to keep in touch with my family across the water, without that I wouldn't have one. I'm wearing a dress with my tights and at one point you can see up it but you can't see anything revealing, everything is covered. I always wear extra layers underneath just in case. Hi Alison, thank's for the link I shall check it out now
  11. Thank Janet, I keep forgetting about this forum. No they haven't been removed, Facebook just keeps telling me they've been reported and that they've not been removed it's just the fact someone keeps reporting them. You can appeal but only if something has been removed or if you've been suspended or banned. It's stupid.
  12. I find no matter what, Giselle is a good ballet to watch. I've seen quite a few versions (La Scala is my favourite so far). I've yet to see MCB and PNB's version.
  13. So after returning from the cinema with my mom and logged on to see a notification from Facebook saying somebody had reported my latest ballet video for Nudity. Again. Obviously there is no nudity in it but this is every video I have put up and I've tried contacting Facebook to find out who it was but they won't tell me because it's against their TOS and Data Protection and yet it doesn't strike them weird that somebody is reporting my videos for something it clearly doesn't have. My Facebook is set on private so only my friends can see my videos so obviously it is someone on my friends list. I'm a naturally paranoid person (I've been broken into five times in the past two years and been stalked twice) and so this scares me, it doesn't help my anxiety at all to know that somebody I trust is doing this. Thoughts?
  14. Have you tried warming the glue with some hot water? I've not actually used it before but whenever any jar gets stuck I boil the kettle, pour hot water over it, grab a tea towel or something and it usually comes off.
  15. My all time favourite video has been removed from youtube but it involved a touch me/paralyzer mix up But this always makes me giggle
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