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Found 2 results

  1. I hope it's alright to post a review of this version of Nutcracker which I saw at Richmond's beautiful Frank Matcham theatre. It's a lovely venue if a little cramped in the leg room stakes. People obviously were shorter in 1899 I can only assume. The Nutcracker, as performed by Moscow City Ballet is a brilliant demonstration of good basic ballet technique on a shoestring budget. It was also a slightly unusual version of the story with some features I've not seen before https://moscowcityballet.com/the-nutcracker/ . This included the fact that Drosselmeyer turned himself into a younger man to be a suitor for Clara as a rival to the Nutcracker Prince and that he. rather than Clara, did the dance of the Mirlitons. Is anyone else familiar with this version of the story because it's a new one on me? Is this a usual version in Russian presentations of the piece? I'm more used to the Royal Ballet or BRB versions and don't recall this take on the story before. The set was very simple with some nice painted backdrops. The party scene was rather nicely presented and I thought Fritz did a great job of being a charmingly naughty boy. Drosselmeyer was rather creepy in my view, he looked quite old and Clara was very childlike and petite so I found his interest in her a little on the uncomfortable side for my personal taste and it made me feel slightly uneasy as he tried to turn into a suitor for her. I was not the only one who thought this as I heard 2 ladies in the row in front saying as much on the way out. The Nutcracker Prince and Clara both danced well, with the pas de deux a particularly strong point showing good chemistry. I also enjoyed the Spanish and Chinese dances particularly as the 2 gentlemen in the Chinese dance tackled the leaps with enthusiasm and skill and the lady in the Spanish dance had a lovely port de bras in my view. The corps de ballet were well disciplined and beautifully synchronised. As programmes were £7 I didn't pay for one so am not sure of any of the performers' names on this occasion. On the whole while this isn't an amazingly memorable production and there were some ropey costuming moments, I enjoyed myself. It's a touring production so if it's on where you are, it's probably worth going but I wouldn't go out of my way for it. I should also say that there were a number of young children in the audience and I was pleasantly surprised how well behaved they all were and how captivated by the story.
  2. Has anyone seen this production? Do they have live music? Any reviews appreciated thanks This post refers to Giselle
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