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Found 37 results

  1. Dear BalletcoForum community! With over fifteen years of experience in peak athleticism (professional Ballet Dancer), I now offer fitness training for private clients. Training One-to-One, within your own home (or in a nearby park!) The training I provide focus on both body and mind, enhancing your wellness to optimise your fitness. I can tailor classes for someone who would like to feel great in their body but not necessarily workout via a cardiovascular approach. To somebody who wishes to move more with an alignment-focus, for toning and sculpting their body. Categories of my training are: Floor-barre, Stretch, Strengthen and HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) For more information please visit my website: https://balletfriends.co.uk/pages/privateclients or you can contact me by phone: 07445350205 I looking forward to hearing from you! Kind regards, Laurie McSherry-Gray
  2. Hello. I’ve got some brand new pointe shoes for sale for a special price. Its Suffolk, size 4 1/2. if you are interested, just send a message here and we can negotiate! Its a professional pointe shoe also great for students!
  3. Hi was wondering if anybody had been to one of these events or knew anything about them? Would be grateful for any info😊
  4. Hello, My dance teacher has given me have a new jazz solo and has let me choose the song. I have spent lots of time on Spotify looking at jazz solo songs, but still uncertain on what song to choose. I am 15 years old so I want a ‘mature’ song but I’m open to suggestions. Im wondering what make a song good to dance to? I personally think having highs and low parts in the music is important, but anything else? If you could give song suggestions that would be greatly appreciated:) Thankyou xx
  5. So I live in London and am 15. This means that it's gotten to the time that I have to decide what to do once I leave year 11. I have a burning passion for dance and know that I am very good at it and would like to pursue it as a career. Therefore I would like to do a Dance BTEC course at a college. This will enable me to get as much possible knowledge on dance, and the most training hours, which will enable me to become a better dancer. However my sister (she makes all the important decisions if you wondering why I'm not mention mum and dad) thinks that I should do an A Level Dance. This is because the dance field is very competitive and she is worried that I will not make it as a successful dancer, so she wants me to do an A Level, so that I have a range of subjects which will mean that I have more directions I can go to if dance doesn't work out for me. She is very keen on this and will not permit me to do a BTEC Dance like I wish for. I don't want to do an A Level, because I don't see the point in picking other subjects if I am going in the dance pathway, it will just waste my time, and take up energy and effort that I can be putting towards Dance. Also picking a BTEC Dance will allow me to become better than I would be with A Level, as it is a lot more training hours and just overall a lot more in depth than an A Level will cover. If you guys have any tips on how I could persuade my sister to let me do Dance BTEC, please help me out as soon as you can, as it's coming near the time where I have to be doing my applications. Thank you!
  6. Good Afternoon Everyone Thank you for allowing me to join this amazing Forum! I was referred by an amazing ballet dancer from West Scotland Ballet, Anabelle Rees. I own and run Scotlands newest Photography Studio, specialising in Dance and Ballet portfolio work. Having been open for business only 6 months we are quickly establishing ourselves in the UK wide dance community. I would love for you all to check out my work and if anyone would like to book a shoot, please do get in contact!! Www.facebook.com/bockerphotography Www.instagram.com/bockerphotography Www.instagram.com/synergyphotographystudio
  7. Good Evening All Following my last post, I felt it a good opportunity to actually show you some of the work I produce in the studio to give you examples of what to expect from a shoot and for your portfolio. If you like what you see then please feel free to comment and get in touch. Alastair www.facebook.com/bockerphotography www.instagram.com/bockerphotography
  8. I am just reading a novel called 84 Ribbons, which I suspect is for young adults really, but I am loving it. I am constantly looking for ballet novels and biographies, but I have have read everything I can find on Amazon,etc,and am now struggling to find anything new. Has anyone got a favourite that they can suggest that I might not have read? I suspect that my standards are lower when it comes to ballet books than they are for other books!
  9. Hi! I want to share something really interesting with you: some famous Principal dancers give really informative tips. IANA SALENKO, LAUREN LOVETTE, SONIA RODRÍGUEZ, MAIA MAKHATELI AND MANY MORE. VANESSA ZAHORIAN – POINTE SHOES AND Q&A The Guide To The Pointe Shoes by Vanessa Zahorian Vanessa Zahorian, principal dancer from San Francisco, explains everything you need to know about ballet pointe shoes: choosing pointe shoes, ribbons and elastique, sewing ballet pointe shoes, using padding in pointe shoes and much more. Adiarys Almeida, Guest Principal Artist will share her tips on designing and sewing the tutu for the role of Sugar Plum. MAIA MAKHATELI – GRAND ALLEGRO AND Q&A LAUREN LOVETTE – PETIT ALLEGRO AND Q&A In a new livestream from Tips from a Ballet Star, Lauren Lovette answers the audience's questions and tells her tricks about petit allegro.
  10. The Ballet Exam Fun comedy sketch by 'Hunt & Murphy', showing the delightful humour of a Ballet Exam. I'm sure we can all relate Hope it makes you giggle, and perhaps relax and enjoy your Ballet Exam's a little more after watching this! Please share & subscribe if you like it, and we'll do more! xoxo
  11. An announcement has been published: Yasmine Nagdhi promoted to Principal dancer. The Royal Ballet announces Company promotions and joiners for the 2017/18 Season. Kevin O’Hare, Director of The Royal Ballet, announces that Yasmine Nagdhi has been promoted to Principal dancer, the highest rank in the Company. O’Hare comments, ‘I’m delighted to promote Yasmine Nagdhi to Principal. She has had an extraordinary year, making successful debuts in a number of classic and contemporary ballets, and I look forward to this new chapter of her career and the opportunities that await.’ Born in London, Yasmine Naghdi joined the Company in 2010 after training at The Royal Ballet School. Yasmine's extensive repertory includes Princess Aurora (The Sleeping Beauty), Juliet (Romeo and Juliet), Olga (Onegin) and the Sugar Plum Fairy (The Nutcracker). Her contemporary work includes Woolf Works by Wayne McGregor, David Dawson’s The Human Seasons and Balanchine’s Tarantella’. Yasmine’s first performance as a Principal will be in The Royal Ballet’s special presentation ‘Opening the New’ in September as part of the Hull UK City of Culture celebrations. Yasmine will perform with Hull-born Xander Parish, First Soloist with the Mariinsky Ballet, alongside Principals and Soloists from The Royal Ballet. Kevin O’Hare has also made the following promotions within the Company: Christina Arestis, Bennet Gartside, Kristen McNally and Thomas Whitehead are promoted to Principal Character Artist. Matthew Ball and Marcelino Sambé are promoted to First Soloist. Reece Clarke, Benjamin Ella and Anna Rose O’ Sullivan are promoted to Soloist. As previously announced, William Bracewell joins the Company as a Soloist from Birmingham Royal Ballet. Hannah Grennell, Calvin Richardson, Gina Storm-Jensen, and David Yudes are promoted to First Artist. Giacomo Rovero, Francisco Serrano and Charlotte Tonkinson become Artists, after joining the Company at the start of the 2016/17 Season as Aud Jebsen Young Dancers. This programme provides recently graduated dancers a year’s contract to work and perform alongside the corps de ballet of The Royal Ballet. In the 2017/18 Season the Company welcomes six graduates from The Royal Ballet School who join as Aud Jebsen Young Dancers: Joonhyuk Jun, Joshua Junker, Sae Maeda, Nadia Mullova-Barley, Aiden O’Brien and Amelia Palmiero. Stanislaw Wegryzn joins the Company as Prix de Lausanne dancer for the 2017/18 Season. First Soloist Melissa Hamilton returns to the Company after a leave of absence performing with Semperoper Dresden. The following dancers leave the Company: Matthew Golding will leave The Royal Ballet after three years as Principal dancer. Golding joined The Royal Ballet in January 2014, having danced with the Company the previous Season as Guest Principal. Kevin O’Hare, Director of The Royal Ballet comments ‘Matthew gave many fine performances during his time with The Royal Ballet and danced a number of leading roles from across our repertory in ballets including Manon, Don Quixote, Swan Lake, Giselle, The Dream, Onegin and Romeo and Juliet. We wish him well for the next stage of his performing career.’ As previously announced, Principal dancer Zenaida Yanowsky leaves after 23 years with the Company. First Soloist Valeri Hristov joins the artistic teaching faculty at The Royal Ballet School after 15 years with the Company. First Soloist Johannes Stepanek retires after 17 years with The Royal Ballet to progress a new career within opera and dance. First Artist Hayley Forskitt retires from dance and Artist Solomon Golding leaves to join San Francisco Ballet. — ENDS —
  12. There are many reasons for young people to participate in dance classes, which may be due to passionate dance, you want to learn to dance ( hoc nhay ) or can learn to dance to beautiful shape. Today, we will help you, when you take a dance class, what will you get? When taking a dance class, what will you be? Passionate passion, personal love What is more wonderful when you are immersed in the rhythms you love, your body is moving along with the music you love? Taking dance classes is one of the most effective solutions to satisfy your passion, your favorite dancing Enhance the health, endurance of the body. By participating in good quality dance classes, with proper and scientific exercises, your body's health, as well as the toughness of your body parts, will increase over time (of course Apply to the students hard work and practice properly. ^ ^) Many startup exercises in the dance classes will help you do things that were difficult before you like to touch, toes while straightening, bending back, acrobatic ... Improve your self confidence, increase your ability to communicate When you decide to take part in a dance class, you have overcome the initial hesitation, which is a great step forward in improving your self confidence. When practicing in a friendly environment, being communicated with other classmates, with the right encouragement and good teaching methods, the trainees will reduce their maximum self-esteem. Communication with other practitioners. Relaxing mind tension, development of thinking, perception After hours of stressful work at the company, you can choose from a soothing, contemporary dance style, or sexy as hiphop on heels, stress and reflection seem to disappear as soon as the music. Your favorite shows up. Sweating on the training floor is always the best solution to relieve stress. When practicing a dance, you will learn to control your own body fluently and fluently, believe me, the body movements of a dancer and a person less practice always. Clearly, dancers are always overwhelmed with energy and vitality. >>> see more: https://lecirque.vn/day-nhay-dance-hien-dai-o-ha-noi/ Develop your emotions as well as practice your emotional expressions When practicing a dance, say in another dimension that you are practicing an art. Emotions are always associated with the arts, dance practice, physical fitness of your body but also the development of the emotional itself associated with that dance, it can be melancholy mood of 1 Contemporary dance, or playful, assertive hip hop on heels ... Develop your emotions as well as practice your emotional expressions When practicing a dance, say in another dimension that you are practicing an art. Emotions are always associated with the arts, dance practice, physical fitness of your body but also the development of the emotional itself associated with that dance, it can be melancholy mood of 1 Contemporary dance, or playful, assertive hip hop on heels ... >>> Source: https://lecirque.vn/khi-tham-gia-1-lop-nhay-ban-se-duoc-gi/
  13. Hello, would someone be able to recommend a good dance course during the Easter half term break? My daughter is 9 years old and live in the South East. RBS and Elmhurst start age 11+ and I was wondering if there were any other comparatively good courses for younger ballet dancers?
  14. *** ADULT DANCE SUMMER INTENSIVES MANCHESTER! *** Our intensive workshops will be held at The Dancehouse Theatre in Manchester and taught by industry professionals. A typical day (10am - 4pm) will start with a warm up, followed by your chosen style of dance. We'll be spending some time on technique and repertoire before a well deserved lunch break. More repertoire, some stretching and a cool down will conclude your day. Please choose from the intensives below: Beginners/Pre Intermediate Ballet - 3 day Intensive Date: 21st – 23rd August Repertoire: Coppelia Teacher: Jane Tucker (NBT) Price: £200 (£15 non refundable deposit in addition to the price) Intermediate/Advanced Ballet - 1 day Intensive Date: 24th August Repertoire: Coppelia Teacher: Jane Tucker (NBT) Price: £70 (£5 non refundable deposit in addition to the price) Beginners/Pre Intermediate Jazz/Musical Theatre - 1 day Intensive Date: 24th August Teacher: Lee Lomas (http://leelomas.net/) Price: £70 (£5 non refundable deposit in addition to the price) Intermediate/Advanced Jazz/Musical Theatre - 1 day Intensive Date: 22nd August Teacher: Lee Lomas (http://leelomas.net/) Price: £70 (£5 non refundable deposit in addition to the price) If anyone wants to do more than one day, here is a breakdown of the prices: 1 day = £70 (£5 non refundable deposit in addition to the price) 2 days = £135 (£10 non refundable deposit in addition to the price) 3 days = £200 (£15 non refundable deposit in addition to the price) Please email info@kntdanceworks.co.uk to reserve a spot and request a registration form/info pack. Kind regards, Karen
  15. Hi guys! So i've started a new youtube channel called Lotty Loves Theatre which is all about dance and musical theatre! I was wondering if you had any suggestions on video ideas I could post? I've thought of show reviews, advice and cover songs? I'd love to know what you guys want to see? Please Check out my channel and I can't wait to hear your ideas! Thank you lovely people xxx
  16. Dear ballet lovers, we only have 2 places left on our 2nd Principal week. ( the 1st is sold out). As always their are only ever 12 places. So we can offer exceptional care as well as tuition. You will be taught by amazing teachers including. Edward Watson MBE, Principal dancer with the Royal Ballet. Anita Young F.I.S.T.D A world renown teacher who currently teaches 1st year girls at RBS upper school Ricardo Cervera Ballet Master of the Royal Ballet Olivia Cowley Soloist of the Royal Ballet. Our aim is to inject positivity and encourage young dancers to be the best they can be. We help inspire and guide the next generation of dancers. Last but not least its Summer School and some fun must be had so we visit the theatre in a limo and have a photo shoot. Thanks for reading Kindest Regards Nicola Moriarty
  17. Hello! I am 15 and I would like to start doing ballet, however I am quite overweight (which I am currently fixing) and as a result of sports I also have some (quite bulky) muscle, I'm also quite short, so no ballet body unforunately. I have had some experience with ballet, I danced until the age of 7 but then quit (as quite of lot of people do) Despite this I would love to eventually be able to go en pointe and maybe even take part in competitions, I don't want to be professional. So my main questions are, will I be able to keep up? Will I ever be able to compete? And does anyone have any advice? Many Thanks!(^-^)
  18. Hi Can anyone suggest photographers who are experienced in dance photography. We want one who will take great shots in their own studio for a couple of hours, and give us all the digital prints - not these where you pay £?? per photo. We wouldn't want any physical prints Ideally located in the Yorkshire or north of the UK - for use on social media, and our website Angel Dancewear Thanks
  19. I'm 19, and completely love ballet, I know I'm way to late to get into a company so I thought about teaching or pre-professional. I love the idea of the degree that Rambert offer as there is no upper age limit however it's 2 and 1/2 hours away from me. When I noticed EBS sixth Form but then I ruled it out due to it being 16-18. I would love to study dance full time. I currently do intermediate RAD and pointe but that's only 2 hours a week as that's all the ballet for my age my school offers. My question is, is there any point putting in the effort and auditioning if I'm going to be 19/20 by the time I start? Also if I did study dance, does the chance decrease of performing and teaching the older you get? I would of loved to if done it younger but we just didn't have the finances. Any advice would be sooo helpful as I'm stressing out Thanks
  20. Colman

    Ballet face

    Does anyone have any suggestions for finding a suitable expression for dancing/exams? My current default expression veers - it turns out that decades of on-and-off martial arts aren’t a great preparation for dancing in this case - from perplexed and possibly constipated to grumpy old man to homicidal. My wife was concerned I was likely to scare my examiner before the summer! However, any fake smile I plaster on makes me look utterly demented in a movie serial killer sort of way, which seems unlikely to help. Any ideas?
  21. Last Thursday I was invited to the Creative Industries Federation EU Response Event at Manchester Metropolitan University. Over 45 individuals were on the attendance list from design, education, fashion, museums, publishing, local authorities and most of the performing arts. The big exception was dance and although I think I had been invited in my capacity as an intellectual property lawyer I championed the dance industry as a dance blogger as there was nobody else to do so. Even though the meeting took place in the Ormond Building which is about 100 yards from the Dancehouse Theatre and the Northern Ballet School where I attended a ballet class immediately after the meeting, I found that there a lot of attendees including senior council officials with responsibility for the arts in Manchester who had never heard of those institutions or the Manchester City Ballet. I banged the drum for dance recalling the special connection we have with English National Ballet which gave its first performance in our city and will return again in Autumn to premiere Giselle. I said that Northern Ballet had started out in Manchester and had done some of its best work in our city before crossing the Pennines. I tried to build a consensus that a conurbation of over 3 million in the centre of an almost continuous built up area that stretches from Leeds to the Wirral could and should do more. The meeting had been called to discuss Brexit and I was shocked to learn of the extent to which it had already affected the creative sector. For instance I was told that he number of applicants to our universities from Europe was already sharply down. I had previously heard that scientists had been dropped from research teams by their continental counterparts but it appears to be happening in the arts too. There was a lot of concern about restrictions on free movement of people as well funding. Geoffrey Brown of Euclid who helps arts, heritage, culture and creative industries to access funding described the referendum as "a disaster for the UK across a range of areas - ranging from reinforcing a nationalist and isolationist tendency in the age of globalization which will result in the UK being left behind by larger and more powerful trading blocs and countries." The sharpness and suddenness of the reaction took me by surprise. Although I had voted "Remain" I had a "let's wait and see" attitude thinking that there would be opportunities as well as costs to the decision. I was sorry to learn that at least one business already felt at risk from the referendum and several speakers feared for their livelihoods. Speaking selfishly for dance I think that we shall suffer less than most. I don't think the ending of free movement will stop our companies getting good dancers from the EU any more than they have been prevented from getting good dancers from laces like the USA, Japan, Russia, Australia and South America in the past, Most of their funding is generated from the UK rather than the EU. Recruitment to our universities was an unexpected problem I will be monitoring what (if anything) happens to the performing arts in general and dance in particularly and shall report back from time to time in my blog.
  22. Hi!! I've got one more audition left at Arden School of theatre next week, but I didn't get into any of the vocational schools I applied for (London studio Centre, LCDS, NSCD and Laban) however I have got offers from Middlesex University as well as Edge Hill! I was just wondering if anyone had any experience in either of those places? Initially I was drawn more towards Middlesex however the audition day put me off a little, but I'm now heading back towards that one just because of the location, I've always wanted to train and live in London because I think there's so much more opportunity there and Edge Hill is so far away! Any advice on either of them or how to choose would be greatly appreciated :')
  23. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Nicholas Martin Kearney Phone: (775) 750-8357 Development@sierranevadaballet.org Sierra Nevada Ballet director Rosine Bena teams up with international choreographic heavyweight Jean Paul Comelin for an innovative new take on a classic favorite: Romeo and Juliet! July 25th, 8pm Barkley Theater, Oats Park Arts Center, Fallon, Nevada/1 E. Park Street, Fallon, NV 89406/775-423-1440 www.churchillarts.org General: $22; seniors, students, military, $18. Box Seats: $44 & $36. Ticket Sales by Credit Card: Call Churchill Arts Center 775-423-1440 Ticket sales in person at Jeff’s Office Supply in Fallon. July 27th, 7:30pm Lake Tahoe Shakespeare Festival, Sand Harbor State Park, Nevada 2005 Highway 28, Incline Village 89451/775-832-1616 www.laketahoeshakespeare.com Single Tickets: $25.-$75. / Tables: $140.-$280. (Tables seat 2 or 4.) Online Ticket Sales: http://tickets.intermountainarts.org/single/SYOS.aspx?p=4345 By Phone: 1-800-747-4697 August 1st, 7:30pm Nightingale Concert Hall, University of Nevada, Reno/1335 N. Virginia Street Reno 89557/775-784-4278 General: $22.; seniors, students, military, $18. Reno, NV June 20 2015 -Complete with all the soaring and exquisite movement of the traditional R&J, Sierra Nevada Ballet’s new version features an intriguing twist – the ballet is presented from the point of view of Lady Capulet, Juliet’s heartbroken and often overlooked mother. The juxtaposition of the two relationships, the conventional arranged marriage of the Capulets with the passionate true love of Romeo and Juliet, presents a penetrating glimpse into the received roles of women in society and the tough and painful choices that accompany them. The ballet draws many affecting parallels between conventional female participation in society and current social and behavioral trends. “I have long wanted to choreograph Romeo and Juliet, partly because I love the hauntingly beautiful music of Prokofiev and partly because I have wondered about the feelings of Lady Capulet (the mother of Juliet). Being a mother myself, I wonder how this woman must have felt having lost her daughter through prejudice, and I feel the need to give her the opportunity to tell her version of the tragic love story.” –Rosine Bena, Artistic Director, Sierra Nevada Ballet The piece is even more unique by virtue of the artistic collaboration between Bena and internationally renowned choreographer Jean-Paul Comelin. Bena’s keen sense of theater coupled with the billowing lyricism of Comelin’s airy pas de deux creations make SNB’s world premier Romeo and Juliet an artistic event not to be missed! Romeo and Juliet will feature Ihosvany Rodriguez (Ballet San Jose, Nacional de Cuba) as Romeo; Erica Chipp (Smuin Ballets SF) as Juliet; Ananda Bena-Weber (Reno Ballet, Jazz Tap Ensemble) as Lady Capulet; Domingo Rubio (Joffrey Ballet, Ballet Hispanico) as Lord Capulet; Oliver Adams (Sacramento Ballet) as Mercutio and Alexander Biber (Sacramento Ballet) as Tybalt. ABOUT JEAN-PAUL COMELIN: French-born, choreographer, and director Jean-Paul Comelin choreographed his first Ballet, Autumn Songs, for the National ballet of Canada for Ballerinas Veronica Tennant and Karen Kain. A second work, Idylle. a silver medal winner in Varna was also added to the repertoire a year later. He became choreographer in residence for the Pennsylvania Ballet and then proceeded to create and stage over 100 works for companies on five continents for over 50 years. As a Choreographer and Master Teacher, he organized choreographic groups and schools in San Diego, and Washington DC., a professional companies in Sacramento and Milwaukee, where he was Artistic Director. He created the Milwaukee Ballet school in 1975. He formed a company in Tucson, the Arizona Dance Theatre which eventually merged with Ballet West Arizona in Phoenix and became Ballet Arizona. He then created unusual Fund raising projects such as the Beer and Ballet series in a converted Bowling alley in Milwaukee and brought 1500 new subscribers to the Company’s annual season at the Performing Arts Center. He also presented special performances with local theatre companies, symphony and opera companies at state fairs, street festivals, ball parks and school classrooms. Comelin worked with such notable dancers as Rudolf Nureyev, Mikhail Baryshnikov, Natalia Makarova, Lawrence Rhodes, Carla Fracci, Marcia Haydee, Richard Cragun, Vladimir Vasiliev, and Ekaterina Maximova.,Mikhail Lavrovski, Evelyn Hart, Violette Verdy and Edward Villela. He has received many grants from the National Endowment for the Arts, the Ford Foundation, the Pew foundation , The Milwaukee Foundation, The Evinrude and Flinn Foundations of Arizona and the Alberta foundation for the Arts. Returning to Europe Mr. Comelin was invited by Artistic Director Marcia Haydee to be Ballet master of the prestigious Stuttgart Ballet. He created two New works for the company, and was in charge of the repertoires of Jiri Kilian, John Neumeier, Maurice Bejart and John Cranko. As Artistic Director of Ballet du Nord in France, he created and staged several works each year, including an original work on Christopher Columbus, a new version of the Nutcracker with original music, a new version of the Firebird in collaboration with painter Majhoub Ben Bella live on stage painting a backdrop as the ballet developed. He choreographed the Mozart Requiem, ( Lux Aeterna ), Daughters of Mourning, Les Nuits D’Ete, and several pas de deux, presented at home and on a tour of Europe and South America. ABOUT ROSINE BENA: Sierra Nevada Ballet Artistic Director, Rosine Bena was a professional ballerina who danced throughout the US and Europe with the Stuttgart Ballet under John Cranko as well as with The Washington Ballet, and Peninsula Ballet Theatre. She received critical acclaim as a "Prima" for principal roles in ballets such as Giselle, Swan Lake, The Nutcracker, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Romeo & Juliet, Coppelia, La Fille Mal Gardee and contemporary works by choreographers such as John Cranko, Jiri Kylian and many others. In addition to guest performing with various ballet companies, Bena danced opposite Patrick DuPond of the Paris Opera in the movie, She Dances Alone. The recipient of numerous grant awards, Rosine was given the title of "Outstanding Individual Artist 1992" by the San Mateo County Arts Council and honored by the US Congress and the CA State Legislature for her work in the arts. Bena is the former Artistic Director of two professional ballet companies, The Reno Ballet and Perspectives Dance Theatre. She has choreographed and directed over 60 professional productions and numerous non-professional productions, and her choreography has been favorably compared to the work of choreographers such as George Balanchine, John Cranko, Kurt Joos and Michael Smuin. Ms. Bena is the former director/founder of the dance program for Kollage Community School for the Arts which serves over 8,000 students in the SF Bay area and the former Arts Education Specialist for the Arts Council of San Mateo County. Having taught ballet for over 40 years, Rosine presently directs the professional ballet company for Northern Nevada, the Sierra Nevada Ballet, and is the Founder/Director of Sierra Nevada Ballet Academy and Director of Ballet at Western Nevada Performing Arts Center in Carson City, Nevada. She is a guest master teacher for the Regional Dance America Ballet Festivals, and was elected RDA Adjudicator for the national festival in Montreal for 2012 and Adjudicator for the Pacific Region in 2013. Bena is a certified member of the International Association for Dance Medicine and Science, lecturing and teaching ballet and injury prevention throughout the US and Europe. She writes a monthly article on Dance for the Arts Section of the Reno Gazette Journal Newspaper. As a former graduate of the Academy of the Washington School of Ballet, Rosine was one of the alumni honored at the Kennedy Center and the White House by the Clintons and is in Who's Who in America in the category of Outstanding Americans. Rosine was invited by American Ballet Theatre’s Artistic Director, Kevin McKenzie, to take part in the ABT Alumni Curriculum training and was one of the first master teachers to be fully certified to teach all levels of the curriculum and act as ambassador. Bena joined the staff of ABT in 2010 teaching in two of their five national ballet summer programs. In 2008, Bena was awarded an Endowment from the Sierra Arts Foundation and a Fellowship from The Nevada State Arts Council for her outstanding artistic work as a choreographer and director. She continues to lecture and guest teach throughout the USA and Europe. Bena is also a certified grant writer with an excellent track record. ABOUT SIERRA NEVADA BALLET: The Sierra Nevada Ballet is a non-profit dance company created to cater to the increasingly culturally diverse audience of Northern Nevada. The purpose of Sierra Nevada Ballet is to bring cultural enrichment and arts education to the Reno/Tahoe/Carson communities and to collaborate with other arts organizations in expanding and educating the dance audience. SNB is designed in two branches: the performing branch and the educational outreach branch. This design promotes, educates and sponsors the art and beauty of ballet and dance in the Northern Nevada region. This design also helps to create artists, build future audiences and develop and further the art of Dance for future generations. As part of this effort, SNB formed an Apprentice/Trainee Program; an Educational Outreach Program (started in Dec. 03), and began the Young Choreographers Program (Jan. 03) which later developed into the New Choreography Program (2012) to include choreographers of all ages and a Dancing In the Schools Program (started in Sept. 05). The DITS program, which is based on the highly successful program originally designed by Rosine Bena for schools in the SF Bay area in the early 1990’s, enables SNB professional dancers to teach in public schools in the Northern Nevada area. The Trainee/Apprentice Program has produced 18 professional ballet dancers in it’s short existence. When the company began in 2001–there were two professional dancers and seven apprentice /trainees. This year the company has expanded to include 19 company members and eleven apprentice/trainees. Since its formation, SNB has grown rapidly, presenting quality dance performances throughout the year annually. In 2008 SNB began a formal affiliation with American Ballet Theatre. SNB has been featured in numerous cultural events and performed in collaboration with such organizations as the Nevada Museum of Art, the Nevada Opera and orchestra, the Nevada Shakespeare Company, the Reno Jazz Orchestra, the Carson City Symphony, the Mile High Jazz group, the Bruka Theater, the Brewery Arts Center and, this year, with the Reno Little Theater.. SNB has been a part of the annual Lake Tahoe Shakespeare Festival since 2005; has performed annually at the Pioneer Center since 2004, has begun an annual tradition of presenting Brew Brats and Ballet (an evening of new choreography) in both Reno and Carson City and has presented a summer series at several venues in northern Nevada and California annually since 2002. FACT SHEET: WHAT: Sierra Nevada Ballet presents a daring new version of Romeo and Juliet – a choreographic collaboration between international favorite JEAN-PAUL COMELIN and SNB artistic director ROSINE BENA. WHEN: July 25th, 27th, and Aug 1st WHERE: July 25th, 8pm Barkley Theater, Oats Park Arts Center, Fallon, Nevada/1 E. Park Street, Fallon, NV 89406/775-423-1440 July 27th, 7:30pm Lake Tahoe Shakespeare Festival, Sand Harbor State Park, Nevada, 2005/Highway 28, Incline Village 89451/775-8321616/www.laketahoeshakespeare.com August 1st, 8pm Nightingale Concert Hall, University of Nevada, Reno 1335 N. Virginia Street Reno 89557 TICKETS: July 25th: Barkley Theater. General: $22; seniors, students, military, $18. Box Seats: $44 & $36. Ticket Sales by Credit Card: Call Churchill Arts Center 775-423-1440 Ticket sales in person at Jeff’s Office Supply in Fallon. www.churchillarts.org July 27th: Sand Harbor. www.laketahoeshakespeare.com Single Tickets: $25.-$75. / Tables: $140.-$280. (Tables seat 2 or 4.) Online Ticket Sales: http://tickets.intermountainarts.org/single/SYOS.aspx?p=4345 By Phone: 1-800-747-4697 Aug 1st: Nightingale Concert Hall. General: $22. seniors, students, military, $18. 775-784-4278 FOR MORE INFORMATION: http://www.sierranevadaballet.org/ For high resolution photographs and interview requests, please contact Nicholas Martin Kearney: Development@sierranevadaballet.org
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