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  1. My daughter attended for 7 or 8 years this will be the first year she's not going (due to moving on to full time training). The Audition is a normal ballet class and there are a number of auditions throughout the day. Quite a number Audition and they take about 30 (I think) in each of juniors, middles and seniors. These are split mostly by age but they do take ability into account. Every child has to audition every year and they don't automatically get a place because they've attended the previous year. My daughter loved it and learned a lot, once there they do a ballet class each time and a second subject which includes jazz, contemporary, musical theatre, flamenco etc. They have some excellent teachers each time too. Good luck to your dd for her audition.
  2. Hi Curious, my daughter received her dada offer last Wednesday. She was thrilled as the school was her first choice. We had to respond in 7 days so there may be some shuffling soon. Good luck to your daughter x
  3. I just wondered if anyone has a child who will be starting at NBS in September? My daughter is 16 and will be staying in New Medlock House, I though it might be a good idea to get pupils in touch before they go... make it less daunting!
  4. My DD is also on the reserve list. I tried to call to speak to someone but no joy. I also wondered realistically what her chances are now. It's like double upset if she gets another no in a few weeks. So hard for them and for us watching them go through it...
  5. New to this. My dd also auditioned on Monday and has been offered a place. She's in year 9 so applying for year 10. No final audition we're just have to wait for news of funding a after year 7&8 final auditions. Congratulations to anyone who was offered a place.
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