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Found 5 results

  1. DD needs a leotard for a Cecchetti competition - I know from another mum that there are strict rules about leotards but last time she was in a group so I just put her in what everyone else was wearing and didn’t have to worry. Is there a list of the rules, or the right type of leotards? From memory it was tank style, quite high necked, with a belt - is that what I need to look for? Do they have rules on colours? I’d be really grateful if anyone can point me to a list of the rules or of the allowed leotards, googling has not been much help.
  2. I’ve been googling but can’t seem to find the answer - how do the Cecchetti ballet grades compare to the better known ones like ISTD and RAD. I know they cover different things, but I just wanted to know roughly which grades were equivalent to each other.
  3. Hi I’m looking to buy the ISTD imperial ballet dvd for Advanced 1 & Advanced 2 and the Cecchetti DVD for Advanced 1 & Advanced 2 Ballet..if anybody has either of these to sell I would be very grateful😊
  4. I'm looking for a teacher who would provide private coaching as a complement to my dd's syllabus Grade 3/Standard 4 class. Her teacher is going away for the summer and is currently unable to provide private classes. We're in Milton Keynes, but could get to either London or Birmingham or anything along the train line between Euston and Birmingham. Oxford may also be a possibility. Also, I would like some advice on what to do when a beloved teacher suddenly seems to lose interest, despite the good results in exams and competitions. After a year of inspiring collaboration, she seems t
  5. Does anyone's child do this? My DD has decided she is very serious about her ballet training and is already a RBS JA but has heard about the Cecchetti scheme. It's only about half hour drive from us in the North. Will it compliment her RB training or confuse her? I have no idea about the different styles of training so don't know if it will be a help or hindrence to her. It seems good that she also gets to do a second dance subject too, and it's only once a month.
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