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  1. I think it might be difficult to locate even a booked car/cab in the scrum as everyone leaves the ROH. If you walk down to the Strand, it might be easier to pick up a black cab - they tend to be coming back from Waterloo or the City. I have been waiting at a bus stop and seen empty cabs come past in the direction of Trafalgar Square.
  2. Do you remember the original wigs for the Marguerite and Armand corps of gentlemen? I think they were among the worst I have seen.
  3. Dear adrian1982 I do hope it will eventually be possible to share your results with us on the Forum?
  4. I really enjoyed filling this in. However, I don't quite understand whether you think a destination is chosen BECAUSE of its opera house. I said Paris Palais Garnier was my favourite - I love the crazy architecture and the whole atmosphere of the place, without even mentioning the superb Ballet Company, but it has nothing whatsoever to do with whether I would visit Paris.
  5. Just in case the people who don't make regular visits to the Reviews forum might miss it. In the Dance Magazine obit for Zizi Jeanmaire there is an extract from the Hans Christian Andersen film - with Danny Kaye - in which Jeanmaire dances a pas de deux with Eric Bruhn. It has Russian dubbed dialogue at the very end - so goodness knows what the source was! I did see the film, but it was long before I had 'seen the light' and I have no memory at all of any dance content - just of Danny Kaye.
  6. unforgettable - in classical ballet and in 'truc au plumes'. She will be much missed.
  7. Tried watching this via Youtube on my desktop computer - impossible as the sound and vision were completely out of sync. Then tried it on my tablet and it was OK. Did anyone else have any problem? Hated the music elements anyway, so gave up after the Wayne Macgregor piece.
  8. Jeannette - I tried the link to access the Balanchine Tribute program, but although I reached the Lincoln Center I couldn't find the Tribute. Please can you help?
  9. I was rather startled that the John Neumeier Illusions - Swan Lake was transmitted without intervals - was it done that way in the theatre?
  10. I go even further back - saw it with Robert Helpmann and Margot Fonteyn. It seems to me just as worth doing as Checkmate - and that does occasionally pop up!
  11. Disagree completely - as in the tradition of this Forum! I thought Reilly was the one really weak link in a fabulous performance otherwise.
  12. Dear Naomi, Do you know how long the Kabuki will be available? I see it is 2 hours long and I must find a time when I can watch for so long! Thank you.
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