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  1. I d on't think so. There was also a portrait documentary about her, directed by Derek Bailey, some years earlier - it might have been in that. And that would certainly be another programme well worth repeating.
  2. Yes indeed - how wonderful to see them together. I only saw Bruhn a couple of times when he came to guest with the Royal Ballet, and Fracci even less, but they were unforgettable.
  3. Lovely boob in the Telegraph print version - the person concerned is named Kevin Scarlett.
  4. What about the original version of Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy? I actually loved the film, but I do remember the way we used to come into work and talk about the previous night's episode.
  5. Oh wonderful! Made me laugh out loud for the first time for ages.
  6. Lowering the tone again - possibly! Blake's Seven, please - all episodes.
  7. David, I share your regreat that BBC is not what it was - I am of the same generation as you, I think. However, as an ex-BBC staff member, I am fed up with the blame that it gets for not repeating things that are not within its capabilities to repeat. I believe that there are many people who would love to repeat those early programmes - but it is not easy. Someone up the thread pointed out that Maggie Daie's films are on DVD - these were made before the era of co-production and are therefore easier to clear. I believe that at some point a block payment to Equity and the Musicians Union achieved this. Most of the important later programmes were either made by independents or were co-productions. If they were the latter, the rights do not lie with the BBC and I know for a fact that some of the co-producers have gone out of business. If only .....
  8. I don't know how many times I have already said on this forum that it is really almost impossible for the BBC to repeat some of its earlier ballet programmes. They were often co-productions and the rights were only taken for two transmissions. To try to trace the artists and all the other people involved, many of whom are now dead and goodness knows what the rights situation is with them, would be a huge task. At the time, no one was thinking forty or fifty years ahead and no one knew about all the different media that would eventually be available. It's really, really sad - but I don't know what the solution is.
  9. having seen Live Fire Exercise once last time round, I'm giving it a miss this time. Will come in after the first interval.
  10. Oh thank you, thank you, thank you Gerald Dowler! I couldn't agree more. I had no idea the corps de ballet were being furniture as well as an orchestra and an audience. I was totally unmoved by any of the emoting, and found what someone up this thread so rightly called 'air cello' merely embarrassing. I do hope the ballet vanishes as quickly as some of the others Dowler mentions
  11. There is (or certainly used to be) a ballet museum in the Vaganova Academy, but I don't know if it is open to the public.
  12. Would it be permitted to give this information in a private message? I would never have the chance to go to the stage door, and cannot get to the Club meeting that Muntagiirov is speaking at. If he is perfectly willing to give the information, it seems to me that it could be allowed to be shared.
  13. If people might have found R & J difficult to follow - just try the Snow Queen! I had absolutely no idea who that little thief was, or why we found ourselves suddenly in a gipsy encampment. And why a circus in Act One? I stuck it out and rushed to Google the moment it was over. Maybe the BBC was the one at fault for not providing some sort of introduction - or maybe Scottish Ballet for not insisting. Apart from that, I quite enjoyed it!!
  14. On the subject of running up stairs. I will never forget a performance in 'the old days' when the gallery had those stone stairs up from Floral Street. I thought it began at 2.30 as usual, but found at the bottom of the stairs it was actually a 2 p.m. start. I ran the whole way up, and just made it. I watched the first five minutes or so through a red haze!
  15. Oh how I agree with the above remarks about Nunez. When I bought my tickets, I fully expected that Hayward and Campbell would be the ideal casting and I was a little worried that Nunez and Muntagirov would not be as suitable. How wrong I was!! I'm so glad I saw Hayward/Campbell first, as although they were very good they were eclipsed by Nunez/Muntagirov.. (I am referring to the stage performances that I saw in the Opera House, not to the transmitted one).
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