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  1. Hope I have managed to pm you - only the second time I have tried to pm anyone and am not entirely sure which buttons to press!
  2. Absolutely! I saw Gable dance many times - including the 'real first night' of R & J. I would love to join the queue for a sharing of the book, if this is possible.
  3. I remember in the old days that Tybalt was also laid out on a tomb/bed in the vault, and the monks were a very visible procession, with Romeo concealing himself amongst them. Juliet had an even more frightening waking up scene - seeing Tybalt as well as Paris.
  4. To give him justice, he had a very long list of places where the big screen showings were being held - and if he needed big print on the his notes to see it (don't know how good his eyesight is) it could easily stretch to two pages. And he did introduce himself at the beginning, just as Kevin O'Hare does.
  5. Here we go again with this forum's variety of opinion! I thought last night was a let down at times compared with the first night - Naghdi far better as the Firebird, for instance. I simply could not bear to watch Hallberg - for me totally unbelievable as Beliaev - made watching the pdd very difficult as I was trying to eliminate him - thank goodness, for once, for my rather too powerful opera glasses which sometimes can restrict my view too much. Loved both Nunez and Osipova as Natalia Petrovna, with Osipova slightly ahead. I preferred Nunez to Lamb in the second movement of SinC, despite her slight slipup, and thought her partnership with Hirano was exquisite. However, I thought both nights were a really great experience and showed the strengths of the company off so well.
  6. I did - and it's yet another example of how ballet.commers can differ! I might have been at a completely different performance. I was in the amphi, though, and felt absolutely nothing. Muntagirov is one of my favourite dancers, Lamb less so, but on this occasion I found my thoughts wandering, my opera glasses left in my lap, and was only slightly moved for the first time in the death scene at the end, when normally I am welling up. No complaints about the dance quality, but ....... I am going again on Saturday evening and it will be interesting to make the comparison, both in the auditorium and then afterwards on this site.
  7. Should have posted this earlier: I look at the links page every day, but only click on things that interest me. This also applies to the other pages, by the way. I can't imagine that anyone reads absolutely everything on this wonderful site!!
  8. I haven't been for many years, but my recollection is that as long as you are reasonably central, views at all levels are fine. The equivalent of the gallery is a long way from the stage, though, and you would certainly need opera glasses. The Mariinsky is not nearly as much of a horseshoe shape as Covent Garden. I have actually watched from one of the stage boxes and even that wasn't too bad.
  9. So did I, Lizbie 1, when seeing it live in the theatre. Watching it on television I found it pretty tedious and slow at times - in fact I actually nodded off once! I would definitely not buy a DVD.
  10. I absolutely agree with all the posters who say how much we owe in this country to the work of the Hochhausers, especially in the early days when they had to deal with Soviet bureaucracy to get the companies into London. I don't think anyone else could have done it. My deepest condolences to Lilian Hochauser.
  11. What was the fiolm? Does anyone know who her partner was? And I love the orchestra! Thank you so much for putting it up. So many ballet.coers seem briliant at finding fascinating things on Youtube etc - you make me feel incredibly out of touch!!
  12. Bless you JohnS! It just never occurs to me to look at Youtube for something like a piece of music. I shall treasure this.
  13. Lovely, interesting choice of music - and I do like his refusing to have things 'faded out'. I definitely want to get hold of a recording of the Taillefer (spelling?) fandango.
  14. Mark Morris is the subject of Private Passions on Radio 3 at 12 noon today, Sunday 17th March.
  15. just in case you didn't get my pm, the tickets are yours. Haven't done this before via Balletcoforum, so please advise on best method of payment and getting tickets to you. I shall be at the ROH on March 25th. Are you in London? Julia
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