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  1. Would it be permitted to give this information in a private message? I would never have the chance to go to the stage door, and cannot get to the Club meeting that Muntagiirov is speaking at. If he is perfectly willing to give the information, it seems to me that it could be allowed to be shared.
  2. If people might have found R & J difficult to follow - just try the Snow Queen! I had absolutely no idea who that little thief was, or why we found ourselves suddenly in a gipsy encampment. And why a circus in Act One? I stuck it out and rushed to Google the moment it was over. Maybe the BBC was the one at fault for not providing some sort of introduction - or maybe Scottish Ballet for not insisting. Apart from that, I quite enjoyed it!!
  3. On the subject of running up stairs. I will never forget a performance in 'the old days' when the gallery had those stone stairs up from Floral Street. I thought it began at 2.30 as usual, but found at the bottom of the stairs it was actually a 2 p.m. start. I ran the whole way up, and just made it. I watched the first five minutes or so through a red haze!
  4. Oh how I agree with the above remarks about Nunez. When I bought my tickets, I fully expected that Hayward and Campbell would be the ideal casting and I was a little worried that Nunez and Muntagirov would not be as suitable. How wrong I was!! I'm so glad I saw Hayward/Campbell first, as although they were very good they were eclipsed by Nunez/Muntagirov.. (I am referring to the stage performances that I saw in the Opera House, not to the transmitted one).
  5. Iain Webb was at the last Ashton Masterclass and I was able to tell him how much I admired his determination to keep Ashon's works alive. The Masterclass was, as always, thoroughly entertaining as well as being most informative.
  6. I had actually forgotten Polunin was in the film. He made very little impression on me compared with almost everyone else.
  7. I think you usually receive an e-mail which you then print out as your ticket - this is certainly what happened to me on all occasions I have attended.
  8. As a regular in the Amphi - though further back - I suggest you bring opera glasses. They do help for close ups, though the general view is great.
  9. Today's Early Music Show on Radio 3 at 2 p.m. features 'choreographer and dance historian Darren Royston' exploring the 16th century dancing manual Choreographie published in 1589.
  10. It's probably better than it used to be, especially in Moscow, but unless you can speak a little Russian and can read cyrillic, I think it would be slightly difficult to be on your own. I can do both and some years ago stayed, via an organisation called Room With The Russians, with a Russian family in St Petersburg. It was fine. Negotiating the metro would also be easier if you can read cyrillic. My visits were long before the era of uber and airbnb! If you are at all worried, I would definitely go with a tour from which you could break away if you wanted to.
  11. The Bright Stream offer was by the Hochhauser organisation and was nothing to do with the Royal Ballet or the Opera House.
  12. I think it was a lovely gesture on Yoshida's part to invite Mukhamedov to partner her in her Gala. It says a lot for what their partnership must have meant to her - and to him, as he has virtually given up dancing or even doing class now. I would love to see more of the whole evening if the film ever becomes available outside Japan.
  13. As a huge fan of Bejart, I regret that probably so many of his works are not revivable - Notre Faust is one of the most exciting things I have ever seen, but I don't know what sort of records exist of it. Ditto Moliere. I was working my way down this thread, having come to it a bit late, also wondering why Massine was not mentioned, so I'm very glad to see that he has now appeared and agree with the ballets suggested - he was after all one of the first to make a 'symphonic' ballet. I would put in a word for Lifar's Suite en Blanc too.
  14. In fact as I am on the Hochhauser mailing list I have received two e-mails offering 50% off seats for Bright Stream - maddeningly I already had mine at full price! But it does suggest that sales have not been brilliant.
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