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  1. Iain Webb was at the last Ashton Masterclass and I was able to tell him how much I admired his determination to keep Ashon's works alive. The Masterclass was, as always, thoroughly entertaining as well as being most informative.
  2. I had actually forgotten Polunin was in the film. He made very little impression on me compared with almost everyone else.
  3. I think you usually receive an e-mail which you then print out as your ticket - this is certainly what happened to me on all occasions I have attended.
  4. As a regular in the Amphi - though further back - I suggest you bring opera glasses. They do help for close ups, though the general view is great.
  5. Today's Early Music Show on Radio 3 at 2 p.m. features 'choreographer and dance historian Darren Royston' exploring the 16th century dancing manual Choreographie published in 1589.
  6. It's probably better than it used to be, especially in Moscow, but unless you can speak a little Russian and can read cyrillic, I think it would be slightly difficult to be on your own. I can do both and some years ago stayed, via an organisation called Room With The Russians, with a Russian family in St Petersburg. It was fine. Negotiating the metro would also be easier if you can read cyrillic. My visits were long before the era of uber and airbnb! If you are at all worried, I would definitely go with a tour from which you could break away if you wanted to.
  7. The Bright Stream offer was by the Hochhauser organisation and was nothing to do with the Royal Ballet or the Opera House.
  8. I think it was a lovely gesture on Yoshida's part to invite Mukhamedov to partner her in her Gala. It says a lot for what their partnership must have meant to her - and to him, as he has virtually given up dancing or even doing class now. I would love to see more of the whole evening if the film ever becomes available outside Japan.
  9. As a huge fan of Bejart, I regret that probably so many of his works are not revivable - Notre Faust is one of the most exciting things I have ever seen, but I don't know what sort of records exist of it. Ditto Moliere. I was working my way down this thread, having come to it a bit late, also wondering why Massine was not mentioned, so I'm very glad to see that he has now appeared and agree with the ballets suggested - he was after all one of the first to make a 'symphonic' ballet. I would put in a word for Lifar's Suite en Blanc too.
  10. In fact as I am on the Hochhauser mailing list I have received two e-mails offering 50% off seats for Bright Stream - maddeningly I already had mine at full price! But it does suggest that sales have not been brilliant.
  11. has a post recently been removed? I had to leave before reading a follow up to Jane's post - was it against forum policy?
  12. I was just going to say it's identical to the one that was in yesterday's Sunday Times - which is readable without a subscription, clicking in from the Links section on the forum. I tried to go into the link above to check but I found you couldn't read the whole article without subscribing.
  13. Sorry - at the risk of sounding like that judge years ago who asked 'Who are the Beatles?', why should I know about Jennifer Hudson? Is she a well-known pop star or something? I never saw the stage show of Cats and the trailer doesn't really make me want to see the film version. I do like some of the songs though.
  14. I think most of the 'highs' for me have been set out in other posts. I only have one totally abysmal and offensive 'low' - Unknown Soldier, which I thought was an insult to the men and women on the film extracts. There were other things I didn't particularly like, but not to call them actual lows.
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