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  1. Intermediate Foundation as an adult

    My exam's in a few weeks and I was wondering if any of you had any tips on performing? My teacher says I need to project to a larger audience and get rid of my concentration face - apparently when I dance I have one of two expressions - either I look like I'm having the time of my life or I want to kill everyone in the room.
  2. Advice on jumping technique and elevation

    Has your daughter watched the movie Ballerina? There's a scene where the main character has to learn to jump in a puddle without making a splash and she watches a feather land softly so she learns to go through her feet to do the same. Video -
  3. Discovering Repertoire Programme

    Michelle - I've never danced any variations/rep before except for a couple of RAD workshops where we did a bit of corps works so I'm sorry I'm no help there. If you've got the money and the inclination, you can buy the DVDs/videos on the app for £25 per level which would have the full variations as they should be danced for this syllabus.
  4. Discovering Repertoire Programme

    Had a go at some of the level 3 stuff in class tonight. What we've done of the barre is very simple (even by grade 5 standard) and centre practice only required single pirouettes! We have been warned it gets trickier though.
  5. Discovering Repertoire Programme

    Each level is split into 3 units which all can be taken separately or together. You get a certificate for each unit & if you've done all 3 exams you get a qualification. There's no entry requirements and you can take any unit from any level in any order you wish. Unit 1 is barre & centre work and follows the same order as the voccational grades (port de bra, centre practice, adage + allegros). Unit 2 is the first variation and exercises to compliment it (e.g. if the variation has sissones in it, there will be a sissone exercise beforehand) and Unit 3 is the second variation. Boys & girls have different exercises for the variation units. Here's a link to the specification I've been getting all my info from - https://www.rad.org.uk/documents/exam-docs/RAD_DR_Specification_04_Dec_2017_ex.pdf Clip with the swan lake variation in this video - https://vimeo.com/245371527 Clip with some of the other female variations - https://www.radenterprises.co.uk/discovering-repertoire Also my teacher has caved and is getting level 2 for one of our other classes! Bring on March!
  6. Discovering Repertoire Programme

    The variations are different for boys and girls, but from the specification they are: Level 2: Coppélia (Spanish Act 2/Franz Act 1), Giselle (Peasant Pas de Deux Act 1) Level 3: The Sleeping Beauty (Princess Florine/Prince Desire), Paquita (Pas de Trois) Level 4: Swan Lake (Odette Act 2/Prince Siegfried Act 3), The Nutcracker (Sugar Plum Fairy/Nutcracker Prince)
  7. Discovering Repertoire Programme

    @youngatheart - the class in question is an open advanced ballet class (class is in flat shoes, pointe is separate) so exams aren't necessarily the end goal (I do plenty of other RAD classes with teenagers where it is) but this new repertoire syllabus seems to fit us perfectly - we're more than capable of dancing tricky choreography and like being challenged by Advanced 1 at the moment but we would also love to dance without having to do pointe. I have done exercises from as low as grade 4 since starting dancing again as an adult in lower level classes and enjoyed them but I'd say everyone in this class was grade 5 standard at least 15 years ago (when we were in our early teens) so level 2 probably wouldn't be the best fit for us. My teacher will trial it with us and then start with the teenagers who, again, want the challenge without worrying about pointe (though I'm sure there'll be plenty more who will be more than happy to do it on pointe). Then she'll probably do the lower levels which will open up more classes to everyone who wants to do more ballet. Edited to add: haven't had a repertoire class yet so we'll see how difficult it actually is as I realised I sounded a bit cocky when I said I thought level 2 would be too easy. As I'm one of the weaker dancers in the advanced class and also do as much ballet as I can possibly fit into my life, I'm sure there'll be a point in the future where I'll have learnt dances from each of the levels in the various classes I attend but I think the stronger members of the class would be put off by the drop in difficulty and it just wouldn't be right for the class my teacher is trying to teach it to.
  8. Discovering Repertoire Programme

    As far as I'm aware level 2 is supposed to be Grade 5/IF, level 3 is intermediate/AF/grades 6-8 and level 4 is Advanced 1 & 2 level. My teacher's taken a look at level 4 and is considering starting us with level 3 instead as it's trickier than she thought.
  9. Discovering Repertoire Programme

    Thanks @Nicola H - I vaguely remember my teacher saying I could enter 'as a boy' but we were unaware of the mix & match option Sophie mentioned. Could I do the boy's waltz and then the girl's free movement in grade 8? Or the pointe work and then a male variation in advanced foundation? I think the more options open to everyone can only benefit us and hopefully encourage more people to continue dancing when they'd otherwise give up because they're told they have to do something when maybe they quite fancy something else.
  10. Discovering Repertoire Programme

    @sophie_rebecca That flexibility sounds absolutely amazing - do you have a link to the policy? For grade 8, I much prefer the boys' waltz and at my dance school there are multiple other grades with girls who want to do boys dances. My teacher was talking about petitioning/asking nicely/just putting us in for the dance we want to do but if it's already possible, that'd be great. (I know we've had male students do female exercises purely because the teacher didn't realise they were different until too close to the exam). I wonder if you did a vocational grade not on pointe whether you'd be allowed to take the following level on pointe? I have a love/hate relationship with pointe - it makes me feel like a ballerina but it hurts and it's so difficult it sometimes feels like I'm learning to walk again & basic things become tricky. Getting back on topic, while I think it might be fun to attempt some of the exercises in this new syllabus on pointe just to see if I can, I'm definitely looking forward to being pushed by harder choreography than what the graded exams can offer but not be held back by my weak pointe.
  11. Has anyone tried any other dance styles?

    I did country and line dancing as a kid. Have tried jazz and modern but it's just not my thing. Only dancing I do now outside of ballet is contemporary.
  12. Discovering Repertoire Programme

    @Viv - according to the specification Level 3 variations are Princess Florine (girls) and Prince Desire (boys) from The Sleeping Beauty and the pas de trois from Paquita.
  13. Discovering Repertoire Programme

    I'll be starting level 4 in March. My teacher's got all the materials, just wants to get exams out the way first.
  14. RAD Adult Associates and Dream rep workshop

    Absolutely agree with this. While I enjoy everything I've ever been to at the RAD and love dancing in the large studios, I normally dance 5 days a week, pay up to £11 for 2 hours and never travel more than 20 miles. This is with a teacher who knows my strengths and weaknesses and we can work on more complicated dances and routines over multiple sessions. It makes more sense to me to go to these and over the past year or so I've been telling myself just because I can go to an event doesn't mean I need to. Saying that, I do plan to do one of the repertoire sessions.
  15. RAD Adult Associates and Dream rep workshop

    I've done several of the rep workshops before and loved them. They obviously completely change the choreography to make it more accessible to everyone regardless of ballet experience and it's a lovely accomplishment when we all dance together at the end of the class. For associates classes, I agree with Michelle in some ways. I miss the Improvers 2 level but there weren't many of us in the class last time I went so can't imagine it makes sense financially for them to run it. I didn't bother for the last lot of classes as It's a long way to go for me to just take Improvers 1, especially when it's easier than my normal classes. It tends to be hit or miss with the teacher as to what we do. Some like to focus on basics and really work on our technique and others just let us get on with it and rarely offer corrections.