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  1. balletgremlin

    Just for the boys...😉

    The school I dance at in Kettering has weekly boys' only ballet classes with a male ballet teacher on Friday afternoons. They're currently advertising it as one of the only boys-only classes in the country so I don't know how rare they really are. I know my teacher often gets frustrated when RAD course skip the boys dances for higher grades because none of the other teachers have any boys in their classes.
  2. balletgremlin

    Adult Ballet RAD grades uniform, help!

    Uniform isn't specific to age, but by grade, so for grade 3 the specification says: For females For males: So basically a plain leotard with tights & shoes.
  3. balletgremlin

    RAD Ballet - exam results for graded exams

    I did a presentation class for grade 7 as a teenager. I wasn't ready for the exam but my teacher knew I only had one year at school left and wanted me to have a go at grade 8 but also wanted me to have something to show for my hard work an effort I'd put in to learning the grade 7 syllabus even if I wasn't very good technique-wise. It's never nice knowing you're not great at something but I knew what level I was dancing at and well aware I'd feel better with a presentation class certificate than the possibility of failing if I took the exam. I thinking ballet should be available to everyone, regardless of their ability and teachers who don't let pupils who are "only" getting a pass take exams is more damaging to their confidence than taking the exam and getting a lower mark than their peers. In general, I think all pupils know how good they are in comparison to the rest of the class and I've never had a problem with results being posted publicly - we'd all ask each other for our mark breakdowns as well and compare how well we'd done in each section.
  4. balletgremlin

    Simply Adult Ballet

    Thank you so much everyone! As youngatheart has mentioned, I have put videos of me doing the entire grade 6 syllabus on youtube because I though it'd be nice for other adults to watch someone who wasn't a teenager doing all the dances and to show it's possible grown-ups can do exams too. I definitely want to continue taking exams. Grade 7 will probably be my next one. I am taking Intermediate classes too but my pointe work & double pirouettes need a lot more work before I'd be comfortable doing it in front of an examiner. My teacher is also getting ambitious and wants our advanced adult class to start doing the Advanced 2 barre, mainly because Advanced 1 plies and rond de jambes are boring us to tears. Doing repertoire too so definitely being kept busy. One downside of working towards exams is doing the same exercises on repeat so I'm enjoying the variety at the moment.
  5. balletgremlin

    Simply Adult Ballet

    @LinMM get your glassss out. Results are in and I got a high merit! I got my highest marks for performance and musicality rather than technique as expected. Very pleased as it's the best I've ever done on an exam and is more than 20 marks better than the last time I took grade 6 15 years ago!
  6. balletgremlin

    Simply Adult Ballet

    @LinMM - you might have to wait a while for that gin. New email says hopefully by the end of the week.
  7. balletgremlin

    Simply Adult Ballet

    Every teacher in the Midlands has apparently received an email from the RAD apologising for the delay in posting the results. They release results by region & we're still waiting.
  8. balletgremlin

    Simply Adult Ballet

    Sophie, my exam was 6 weeks ago too. Today was the date given to my teacher by the RAD, though last time they gave her a date, they came a week early.
  9. balletgremlin

    Simply Adult Ballet

    Exam results are supposed to come out today. I'm so impatient and keep checking my phone every 5 second for a message from my teacher. I've heard of results coming out early but never late before.
  10. balletgremlin

    Simply Adult Ballet

    Performed in my school's ballet production tonight with Wayne Sleep in the audience! I could have danced better and didn't manage my pirouette on pointe but I loved every second of it. I've done nothing but dance, eat and sleep since Thursday afternoon so now I've stopped, everything hurts. Not sure I'll be able to move tomorrow and it'll take at least a week for my feet to forgive me.
  11. balletgremlin

    Rad discovering repertoire classes

    Repertoire classes are officially starting for me on Thursday though we've tried several exercises in a couple of my adult classes.
  12. balletgremlin

    Intermediate Foundation as an adult

    Thank you everyone. It went really well. Much better than I expected. I was a bit nervous during the barre but not too shaky. Got a bit out of time on the port de bras and pirouettes were dreadful, as expected, but pretty much everything else I danced as well as I could. Really happy with my dance (went with the classical 3/4 in the end).
  13. balletgremlin

    Intermediate Foundation as an adult

    Grade 6 exam today. Feeling very prepared but it's not until 4 so a hoping the nerves don't build up and ruin it for me. Aim is to do better than when I did it as a teen and to just enjoy it.
  14. balletgremlin

    Adult Summer Courses 2018

    The RAD do a summer course in London in July, with various different levels for ability - https://www.rad.org.uk/events/adult-summer-course-1 Ballet for You (also London) have done summer courses in the past though they're not listed anything for this year yet - http://www.balletforyou.co.uk/home I went to a repertoire week a few years ago though I think last year was more technique based.
  15. balletgremlin

    Intermediate Foundation as an adult

    Advanced foundation is the reason I'm persevering with intermediate. Intermediate feels like exercises designed to improve my technique and I find it quite boring whereas AF is just so pretty and much more enjoyable. I even like allegro 2 now. I still prefer grades 6-8 which are so dance-y and more my style. Plus I love the long skirts we get to wear.