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  1. Hi @BeaverElliiot, Yes indeed it was Sun King that I have been to! We can consider Pas de deux lessons but the main concern is we need male dancers. This is the second year I'm running this and we had no male participants last year. As yet I do not have it in my budget to hire male dancers like Sun King does, but is certainly something I will look into for future years. If you are interested in joining for 2019 or in the future, please do send me a PM, we can always see what we can work out for you. Thanks, May
  2. Six o'clock penché often feature in my dreams. As do pirouettes that I just keep turning and not come down. I'd slow down and mentally think "let's turn a few more" and I'd magically do another 3 or 4 before stopping in retiré and *then* coming down.
  3. In case you are free on a Monday I can highly recommend Natalie Krapf's beginners class at The Place. I think it's a termly sign up, but she really gets you set up with the basics, making the class interesting enough but not overwhelming.
  4. Hi DeveloppeD, I run Aspire Ballet, our next summer course is 14-20 July 2019, at the new headquarters of English National Ballet at London City Island, near Canning Town. Further details here. Feel free to PM me for any questions (or ask questions in this thread. I didn't want to hijack the TBR thread too much!) Thanks, May
  5. Following the success of 2018, Aspire Ballet will be holding the next summer course for adults on 14-20 July 2019. The course will be held at the brand new headquarters of English National Ballet, at London City Island, near Canning Town in London. Content to include EBAS, ballet technique class, pointe and variations, workshops, and group repertoire. There will be an in-studio sharing performance at the end of the course. Returning from last year we have Scott Putman and Natalie Krapf in our faculty. Sign up early to qualify for £25 early bird offer. You can also benefit from refer a friend discount by telling your friends about us. Further details on our website.  Please feel free to reply here, PM me here, find us on Facebook, or use the contact us page on the website. I will be very happy to answer any questions.  May
  6. 8th June gone. 11th June still available. Thanks, May
  7. Bump. Both tickets still available. They are e-tickets so I can email quickly. Thanks, May
  8. A few off the top of my head: Coppelia Les Patineurs - Ashton Tales of Beatrix Potter - Ashton (maybe a bit contentious...!) The Concert - Robbins Who Cares? - Balanchine Stars and Stripes - Balanchine
  9. I think there's certainly no harm in trying out other dance forms. I'm primarily a ballet person, I have tried contemporary, street, hip hop, tap, jazz, ballroom, latin, swing, but I have ended up sticking with ballet for various reasons. The main thing is I've tried it and that lets me make an informed choice. You might take a class and decide you become absolutely hooked. Which is great, I think it's good as a person to broaden horizons and experience different things. Having more than one skill under your belt will certainly benefit you - you never know when it will come in handy. You're 15, still very young, if you end up choosing dance as a career you never know if at the next audition someone requires a dancer to do both a bit of hip hop and ballet? A few years back English National Ballet collaborated with Flawless, hip hop crew of Britain's Got Talent, so hip hop and ballet do mash up sometimes. Or you might try it and decide it's not actually for you. But at least you won't ever wonder "what if". Ballet need not be all about frilly tuts and tiaras. You don't have to wear a skirt if you don't want to. Plenty of people wear shorts / trousers / leggings. Or layer up in warm up gear which to me looks like black bin bags... but I digress. At least you have the convenience that you are part of a dance club and you can ask if you can join a class, rather than having to google / search around for a ballet class. Give it a go, and let us know how you get on too! Best wishes, May
  10. I have an amphi R53 for £29. Please let me know if this is acceptable? Thanks, May
  11. For sale: RB Swan lake 8th June (Cuthbertson Bonelli cast) Amphi P40 £29 11th June (Naghdi Kish cast) Amphi R53 £29
  12. I'm looking for a ticket and interested if we can strike a deal?
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