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  1. Many thanks @In at the deep end! Good luck with yours. Just checked and we have got the email here too! 😊🙏
  2. Hi, has anyone had an email yet for Group 3 video auditions for year 4 and 5 JAs (the group that includes Eastleigh)? I just want to make sure I haven’t missed an email! Thank you
  3. Hi everyone, Hope you are all keeping safe and well. Has anyone had an email yet for the JA Year 4/5 video auditions for Group 3 (including Eastleigh) yet? My phone has been playing up and I’m not sure all my emails have been coming through recently. Many thanks!
  4. Hi @Ballet0mane thanks for your reply. Of course! They must have so much to organise. We are excited and really looking forward to hearing from them too! 😊
  5. Congratulations all who auditioned and got offered a place at Central School of Ballet Associates! Has anyone heard back with more details yet eg term dates, timetable, uniform etc?
  6. That’s wonderful to hear! My DS is really happy and excited and looking forward to it too! 😊
  7. Well done @Ballet0mane to your dd or ds! That’s great news!
  8. That’s brilliant! Congratulations @Firebird21 ! 😍 xxx
  9. We’ve just had an email! DS has been offered a place on the Prep Boys course! Congratulations to your DD @Sally-Anne and @DanceMum83
  10. Wanted! Royal Ballet School JA BOYS UNIFORM AGE 7-8 years. Especially looking for the tracksuit top and bottoms. New or old logo fine
  11. Hello everyone. New to the forum! We were really happy to get a Yes for my ds last Tuesday for Eastleigh JA! He is really looking forward to it!
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