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  1. Balcony A 22 available for sale – £22 – as I can't get to London after all for Monday morning at 11.30 start. Any takers? It's an e-ticket I could forward.
  2. daisydance

    For Sale RB Unknown Soldier 28 Nov

    Apologies for tardy response, life's been hideously chaotic, but these had gone back to the box office and were re-sold. I have a spare for the rehearsal, balcony A 22, however, which I can't use – £22 – e-ticket – about to post a separate listing for this.
  3. daisydance

    For Sale RB Unknown Soldier 28 Nov

    These are still available, if anyone is interested. Going to pass them back to the box office this weekend, if there are no takers here.
  4. That's great, I hate tickets going to waste. If you DM me your email address I'll send you on the e-ticket.
  5. Sadly, I can't use my lovely ticket for Tuesday's dress rehearsal of Bayadere. It was £22, but if anyone can use and enjoy it, just contact me and make a small donation to a children's charity such as CLIC, and I'll email you the E-ticket. It's Stalls Circle B-83
  6. Owing to chaotic diary-keeping , unable to use these tickets for 28 November 7.30. Any takers before I try to put them up for resale? £55 each. Stalls Circle 1D, C-69 / 70
  7. daisydance

    For Sale Mayerling 13 October mat

    Thanks Alison. He's in NICU for now but doing well - all v stressful.
  8. daisydance

    For Sale Mayerling 13 October mat

    Box office have just said it's too late to swap for another performance, so it's going up for resale with them shortly. Someone grab it please, but tell us all about it!
  9. daisydance

    For Sale Mayerling 13 October mat

    Good point, Alison. It's a £56 e-ticket. I'll try to call the box office as soon as they are open. Unexpectedly early arrival of grandson no 3 means I'm looking after the other 2.
  10. SC (1B!) row c, 48 – family crisis means I have to miss Ball's debut, alas! Any takers?
  11. Free to a good home! Just sorry I can't make it. If you're interested, DM me – it's an e-ticket so I could email it.
  12. Unexpectedly can't use my ticket for this, which is Thursday 20th September, 6.15pm at Victoria Curzon. Any takers. It'd be a shame to waste it.
  13. Alina Cojocaru was absolutely stunning this afternoon, and her partnership with Joseph Caley was gorgeous. They lit up the stage and lifted my heart. What a joy and privilege to have been able to be there.
  14. Tickets now gone!