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  1. Tickets no longer available.
  2. This evening I met a very nice visitor to the new cafe who was meeting her partner there for a drink before going out elsewhere for the evening. She'd been looking forward to going to the Opera House, thinking it'd be somewhere "really special", but , she said sadly, "it looks like a school dining room, dull rows of tables with red paper decorations, and the hanging decorations look like a creation of the school art classes"; and she said "if I wanted to get tickets, where's there a box office or any information about performances?" The only information she could find was about live cinema screenings. She'd not realised there was any more to the building she could go to, such as upstairs to the Paul Hamlyn Hall. If the idea of open-up was to encourage Opera House casual visitors to spend money in the cafe and book tickets, then the execution of the idea seems to be failing massively. Such a wasted opportunity, alas. For those who do attend a performance, the cloakroom arrangements seem to be just as slow and difficult to negotiate as previously. The disabled toilet by the Paul Hamlyn Hall has a door lock which is really hard for someone to open if they have problems with grip, and this evening someone got stuck in there for several minutes and had also been unable to press hard enough to make the flush work. Signage on the staircases is poor, too. All simple things to have fixed, surely?
  3. Owing to continuing health problems, I've a pair of stalls tickets, Row B, I can't use. (E-tickets, so could be forwarded.) Any takers? £49.60 each.
  4. daisydance

    2019/20 season wish list

    I wish someone would revive Maliphant's Broken Fall.
  5. daisydance

    For sale

    Ticket now gone.
  6. daisydance

    For sale

    Friends rehearsal ticket as below for sale owing to unexpected hospital appointment: £19. Friends Rehearsals: Asphodel Meadows / The Two Pigeons Main Stage Level 1 / Stalls Circle / Door 1D / C-90 / Full Price
  7. Sorry, ticket has now gone!
  8. That's great, I'll DM you more information.
  9. Unexpectedly have to be elsewhere, so unable to use these lovely tickets; any takers? Les Patineurs / Winter Dreams / The Concert 2 £108.24 Tuesday 18 December 2018, 7.30pm Main Stage Stalls Circle, B-47 | Total Ballet Stalls £54.12 Stalls Circle, B-48 | Total Ballet Stalls £54.12 Friends Rehearsals: Les Patineurs/ Winter Dreams/ The Concert 1 £22.00 Tuesday 18 December 2018, 11.30am Main Stage LEVEL 1 Stalls Circle C-69 | Full Price £22.00
  10. Just sent you a DM about a possible pair which might do the trick for you.
  11. daisydance

    Dear Mr. Taylor

    The new cafe area at the Opera House might be full, yes, but isn't that because if you're a tourist you can find a quiet place there to retreat from Covent Garden crowds during the day, and the wifi is free and fast. It doesn't mean anyone is going to stay for an evening of ballet or opera – for one thing there are seldom tickets available for that day's performance; in addition, tourists have their evenings already planned. In addition you can't find the box office in the new "opened-up" area if you did think you might book ahead. In the same interview Mr T thinks they underpriced the Ring tickets; as an ordinary, non-corporate elite ticket buyer I dread to think how pricey he considers the "cheaper" options should have been made. They're clearly trying to make up for the ACE cuts by getting more from the elite corporate ticket buyers, at the expense of those of who love ballet and/or opera and who are prepared to use their disposable income on this rather than on other entertainment (such as holidays in many cases). As an aside, I'm intrigued to know just what "a box at Stamford Bridge" is... I've been a season ticket holder there for many years now (it's my other passion), and as soon as I turned 65 my ticket cost was immediately halved, so it costs just £25 per match maximum. I assume Mr T, if he attends matches, goes to the elite hospitality areas designed for corporate entertainment and not for football fans. So angry....
  12. Hi - I'll DM you details- it's £22