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    I love doing ballet classes, even though I'm rubbish at it!

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  1. trog

    Homepage display using Chrome

    Hi Ian Have a look in Settings > Advanced Settings > Privacy > Content Settings > Zoom Levels Here the magnification is set for a specific site. If the forum is in there, delete it. I can't find any method to add urls in there. There are a few setup in mine, but I don't know how they are entered (or why) ATB Trog
  2. The announcement was even on the BBC news teletext (or whatever it is called in new money) last night. I don't think there has every been a ballet item on the general news section before.
  3. Here is a sample of her being a ballerina https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_x7NIdTyi38
  4. Start now and you'll have a great converstation piece for Christmas 😃 https://www.instructables.com/id/Building-a-Life-Size-Nutcracker-that-Can-Crack-Coc/
  5. trog

    Strength helps stretch

    Arnold Schwarzenegger mentions in his Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding (still a valuable resource 35 years after publication) stretch overload is an important part of strength training. Arnold was a master at getting the most muscle-building potential from every set, and that often included stretch overload. The way he trained calves is a prime example. If you see photos of when he first arrived in the USA, his calves were lagging behind most of his other muscle groups. He points this out in his encyclopedia. Arnold was using a few hundred pounds on a variety of calf raises, but when he trained with Reg Parks, who was known to train very heavy, he was shocked to see his mentor load 1,000 pounds on the calf machine and continue to grind out movement until he could barely budge the massive load. Reg’s calves also just happened to be quite huge. Arnold began to apply his observations immediately and was soon using 1,000 pounds on his calf raises. The key here, however, is that he wouldn’t stop a set just because he could no longer get all the way to the top. When he couldn’t do anymore full reps, he would simply force the weight up as high as he could, usually just above the stretch point, and continue with partials until the muscles could no longer fire. So if you want faster mass gains, (which dancers don't) try blasting out power partials near the bottom of certain exercises, like close to the bottom of a bench press or calf raise, at the end of a set. That’s where you can overload the target muscle right at its point of maximum force generation. Stretch overload without huge weights will build strength but not huge size. I find working through the full range of motion of a joint very beneficial on my visits to the gym. This helps with my ballet too.
  6. 30 secs with google https://www.ebay.co.uk/p/Sela-Cough-Extra-Strong-Sweets-100g/1337577789 - about £5 for 100gms eek! https://www.monmoreconfectionery.co.uk/brands-manufacturers/sela-cough - about £20 for 3kgs, which should see you through winter!
  7. trog

    Pointing toes in ballet

    I've heard American dancers refer to ballet shoes as "pumps".
  8. Now made in France by a man named Thierry https://www.thesun.co.uk/money/7985307/terrys-classic-festive-treat-chocolate-orange-france/
  9. trog

    Movie: Train of Events

    I saw this film on Talking Pictures TV last night. Details here https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0041982/?ref_=nv_sr_1 It's being repeated on Fri 7th December 18:10 Why should balletco-ers what it? Irina Baronova is in it, although sadly she doesn't dance. She plays a pianist. It's a pretty rubbish film, although there is a nice view of the Euston Arch.
  10. trog


    I was always told to spot where you are going, but spotting has always escaped me. It's over-rated anyway - ice skaters don't spot as they turn too fast. I don't know why the don't get dizzy - maybe they do and just cope.
  11. trog

    Killing Eve.....

    I've been underwhelmed by it, but with only one more episode I'll watch it. I doubt I'll bother with season two. I've been underwhelmed with Berlin Station too.
  12. "VICE follow a ballet school in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro, where young girls have to avoid regular shootouts between narco gangs and police during lessons" https://video.vice.com/en_uk/video/bullets-and-ballet-dancing-out-of-the-favela/5baa66d1be407715d5399a4b?ref=vice Warning by me: Some of the contents of the Vice website is NSFW and some is not suitable for those under 18 or of a nervous disposition.
  13. I was there also, albeit for the evening performance. I went to Buxton in the afternoon, so that I could spend some time walking the charming spa town. It was a very slow journey to Buxton, on account of the roadworks on the M6, but the stress of this was forgotten when I discovered the Buxton Beer Festival was on. Hic 🤣 I really can't add much to what the other have said. It was fab! I've always felt the Trocks are at their best on a small stage, and the Buxton Opera House is the perfect venue. It has a faded glamour, and I feel very much at home there. Just when you thought it was over, the Trocks reappeared with a high-kicking Rockettes style rendition of New York, New York - I've never seen them do that before. Great fun! During my wanderings, I bumped into Duane Gosa and two others (sadly I forget who) in the town centre. I said a quick "Hello", so as not to intrude. They are very approachable.
  14. trog

    Social Media

    I bought my Ricoh KR5 SLR with my first pay cheque in 1979, and it's still going strong. I also have a Pentax LX of 1980 vintage, which I bought second hand in 2000. Basically it's a press camera, built like a tank and will last forever, and I have an Exacta Varex VX of 1952 vintage, which is older than me and still takes wonderful pictures. I doubt that any DSLRs will last 65 years plus.
  15. trog

    I am shamed by my poor dévéloppé

    I've never heard of anyone doing developpes on a Swiss ball. Maybe on a wobble board - you can pick them up on Amazon for around £25. My teacher was talking about them last week. Rather than kicking, extension is the key. You need to create space - while the leg is still bent, lift higher in the hip and then extend. You'll see that is how Russian dancers do it, and my teacher is Russian. This especially works in second. I'm one of the worlds unbendiest people (very short ham strings) but I reckon mine in second is a wee bit higher since I tried it. Oh yeah, turn out helps too!