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  1. Thinking about your last line Dave. I think Directors may well be taking advantage as well. Have you noticed the number of tall girls that have joined the Royal Ballet recently. Then one notices that there are number of tallish young boys in the lower ranks. Maybe one way of looking at the article would be that in the long run there will be more opportunities for taller girls to dance leading roles in the future
  2. She is ill. Dancing M&A is one thing but a full length Maryinski Beauty and Royal Don Qs are very different things
  3. I have just seen the matinee performance and thought it was stunning. I don’t know the company dancers that well and the leads this afternoon were more junior but outstanding. Minju Jang (Victoria), Ayomi Miyata ( Young Beatrice) and Nina Queiros da Silva (Older Beatrice). da Silva was always in my eye and I thought the scene where she was reading her mother’s diary re the wedding night was superb. Wonderful acting.
  4. If true, O’Hare is quite right. She is a member of the Royal Ballet and will have known about her RB commitments months ago
  5. That would explain why some people were standing. Suppose it depends on how tall you are
  6. Thanks Alison. I had row A for class and row B for the R&J rehearsal. Neither were listed as restricted. Balcony seems interesting. I assume these were the restaurant seats. Seemed to me that these were better than any row B or C seats in the main hall
  7. Alison, you say that you had a restricted view seat for this. Where and what was the number. I was there this morning and wondered where the restricted view seats were. By the way seeing Durante coach Clarke and Hamilton was quite an experience. Sitting 3 feet away as he lifted her high into the air was quite an experience. Nothing but admiration for both of them!
  8. Times have certainly changed. In the early Nineteen Nineties unsold tickets were put on sale a couple of hours or so before the performance. Turn up at the Bow Street entrance and pay twenty pounds for a good seat in the stalls.
  9. I will second that. It's interesting how one dancer can make you see a ballet in a completely different light. That's what happened for me in the previous run with Kish as the Creature,
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