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  1. Tony Newcombe

    Ballet and dance on BBC Radio 3

    Saw Peter Brough with his dummy Archie on the end of a pier once. He needed to be on the radio!!!
  2. I think Luke Jennings has reached a time in his life that I entered a few years ago. « Grumpy Old Man »
  3. I once asked the great lady herself about this. Her reply. Bloody difficult!
  4. And my comment about these doubts was removed some weeks ago
  5. One of the finest reactions to Symphony in C happened in Bristol the last time the company did a full tour of the country. They opened with Manon. Durante and Mukhamedov in their prime. 3 days later a triple bill of Winter Dreams, followed by Monotones. So far not a tutu in sight. When the curtain went up on Symphony in C there was a loud ahh. From the audience!!
  6. Infra was cheered loudly from the amphi. A problem for a lot of people is the quoted length of the evening. The ROH website says 2 hours 35 minutes. The cast sheet says 2 hours 45 minutes. Many people myself included have last trains to catch. On opening night we had only reached the end of the Second Movement by 22.05. Time for me to depart. Tonight was behind schedule at the beginning of Infra but they seemed to make up for lost time. I caught the last train to Bristol Parkway with 1 minute to spare
  7. Tony Newcombe

    Dear Mr. Taylor

    I am a supporter of both Royal Ballet companies and have just spent a wonderful afternoon and evening watching studio rehearsals of The Nutcracker. Second part of the evening was watching two dancers being rehearsed in the Sugar Plum/Prince pas de deux. What a treat to be so close to the dancers. A lovely question time involving ballet master, dancers, costume department and pianist. All this with a glass of wine in my hand. BRB, a company that really appreciates it’s supporters.
  8. Pas d’action has 4 taller girls and 4 who are shorter
  9. Nice one. Sorry -./../-.-./. —-/-./. auto correct creates havoc with this
  10. I got that message as well. Er, but I am not attending that performance.
  11. He didn't even stay for the last act of one of the performances he was at. Still reviewed the dancer though.