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  1. The cast of Mayerling April 2007. Rojo was Mary Vetsera, but the other principle artists were from the home team as it were. Martin Harvey as Rudolph, Belinda Hatley as Larisch, Christina Arestis as Elizabeth, Victoria Hewitt as Stephanie, Lauren Cuthbertson as Mitzi and Leanne Cope as Louise. The pain that Larisch was feeling watching Rudolph watching his mother with Bay Middleton during the Birthday celebrations was very sad. I remember talking to Leanne Cope about this. A very happy cast with what they had achieved.
  2. Audience Behaviour

    The rattle of ice cubes and slurping through a straw annoy me intensely
  3. Am already thinking about who will dance Maggie Hobson. Always difficult though to follow the wonderful Karen Donovan in this role.
  4. Did not realise Hingis had retired from tennis in order to dance Clara
  5. Quite. Her debut as Titania was in June this year.
  6. Spot on Sim. Her musicality and phrasing were absolutely wonderful. Lauren has had a number of partners over the years, but like you, I hope that this partnership is given a chance to develop. For someone like Reece who is very new to the big roles, she is the ideal partner to allow him to develop into a truly outstanding dancer.
  7. He is not listed in the ROH collections catalogue. The fifties seemed to be Fonteyn and Somes exclusively. I remember that insight in the Linbury. The audience were told how That big lift entrance in the last act was set up. A step ladder was used. I was sitting on the side and was able to see this.
  8. He and Lauren most certainly did
  9. There is a clip on UTube of a 10 year old Osipova dancing the pizzicati solo. Scary!
  10. Casting of principal roles for all performances is now listed. One of my bookings has Mathews as SPF, Knight as the Snow Fairy and Gittens as the Rose Fairy. Heaven!!
  11. There are seven principal women and five principal men rehearsing The Nutcracker at the moment. Collier and Cope( Repititeurs to the principal dancers) must be very busy at the moment.
  12. Just keep looking, the odd tickets become available at times
  13. PR - National Dance Awards 2017 nominations

    After seeing the premier of Flight Pattern, I said to friends that Kristen McNally should be nominated for some sort of award. Glad to see she has been nominated.