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  1. I am not sure if this has been noted previously that there are 3 performances of her new ballet “Piggy in the Middle” and her film of “Sink or Swim” on 29 March and 26/28 April. Start time is 6.15pm and finishes at 6.45pm. I mention it because their are still a good number of tickets available
  2. I thought Miki Mizutani was outstanding as Aurora. I had seen her a couple of weeks ago in Southampton and thought she was good. The critic Louise Levine gave her a good write up for that performance. However, yesterday she danced at a different level. Balances in the Rose Adagio were secure but the real pleasure was seeing her treat the music with respect.
  3. If so, I think this afternoon’s flowers cost a little bit more. Two absolutely stunning performances inside 24 hours and let us not forget the fabulous corps de ballet. They have been truly magnificent during this run.
  4. I had wondered if Karla Doorbar would dance Aurora in this run. Nice to see that it is happening.
  5. Delia Mathews and Brandon Lawrence part of my subscription. Will have to buy another ticket to see the supremely elegant Yvette Knight as Aurora.
  6. Great photos Dave. Have just seen Delia Mathews and Brandon Lawrence this afternoon. They were quite superb. They are so perfectly matched. With Will Bracewell having left BRB, I do hope that they will be together in R&J in a few months time
  7. I will be seeing her at the Saturday matinee. Really looking forward to it.
  8. She will be dancing Aurora at some time during the Beauty season
  9. Casting has been announced for The Sleeping Beauty at The Mayflower Theatre Southampton The much anticipated casting of Delia Mathews and Brandon Lawrence has been confirmed
  10. A brief aside on Myrtha throwing the flower into the wings. In the nineties, there was one Myrtha who had a very weak left hand. The flower would always land just off centre of the stage. The great delight was watching the corp slowly move the flower off stage during the hopping sequence.
  11. Norhstar, I was there and agree that it was a superb evening. If I had to pick one highlight it was Cesar Morales in La Spectre del la rose. A real treat to see such artistry.
  12. Iain Mackay to retire

    I will be there as well.
  13. Even today, I find it difficult to get that film out of my mind when the cygnets dance in any performance of Swan Lake.
  14. Swan Lake Royal Ballet Summer 2018

    I think one of them may have been Karla Doorbar
  15. Whatever the venue, I wonder whether Miss Hamilton will be guesting