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  1. Just spent a lot of time and money booking more performances. Yvette Knight and Brandon Lawrence. Two very elegant dancers
  2. The cast sheets from previous run include Espada, Mercedes and Kitri’s two friends
  3. I saw the cast change in the foyer. I was actually offered a cast change sheet.
  4. Did you ever see her fouettes in Hobson Choice. In a Salvation Army trench coat!!!
  5. The release contains an absolute howler. Fonteyn created the role of Daphnis in Daphnis and Chloe!!!
  6. It works for me. Is this a platform problem. I seem to remember Alison having this problem in the past.
  7. Hope so. Didn’t a certain first soloist dance the big pas de deux there a few months ago as part of the celebrations marking the refurbishing at The Mayflower
  8. So was I. I had an inkling that this was to be her farewell performance and when Luca Acri slipped the white rose into her hand as he asked her the way to Drossemeyer’s house, I realised it was true. Wonderful hug from Lauren Cuthbertson at curtain curtain call. How many people are aware that the year Lauren won silver at the Genee, Emma won the bronze.
  9. Lauren Cuthbertson has not wore a wig in previous performances. Just lots and lots of silver/white hairspray. I seem to remember a time lapse video on social media.
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