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  1. Tony Newcombe

    Audience Behaviour

    A whole peck of potatoes. Those were the days.
  2. Salford, Plymouth beckon as well as Birmingham
  3. Likewise me. They wouldn’t move to Bristol either. They would be able to keep the same abbreviation. BRB
  4. She has really come into her own in the last couple of years. Her Aurora performances this last season were absolutely superb. It was a great shame that she and Yasuo Atsuji did not have the opportunity to dance Concerto at the Royal Opera House during the MacMillan celebrations. I felt that they were as good as any of the RB couples dancing this role in recent years.
  5. Tony Newcombe

    Body and Mind Care for Dancers

    Nao Sakuma back dancing Odette/Odile five months after birth of daughter. Sort of puts Serena Williams in the shade!
  6. Tony Newcombe

    News: Royal Ballet Promotions 2018/19

    Mathew Barley, cellist
  7. What a list of First Soloists!. Congratulations to all.
  8. Tony Newcombe

    RB Promotion Predictions for 2018/19?

    BRB announcements tomorrow lunchtime, I believe
  9. Quite a few mobile phones on during intervals but did not notice any during performance
  10. My iPad is ready should make it clear only in the intervals!
  11. Tony Newcombe

    Nehemiah Kish and Yuhui Choe are married!

    Nice to see that her partner from her first full leading role was at the reception.
  12. There has been a happy event at home
  13. I agree. I thought Bracewell was outstanding.