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  1. She danced the Sugar Plum Fairy in January this year. A lot more zip than in her pre-sabbatical performances.
  2. However one Manon I have seen probably was worth it. Totally dominated by her brother. That’s why it is such a great role
  3. Audience Behaviour

    Ninamargaret, I am one of those people who goes to many performances and stand at most of them. I’m afraid that the sight of me in my pyjamas is something I would not like to inflict on other members of the audience.
  4. Are 32 fouettés necessary?

    I remember a performance by Nao Sakura of BRB. We are used to seeing Odile enter towards the rear of the stage before starting the fouettés. Plenty of room for drifting forwards or sideways. Well on that occasion she entered at the front of the stage and rattled the fouettés off without moving an inch. I thought that was making a statement. A case of on the spot or in the orchestra pit.
  5. Leticia Stock this time. Elsa Goddard in the last run. Most memorably by Leanne Cope on many occasions.
  6. Misty Copeland instagram firestorm

    I remember a dancer with one of our Royal companies taking this approach. I saw her first Lac and she ran out of steam after the first 16 or so. From then on, she took the approach mentioned above. In no way did this diminish her superb performances in this role
  7. I was in front row of orchestra stalls last evening and believe me, at the appearance of the bear, I was ready to exit stalls left
  8. Bruce, that dancer could have been Charlotte Tonkinson. Her photograph shows a resemblance to Anna-Rose
  9. Who will follow Bintley?

    Running way over budget on the new library didn’t help
  10. Who will follow Bintley?

    After the disaster at the RB please keep it in the family. Continuity is of real importance with the Royal Companies
  11. Northstar, see Yvette Knight if you can.
  12. Have a ticket for matinee with Yvette Knight yet again. Lucky me. Cannot get enough of her truly beautiful Aurora
  13. Kessels did the same a couple of weeks ago. Giselle at ROH followed by MATINEE next day of Beauty in Birmingham Great performance last night from Yvette Knight as Aurora. Well worth the journey inspite of conditions. Am now zigzagging across the Xcountry network trying to get back to Bristol