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  1. How lucky we were to see Asylmuratova guest with the Royal Ballet in the early nineties. She danced all the great classics. Lac, Beauty, Giselle, Bayadere, Raymonda. She also danced Juliet, Manon and Natalia Petrovna. A truly great dancer given the opportunity to show us what she could do in RB productions.
  2. Hangar Lane Premier Inn West London already booked by me for the Friday/Saturday Hayward Naghdi Giselle . Easy trip in on Central Line. 1 night £31
  3. Of course, there was another wonderful ballerina from Worthing who should have reached Principal status. Belinda Hatley
  4. Booking ENB Romeo and Juliet

    Strange. After picking date, whole seating area appears for me. Then chose seat and a pop up box asked me to pick price. Full price or a number of concessions(Grumpy old man, Bolshie student etc)
  5. Booking ENB Romeo and Juliet

    Works for me on my IPad. Usual procedure. Pick date, pick area, pick seat
  6. With the departure of Caley, Bond and Bracewell, I'm sure he will be dancing many Principal roles next year
  7. Bristol Hippodrome

    Just arrived for this evening performance. Have received email advertising event but no offers. The add ons that ATG charge almost add up to the price of my ticket.
  8. Hopefully, I assumed that it was probably his (Joseph) birthday. There seemed to be quite a noise behind the curtain after the performance. I think Arcadia is a wonderful achievement for Ruth Brill. I miss Carol-Ann Millar as Pineapple Poll. Her first entrance was always quite wonderful but all the dancers I have seen in these performances are exceptionally good. The one real tease for me though is whether I enjoy Laura Day in the role of Blanche, the fiancée or as just one of the girl friends. Leanne Cope comes to mind as I watch Laura in this ballet!
  9. Favourite RB Alice?

    An excellent answer
  10. The dancer was Brooke Ray, relatively new but considered to have much promise
  11. Alison, it was her official farewell. Giselle with Mukhamedov and yes it was that long.
  12. Sunrise, you should have been present at Collier's farewell. Thirty minutes of floral tributes. Not to take away anything away from Zen's magical evening of course

    Tonight is, I believe his last performance
  14. RB Summer Season Casting

    About time to pull someone from the corp. why not Anna Rose
  15. Royal Ballet Autumn 2017 Casting

    And hopefully Giselle