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  1. Yes, I was hoping that too - I guess the lack of contracts is most likely the reason as David Yudes's height did not prevent him getting a permanent contract with the RB.
  2. Good to see Arianna Maldini (RBS and RB Aud Jebsen) has a demi-soloist contract - seems like a good move and good luck to her next season
  3. Strange that there is no mention of him (de Primo) as leaving as previous Prix dancers usually get a mention if they are given a contract or if they move on to other companies etc.
  4. So pleased for Yasmine - and for the new soloists too. I wonder if Vincenzo de Primo (last year's Prix dancer) is staying with the company - good news for David Yudes to First Artiste though.
  5. 'Nureyev' The opening night has been cancelled due to ongoing investigations by the Police - not sure who is involved as yet.
  6. The company are up to their last Brisbane tour performance of the season now - so hopefully all promotions will be revealed imminently.....there maybe some surprises I think...
  7. I cannot get a profile picture to upload (using iPhone) - am I missing something??
  8. Such sad news - he fought such a brave battle RIP
  9. ABT PROMOTIONS ANNOUNCED Three ballerinas — Sarah Lane, Christine Shevchenko and Devon Teuscher — have been promoted to the rank of principal dancer at American Ballet Theater, the company announced on Friday (today) Calvin Royal III, a member of the corps de ballet who has been in the spotlight with solo roles, was promoted to soloist. (New York City Times)
  10. Thank you - looking forward to the future discussions! Following on from my first post re - Paris Opéra Ballet internal recruitment - it would seem that Miss Scudamore was ranked first and if I believe rightly, means that she automatically is promoted to a coryphée next year? Following in the balletic footsteps of Hannah O'Neill maybe....
  11. Even more reason for them to hurry up and make the announcements then!
  12. 'Concours de recrutement' 2017 Paris Opera Ballet Changing the subject somewhat (this is my first post as a newbie to the forum btw) yesterday was the Paris Opéra Ballet's annual internal recruitment audition for the corps de ballet - interesting to see that Australian Bianca Scudamore (Prix de Lausanne finalist 2015) was one of the only two female dancers selected and congratulations to her! She has been studying at the Paris Opéra school and shone in the school's annual performance this year - definitely one to watch I think.