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  1. I'm sorry, you must be new to the Internet.
  2. I managed to do something similar to my foot a little while ago. As if I'd displaced something small in the foot. It would hurt once it had been rested but walking would stretch it out and make it much happier. Of course this was during end-of-year show rehearsal time! I ended up marking through when I really needed to be dancing full out, but there you go.
  3. Almost no one in the audience is going to know the difference, so you're probably better off, especially on an unknown and very possibly unsuitable floor, doing it the way you were taught. Go for expressiveness rather than technical wow - a non-ballet audience won't be looking at your feet anyway.
  4. I love how similar the martial arts and ballet worlds are.
  5. Personally I quite like the structured approach of working through the exam curriculum. It's possible to do that and have personal goals and do other classes. Part of my reasoning for actually doing the exams is modelling for the boys around me (my sons and others). But you know, each to their own: I'm not inclined to do violin exams though I am working through the curriculum with my teacher.
  6. I couldn't make the cinema showing because of rehearsals and no ones doing an encore around here. Not happy, since its one of the things this year I most wanted to see: there'd better be a DVD at least!
  7. At the vocational level, I don't know. At a lower level than that I've definitely seen it.
  8. They pulled the body of a French chap out of the river at Limehouse, I'm afraid. Part of the point of attacking bridges is that there's nowhere to go.
  9. Largely because it's an almost exclusively female profession.
  10. A whole other set of problems that clearly exist in some places. I suspect that being so rare, boys do get better treatment than girls, and maybe held to lower standards. All the more reason to encourage more in.
  11. From a selfish point of view, if boys aren't coming into the art we're probably missing out on a lot of talented performers. (In the same way that mathematics has for centuries, for instance.)
  12. Well, that's us told, eh? <abandons discussion in disgust>
  13. Replay that in your head with "female" in place of "male" and tell me how it sounds? Imagine a man in IT, say, saying it.
  14. I'm surprised it's that high. Our school, which is amazingly high in boys by local standards, would have barely made 10% in the recent exam session, including a weird pre-primary class that is more or less randomly more boys than girls. The importing steps from sports for boys smacks of painting dumbbells pink for girls, but that's probably me being a grumpy old git. (And if you wanted to encourage more boys into ballet you'd do something about the fathers and relatives who don't want their sons doing sissy stuff that'll turn them gay 🙄. No idea how. Maybe lots of stories about dancers and their scantily clad wives and girlfriends in the tabloids.)
  15. The security staff seemed competent, so I suspect the bag search is more about doing behaviour profiling than really searching the bags - an excuse to interact with people as they come in and check for people behaving strangely. Though our bags were reasonably well searched, it wasn't for a show and they had the luxury of more time - creating large queues isn't good security practice either.