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  1. I've seen it suggested that the early announcement is for the sake of publicity for the Japanese tour.
  2. Do what now? Next you’ll be suggesting they should know how to feed themselves or use public transport before they’re 21.
  3. Thanks! We're already booked on the Dublin one (we did it last year, it was lots of fun) but we hadn't seen this one somehow.
  4. Partly that, partly improving understanding what they’re doing with partners, partly increasing flexibility for when a choreographer does asks for boys on pointe. They also force you to get the right muscles working: much harder to cheat with your quads when you’re on pointe.
  5. I've never seen a site so quick to close conversations, hide comments or chide people for saying the wrong thing when others can say whatever they like. It's your site, do what you like, but let's not pretend that it's some sort of bastion of openness.
  6. Some of that is in our own heads though. I can't handle Nunez as Lise or Juliet, because it looks to me like some passing Queen took a wrong turn on the way to reclaiming her kingdom from a pretender and his army with her bare hands. Relatively few others seem bothered.
  7. I'm just savouring the irony of people defending absolutist free speech from the appalling modern scourge of Political Correctness (otherwise known as not being rude and abusive to people weaker than you) on a site where conversation is tightly controlled to avoid offending the people who are doing the complaining.
  8. Which is why the recommended minimum fat levels for women are far higher than men. None of these things are fixed in stone either - some individuals will be able to cheerfully have a couple of children at low fat levels that would render most women infertile and unhealthy. Trying to emulate them is a really bad idea for most people.
  9. Is there a gentle way for me to ask what problem you’re trying to solve here? Is she eating sweets excessively by some objective measure? These conversations are difficult, especially because so many of us have more-or-less disordered relationships with food. I’m all in favour of educating the kids about nutrition - to the extent that anyone has a good handle on it - and advice from a nutritionist might be useful, though I can’t imagine how I’d introduce my son to that without giving the impression there was something wrong with him.
  10. It was fun: we did it before Christmas. A very beginners barre and some not too challenging rep - one of the party dances from Nutcracker being the theme that day. We were in the Floral Hall. It’s light entertainment and the level varied from people who’d never danced to some pretty serious dancers. You’ll get one of the dancers teaching you and piano accompaniment and you can say you danced at the Royal Opera House in London on your CV. 🤪
  11. I think it’s one of those things that teachers have OPINIONS on. My policy is do what I’m told by my teacher until I eventually work out what’s going on myself.
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