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  1. I can imagine that clawing of the toes and excessive activation of the thigh muscles could be associated through a student holding all their leg muscles far too tensely in an attempt to point. So while it couldn’t cause overuse of thigh muscles it could be associated with it.
  2. Yes it’s possible. I do a bit, though I’ve been neglecting it lately due firstly to an unrelated injury and then <gestures at the world outside>. You need to build the strength and technique to do it safely, which probably means four or five of years of pretty serious ballet classes and it’s hard even then. It’s not just foot strength, you need to understand how to control the rest of your body. Shoes can be obtained, custom made to your size if necessary. Doing sort of pointe work you see in ballets would take a lot more work. Years more. It’s not traditional, some people and some teachers will resist the idea because they’re really attached to the traditional gender roles in ballet and it’s not easy or quick or painless.
  3. We just got one: our vinyl is too slippy for pointe work. It’s a 2x1 slice of proper dance floor vinyl with the traction you’d expect. Not padded at all: would be very careful jumping on it.
  4. Ballet is really hard: I’m in my sixth year now, and just beginning to really develop the facility to pick up exercises half efficiently, and I’ve been doing a good number of classes for the last two years of so. It’s one of the things that the people who danced lots when they were younger tend to find easier than those of is who started later in life, so some of it may come back to you.
  5. I’ll report back on how progress at over a 105kg goes. 😂 Though, to be fair, I think my ankles and foot bones may be about four times the cross section of more traditional dancers on pointe.
  6. And if you have doubts about the fit, that’ll undermine your confidence. One of the problems for a beginner is working out what a good fit feels like.
  7. I suspect a lot of fitters probably don’t have much experience with adult beginners. We had a lovely fitting session in Freed today which sorted out some of my wife’s issues and magically got me a pair of shoes that feel as if they fit. I suspect the fit will need refining after I get some experience though.
  8. TfL are warning of exit only on all the tube stations near Covent Garden in the afternoon.
  9. No, nobody knows. There's also a big Brexit related demonstration planned, I think, so I'd plan an early lunch or a bit of pre-show protesting or something if I were you.
  10. They had already decided that the tube action was a bad idea. A subgroup did it anyway. The joys of anarchism. Glad I'm staying within walking distance of all the places I need to go to when I'm over this weekend.
  11. Yes, sadly, to the extent I want to replace my DVD collection with Blu-rays.
  12. Incidentally, am I right to read the G6 notes as saying you only need to perform one of the three dances in the exam?
  13. And this nonsense has got to be depressing visitor numbers: you’d have to be quite brave to spend on a trip to the ROH in November if you’re coming from outside the U.K.
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