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  1. I always lose interest in Sleeping Beauty when the story ends. I can be roused from my nap by a good pair of cats, but other than that …
  2. He’s not doing much and well within his capabilities, fear not. And he’s 11 now.
  3. It took me about three tries to get my elastics and ribbons right. Lots of variables and experiment.
  4. Yes. Well, does basic exercises at the barre mostly, though he’s annoyingly capable of walking around on pointe while I can’t even get over my box properly. 🙄
  5. When the 10 year old got pointe shoes the rule was that he was sewing them himself. Much easier to get children to learn when they're suitably motivated. (I can sew enough to do basic maintenance tasks and sort out pointe shoes, but it's not as if I was ever formally taught or would like anyone to look at my "handywork" close up.)
  6. We’re hardly regulars! She could have been having an off day, or maybe you just don’t get on with her as a teacher. I’ve known teachers who other people raved over that I couldn’t stand to be in the same room as.
  7. We've done a number of workshops and some classes with her when in London and she's always been good. Good exercises and lots of useful corrections. Never any privates though, so can't speak of them.
  8. That's not really a teacher-student relationship in the sense I'm thinking of, it's just a place you go for classes.
  9. I’d get a new teacher.
  10. I'd always inform their/our main teachers, and generally check their advice in advance. I'm not exactly asking permission, but I am giving them an opportunity to raise any issues they might have. I'd do the same with my main martial arts teachers too. If you don't value their opinion, why are you going to them in the first place?
  11. And Act 3 is a completely different ballet. Tighter, more coherent and much better story telling without all the what I assume is heavy handed allegory.
  12. Uh-huh. I can only assume this is either bad humour or some sort of performance art.
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