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  1. Tonight is, I believe his last performance
  2. About time to pull someone from the corp. why not Anna Rose
  3. And hopefully Giselle
  4. Oh dear, two of today's reviews make the same mistake. Francesca Hayward was not making her debut as Stephanie. The FT critic really ought to know better.
  5. Emma Maguire is dancing Princess Louise in the current run
  6. The whispers have been confirmed. The ROH website has announced that he will join as a Soloist next season.
  7. Casting has now been announced for all venues on the mid-scale tour
  8. So would I. Sadly I don't think it will happen. Emma was under appreciated for a long time and now there are so many good young dancers in the Company. Still, we should enjoy her while we can
  9. Just to prove me wrong tonight is Maguire, Crawford and Hay. Dreamy.
  10. Pas de trios has been Stock, O'Sullivan and Richardson with this cast
  11. Isabella Gasparini won a gold medal at the 2003 YAGP and David Donnelly won the Contemparary Dance award in 2012
  12. Reading the ROH casting announcement, one would assume that he is replaced due to illness ill and Kish due to injury