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  1. So would I. Sadly I don't think it will happen. Emma was under appreciated for a long time and now there are so many good young dancers in the Company. Still, we should enjoy her while we can
  2. Just to prove me wrong tonight is Maguire, Crawford and Hay. Dreamy.
  3. Pas de trios has been Stock, O'Sullivan and Richardson with this cast
  4. Isabella Gasparini won a gold medal at the 2003 YAGP and David Donnelly won the Contemparary Dance award in 2012
  5. Reading the ROH casting announcement, one would assume that he is replaced due to illness ill and Kish due to injury
  6. I saw the Dress Rehearsal and it looked very good from the amphi. First night I am back toSCS. Interesting to see if it look as good from that level
  7. Quality dancing though Alison, if dress rehearsal was any thing to go by. Absolutely loved Flight Pattern. .
  8. In an interview a few weeks ago, he gave every indication that he was not yet ready to stop dancing
  9. Some postings would seem to suggest that both are being themselves in performance
  10. There are two songbirds in this run who definitely do very good fluttering hand movements behind the back
  11. 2010, 2013 and 2015. I wouldn't call that being done to death
  12. As you know, Alison, I regularly make that trip the other way round. No matter which way you are doing the journey, I find it's the getting into or out of London, An hour from Victoria to Hammersmith is not unusual
  13. I heard a whisper about grave doubts over the future of The Royal's Cinderella