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Even with teaching there are many different options - your own school, working for someone else, secondary school teaching, college, pre-schoolers, adults...


Other pathways include:




Stage management

Designer (costume or lighting)

Costume making

Theatre technician

Dance therapy

Dance management

Dance development

Administration in either a school, company or theatre

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The dance physiotherapy seems from our initial enquiries to be a very difficult pathway.


In order for ds to keep that as an option (she's only 13 but it's something she is very interested in) she would have to leave vocational school at age 16.


Footballers have a scheme whereby they can re-train after a career but not so dancers it seems. You have to have 3 good science based A levels to be considered for a degree.

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But you know you can do A levels as an adult or other level 3 qualifications and for some courses a foundation year at the uni is possible to 'prove' you are capable of that level of study


Whether physio therapy is so highly soute after that these aren't options, I don't know - but generally for 'most' courses you can catch up

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I get the impression that physiotherapy is quite a competitive course to get into. It can be done as a post-graduate course as well. I believe that there is a shortage of NHS physiotherapist jobs because of a lack of funding but there are private physiotherapists. I don't know how hard it is to build up a private practice as a physiotherapist. If it's like medicine you would almost certainly need to work in the NHS for a few years first.


What about becoming a Pilates instructor? Many dancers use Pilates to help with fitness.

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Dance physio fascinates me in a way but I don't think I'm scientific enough to get into it, I gave all that kind of thing up a while ago and have great respect for those who can get into it.


Pilates/fitness instructor is definitely an option as that's what my mum does so I know exactly how to get into it etc. considering doing a fitness instruction qualification in the summer then I have that on the side wherever I go next.

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Hi Anondancer 15

I've noticed quite a few photographers that are ex-dancers . From reading your posts you seem to be interested in the same subjects as my dd and she has quite an eye for photography.

Yes, I think ex dancers seem to make very good photographers of dance. I guess it is because they understand what is happening better and can predict the next movement maybe? When my DD has been photographed by  "normal" photographers, they often seem to just miss the moment by a fraction of a second if you know what I mean. The best photos she has had done have all been by people who dance/d themselves.

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The only problem with being a photographer, is the enormous amount of competition since the digital revolution. Gone are the days when most people wouldn't be competent enough, to produce a portfolio for a dancer in a not too well lit studio. With the equipment available nowadays, almost anyone can produce a very good end result, whether you understand dance or not. If it's the latter, ( 6 frames per second) you just ask the customer to select the pics they prefer. I personally think the atmosphere in some dance studios is brilliant, especially if taken in black and white which I much prefer. Sorry for drifting slightly off topic, but like I mentioned in the beginning, being a photographer can be tough if you want to make a few bucks..

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I'm with Pups-mum

My dd was at an RAD day and they use a lovely photographer who is an ex Hammond Girl .On the day my dd had a water infection and wasn't really feeling up to dancing , the photos that were taken on the day were stunning .I think exdancers are more aware of how a dancer moves or can maybe anticipate better what they will do next .

I agree with Vonrothbart about it being competetive but then our young DCs are used to competing and the dance world can make them very resilient.

I work in a very competetive trade but if you are good at what you do you can rise to the top .

Fashion again is a very competetive area and high grade GCSEs are needed to get on a good college course .


Can you tell I've been through all this as an alternative for my dd ;)


Just to note you cannot send digitally enhanced photographs for auditions so plenty of scope for a career in Audition Photos alone , who better than to make the most of your best attributes than someone who knows what a panel is looking for.

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