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Young dancers academy


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My DD is at YDA in London. It was our school of choice - we applied nowhere else for our DD and we haven't been disappointed. There are obviously bigger brand names in dance training but if you are looking for small class sizes, very clearly excellent classical ballet training, a happy child loving their dancing and the second to none pastoral care, YDA is a good choice in its own right (not just as a stepping stone to apply to RBS). Having seen YDA children dance alongside other vocational children their age at summer schools etc YDA are very advanced and have great musicality (what my DD calls "dancer quality") but YDA does not always have the pick of the perfect ballet physiques among 11 year olds and that impacts upon exiting destinations. All seem to go to good vocational schools but not usually RBS Upper. However appreciate that's very subjective and others may disagree with my view here...  


Academically there is not a big range of subjects but most of the academic teachers are top notch. One downside: extremely limited science facilities but you do get the jaw droppingly good Mr Hill. Fees are out of the range of many but they are significantly lower than other London private day schools. Our DD fees' are the cheapest of our children. There is also some financial assistance so not to be ruled out even for those who cannot afford the fees. 



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