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Found 10 results

  1. Heard good and bad stuff about this school. DD didn’t get offered place at WL at finals. Wondered what Yda school is like as not boarding school but we have a flat in London we can use and I could live there and work from home while dd at school. Been told easy to get a place if know right people? Any views welcomed
  2. For parents with children auditioning for secondary schools this year who are not necessarily yet "in the know" I thought I would mention YDA in London whose 2015 academic results have been published by the Local Authority. YDA is a small private vocational day school but it has some scholarship and boarding places. 89% of last year's Yr 11s attained 5+ GCSEs at A-C compared with an authority average of 62.6% and a national average of 53.8%. YDA was also rated as outstanding in its last Ofsted and it has a strong and growing reputation for its training and great vocational results. Last year's leavers went to a range of top upper schools including ENB and Elmhurst. I should just say I have no interest in plugging the school other than my child attends and is happy there....
  3. My daughter has got a place on the Associates course starting in September. We have had to leave our current dance school as their lessons are only on a Saturday. I have told our dance school we are leaving & they said they had never even heard of YDA & they don't think it will be as good as I am hoping! Daughter got SWL for Royal this year she is 9 she really just wants to pursue ballet. I have found a local ballet teacher who can teach my daughter in the week & seems lovely. Feel bad leaving her current school & now they have said they actually have a ballet class in the week which is for Grade 3 plus but my daughter has only done Grade 1. also they offer Contemporary & Jazz which they want her to do so she can do YDA & stay. The other ballet lady I have found teaches a Russian method is an examiner & seems excellent quite old school but gets good results & girls seem to like her. Feel sad, awkward to be leaving our current school but feel if my daughter just wants to do ballet then YDA would be great for her. Anyone got any experience suggestions????
  4. Does anyone know if the young dancers academy have an associate scheme? Have looked on their website but there is only info on full time courses which we could not afford as appt there isn't funding? Dd would be auditioning for a year 7 place. Thanks
  5. I have just found out about this school, what are people's thoughts and opinions?
  6. Hi I've been reading posts on here for about nine months. DD is 9, year 5, and really keen on ballet. She was just doing local class last year but teacher suggested if she was interested to take a bit more seriously. I knew nothing about the ballet world but DD in fact came to me one day and said she really wanted to go to ballet school at 11 and train to be a dancer, so it has been led by her and teacher's advice. We applied last year for RBS JA but tbh don't think she was really ready. She felt very overwhelmed by being at their school in Covent Garden, bless her, and wasn't surprised when she didn't get a place. We did apply for Tring CBA as well and she really enjoyed the audition experience there and got a place. She has been going since September and loves it. We live in West London and someone suggested we look at Young Dancers Academy in Shepherds Bush as it was nearby and had very good reputation. I hadn't heard of it but we checked it out and she auditioned mid term for their associates and is really loving it. I am now considering it as an option for next year to audition for year 7, as well as the other bigger schools. I do like the idea she could stay at home and the teachers seem very serious but also caring about the individual child from the little I have seen. I just wanted to get some feedback and opinions from any parents whose children do go there to the full time school, as it would be really useful regarding such a big decision as which schools to apply for. Many thanks!
  7. Well done!!!! School report Young Dancers Academy 25 Bulwer Street, Shepherds Bush, London, W12 8AR Inspection dates 4–6 June 2013 Overall effectiveness Outstanding 1 Pupils’ achievement Outstanding 1 Pupils’ behaviour and personal development Outstanding 1 Quality of teaching Outstanding 1 Quality of curriculum Outstanding 1 Pupils’ welfare, health and safety Outstanding 1 Leadership and management Outstanding 1 Summary of key findings This school is outstanding because  Students make outstanding progress in most subjects and particularly in ballet. They achieve above average results in GCSE examinations including in English and mathematics.  Students’ consistently thoughtful behaviour and their developing self-confidence and resilience are outstanding factors in their successful learning.  Teachers’ exceptional subject knowledge and expertise inspire students to reach high standards.  The curriculum is exemplary in meeting students’ vocational and academic needs, interests and aspirations.  The academy’s leaders and managers are passionate in their pursuit of excellence in all aspects, including the welfare, health and safety of each individual student. They have improved on the good quality of teaching and learning in the previous inspection and are eager to ensure all students make outstanding progress in all subjects throughout the academy. Compliance with regulatory requirements  The school meets schedule 1 of The Education (Independent School Standards) (England) Regulations 2010, as amended by The Education (Independent School Standards) (England) (Amendment) Regulations 2012 (‘the independent school standards’) and associated requirements.
  8. Yesterday the Young Dancers Academy was awarded ' Recognised Dance Education and Training Status' by the Council for Dance Education. This is wonderful news for our teachers and students who all work so hard to make YDA an outstanding place to train!
  9. Hello I just thought I should let you all know that once again YDA have got four students into White Lodge (and one on the waiting list) for september. Two girls have got Into year 10 (always tricky as the places are so rare after year 7) and a boy and girl into year 7. The year 11s are doing their final auditions as ENB, elmhurst, central etc. but they have already been offered places at northern, millenium and laines, This time next year it will be my daughter doing the upper school auditions! Clearly Anna du Boisson and her fellow teachers have been doing something very right.
  10. I just wanted to say well done to the Young Dancers Academy for getting 25% of all their total students to the Royal Ballet School Finals this year! Not only that, but for the second year running, 3 of their students have been taken into White Lodge and one of their students is in the semi-finals for Young British Dancer of the Year too. They are clearly doing something very right. My daughter chose to go their three years ago, when we did not want her to board at Elmhurst and it has been the perfect vocational school for us.
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