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Sylvie Guillem announces her retirement

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The woman will be over 50!  I would say that was a great innings .... and I (for just one) am deeply appreciative for the magic that was well and truly received.  There was no question but that she did it her way.  Who could ask for anything more. 

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I'm astonished that this news has not apparently hit the British media yet - or if it has, I've missed the references. 


I'm sad at this inevitable news.  Guillem lit up whatever stage she was on, with her unforced attack and her clear, intelligent acting  She also, I found, seemed to raise the games of dancers performing with her. We were fortunate  to have her, and probably won't see her like for a long time - I wish her the very best for whatever future plans she has.

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Sylvie Guillem has announced today that she will be retiring at the end of 2015. 



For some reason, this news has not seem to be circulated by English media yet...





the end of an era...

It was on the front of the telegraph this afternoon.





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