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  1. When I used to attend lots of RB and ENB classes, they were packed to the brim (many dancers dribbling in late), were a mix of principals (all the big guns of that time, Bussell, Cojocaru, Nunez, Rojo - I'm trying to remember if Guillem or Acosta ever came to one), soloists and corps, and quite often the same dancers attended, so I can only assume they were there because they wanted to be! Occasionally the class was taught by a guest teacher and these were particularly well attended and principal heavy - I speculated that the organisers might have rigged this to ensure a treat for the audience 😉
  2. I welcome spirited discussion! But I felt that some of the vigour was directed towards invalidating and dismissing some of my (and similar) posts.
  3. Is there any point to moving posts when the performances and most of the encore screenings are over anyway?
  4. And by uncomfortable/embarrassed, I mean it takes me out of the ballet, it doesn't contribute to the Oriental fantasy.
  5. I didn't know that the fakirs are meant to be holy men - it doesn't come across at all. They are probably the most obvious problem I have with Bayadere for the reasons you give and they don't even contribute to the plot. I'm sure I'm not the only one in the audience who watches the fakirs dancing and grovelling and feel a bit uncomfortable/embarrassed. I'm curious what the dancers think of it.
  6. In my experience, PC Brigade, along with the "I was offended brigade" are used as shorthand to insult and ridicule opinions. You, along with many posters, express yourself very eloquently without needing such terms. Why throw them around so carelessly? I couldn't tell if they were directed at me. Their usage, along with suggestions to relax, and effectively be quiet or stay at home, is quite annoying and hurtful.
  7. But I don't think anyone was calling for Bayadere or any other ballets to be banned or anything that extreme. I feel like some of those defending Bayadere escalated to that on their own. I thought the discussion about the appropriateness of the Orientalism was quite interesting personally. I don't understand why that discussion can't be had without causing upset.
  8. I have to admit I'm one who doesn't go looking for critics reviews anymore. But if I had Twitter I could see the appeal in engaging with critics directly.
  9. I agree, with forums and social media, I think critics, whilst respected for their experience, have become just one voice amongst many.
  10. Aren't all ballets picked to pieces here? Of course not. But rereading the last couple pages of posts, the tone suggests that some of those who are "in favour" of Bayadere are more upset about this discussion than those who are "against". You could perhaps consider that some of us who have experienced racist abuse can also find frothy culturally insensitive ballets a bit uncomfortable as well as object to being referred to as the PC brigade. I appreciated toursenlair's post.
  11. I think terms like PC brigade are generally used to belittle other people and opinions. I think the terms and conditions of this forum are generally to try to be nice to each other even while disagreeing.
  12. I just have a feeling that minority views here are being ganged up on, especially when that view is "I don't like X". I get that this is a ballet fan site - obviously I love ballet too and I wasn't going to win any likes by going on a Bayadere thread and saying I don't like Bayadere. But it makes me sad that I can't express that opinion without being made fun of.
  13. I'm finding some of the latest posts here remarkably intolerant and mean spirited. Why can't a minority of posters voice their perfectly valid opinions about their discomfort about Bayadere (as I said before, this discussion can be made alongside a general appreciation for the dancers, choreography, Shades, etc.) without others throwing barely veiled insults and going off on a tangent about Fille, panto, Hamilton and making unfounded accusations of being part of the PC brigade and taking offence to everything. And especially since the origin of the discussion didn't start in a vacuum, it started with personal experience. For the record I made the same criticism when the Bolshoi last brought Bayadere to London but I'm not intransigent and I've softened my view since then.
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