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I have waited and waited for each and everyone of you to get your news of auditions, good or bad. I didn't make any comments because my fingers would have been sore. I want to say a huge congratulations to everyone who has had the courage to audition this year. If you were successful well done and good luck with your journey. If you didn't get what you were hoping to achieve, here's hoping for next year, when hopefully the time is right for you. A big well done to all of you parents too because as a parent who has been through it, we know how hard that wait is and then the transition of letting your child go. Here's hoping next year is an amazing year for all of our children, including those graduating and getting jobs.

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Great post Tulip :) It's certainly an emotional time for all involved and even spectators like me feel your emotional highs and lows!

Good luck to all those who started gcses today and A levels in a few weeks time...roll on the Summer!


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