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Anjuli- Bai's talent


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Well, thank you so much! It is very much appreciated. (Imagine my shocked surprise in seeing this thread!)


Since I've retired from dance I've had the time to take up some other things I enjoy - painting among them. I really enjoy painting dance.


If you so desire - you can view the paintings here - several of them are dance related:




Click on each thumbnail to view the entire painting.



There are other things I enjoy doing - but they are all entirely on the right side of the brain - the other side is completely empty! So, to make up for that huge lack - I married a man (50 yrs ago ihis coming June) who has enough brain for both of us - especially on the left side! He loves the ballet and does all the technical stuff - like photographing my paintings and putting them up on the computer as jpegs and tiffs (whatever that all is).


Once again - thank you - you've made my day (week, month). :)


(Moderators: If I erred in putting up the link - please take it down)

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Thank you so much Anjuli, your paintings are really beautiful. Do you sell? My dd already views you as something of a gospel,and when we are discussing anything ballet, she asks "I wonder what Anjuli would say...?" perhaps an art mentor as well now?

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Wow - what a thread to wake up to on a Sunday morning! How can I thank you?


Some answers to questions from posts above....


The link I provided should allow you to see the paintings whether or not you are on FB. Try this link - FB says it should work for those not on FB:



I do sell but very occasionally since the paintings are sort of "my children"....and I'm not anxious to sell them.


The only mentoring I've done with the paintings is to say - try it - you've nothing to lose. Buy yourself a beginer set of paints, try it - no one has to know - no one is the judge. If you don't like it throw it out - no one has to know that either. Everyone's art is individual - it doesn't have to look like anyone else's and in fact, shouldn't.


That's pretty much what I think about ballet students - especially adults (for whom I cherish a special place in my heart).


You have all allowed me to become a part of your communiity - this American who lives so far away - and for that I am grateful. You have given me an opportunity to feel connected to that special world called "dance" through the difficult years of leaving it actively behind.


The other day, deep in a drawer in my sewing chest, I found a bunch of short pink elastics which I had cut - ready for my pointe shoes - but never used. I was so sad - but then I clicked in here and felt once again the living connection.


And - for that you have my thanks. (yes, this is rather maudlin, I admit - but as an American perhaps you'll grant me that leeway).

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