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Someone just told me something about DD & it made me cry


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She saw the Ballet show last week & wrote "In the opening number of the show though she really stood out, just has that something - a confidence, or a presence, maybe? She's going to be a star!"


I don't know this person at all but I cried, I was so touched that she felt that, that she bothered to tell me and that DD had affected someone that much


But I'm probably feeling a bit wobbly anyway because she did her charity show yesterday & it was just amazing


We sold 105 tickets
Made £275 on the door
Theatre donated £25
Pre-donations £50
Bucket donations £223
Council bursary (got £200, spent £100 donated the remainder) £100

Total raised £673

I was gobsmacked!!! & then to hear this about her show last weekend as well - I'm all overcome

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I think that initially it is just you as a mum/dad/grandma that sees that something special hidden away from others but you are so 'intuned' to it because you know them inside out.  They may not be front row or get the best grades but you just see little sparks of remarkable talent that slowly as the years pass other people start to notice.  I see that with my little dd, she is sometimes just a little bit off the beat so never gets put on the front but my word does she sparkle like fairy dust sometimes.   The last few shows parents/grandparents come up to me and say wow your dd is just so magical on stage even a dad said your little dd brought me to tears.  So Katymac when I read your comment it made my eyes go all glassy, I don't know her but I'm proud for her as i think all parents who see that something special in their DC and the struggles they go through can put themselves in your shoes  :) (smiley face with big sobs coming out of it!)

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Oh It is SO lovely when complete strangers come up to you after a performance to say how they loved your child's performance - I usually get embarrassed - especially when they say " oh you must never let him give up !" - No chance of that - ever since his school Dinner Lady told him "don't let anyone tell you to stop" aged 4.......????

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It is lovely when things like that happen isn't it. I was brought to tears on a few occasions when my son was Head Boy and I received out of the blue messages from people on the forum about their experiences of meeting him or things their younger children had said about him. I've kept them!


Well done for the money raised for charity :-)

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