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Northern Ballet - A Christmas Carol, 2013

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DD & I went to see this last night - it was amazing!


Despite not feeling Christmassy at all when we went in, we both came out singing carols and feeling quite, quite festive


The costumes were excellent and the set was really clever.


DD informs me the dancing was very, very good ;) & that's why she has to do Musical Theatre not Ballet.........




The only thing to improve it (imo) would be to see it in December

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 We saw it Thursday evening with a different cast from that you saw, Katymac.  I agree with you, it is an excellent production. The audience was very appreciative.


There are more opportunities coming up to see A Christmas Carol  - Canterbury, Marlowe Theatre, Tue 29 Oct - Sat 2 November; Sheffield, Lyceum Theatre, Tue 5 Nov - Sat 9 November; Bradford, Alhambra Theatre, Wed 13 Nov - Sat 16 November; Manchester Palace Theatre, Tue 19 Nov - Sat 23 November.


Janet mentions the useful info on the Northern Ballet website. There are also extracts from their current and upcoming ballets.


They are presenting The Three Little Pigs  in Leeds over the half term holiday!

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My Mum, dd and I watched the performance at the Theatre Royal last night and we all thoroughly enjoyed it! I loved the Fezziwigs party scene and thought the ghost number was really effective! I think dd was quite pleased to see the contemporary influence in this particular number even though a classical company, as she has recently started our local CAT scheme where contemporary is very prominent yet she aspires to be a ballet dancer still, so I think she now feels as though she has an extra string to her bow!   ;) I also loved the way they moved around the set (the ghosts unfolding from the balcony and the slide looked like a lot of fun!)

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I saw the two performances in Sheffield last Thursday and really enjoyed both of them.


I'd forgotten just how attractive, enjoyable and moving this production is.   In the afternoon Hiro Takahashi was a wonderful curmudgeonly Scrooge.  Toby Batley was terrific as the cowed Bob Cratchitt who loved his family and found pleasure in life.  Lucia Solari was Belle with Kenneth Tindall as her Young Scrooge.  I always find this duet moving and beautiful and this was a particularly fine performance.  Lucia is a very expressive dancer and Kenny has got to be one of the best actors around.  I cried my eyes out!  Lori Gilchrist, Javier Torres and Matthew Broadbent were all super ghosts too.


In the evening Giuliano Contadini was Scrooge.  He brought more of a sharp edge to his portrayal of Scrooge and I thought he was wonderful in the role.  Javier Torres was somewhat less cowed than Toby had been in the afternoon (but still aware that he needed to keep his job) and his love of life really shone through in the family scenes.  Pippa Moore and Hiro Takahashi were Belle and Young Scrooge and their performance of the duet was breath-taking.  In fact the whole performance sparkled like vintage champage.


Scrooge is the constant in this production and there are lots of vignettes and cameo performances to enjoy.  I must admit that I did find it hard to identify some of the male dancers under all the Victorian facial hair but I did love the Beadle at both performances. Both Nicola Gervasi and Kevin Peoung had great fun as the violinist at the Fezziwig party too.


This is a great show for all the family to enjoy!

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