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  1. Oh my goodness such very sad news She fixed my daughter as well. We used have a natter whilst the machine did it's work on DD's feet. She was so lovely
  2. Not sure if things have changed but when DD still went en pointe she found a Grishko "maker" she preferred (there was a code inside the shoe) and we always ordered the ones he produced. You you could also make alterations to a shoe including the vamp. At that time the charge per alteration was £5.00 and I presume that charge would be added to each pair when purchased, we didn't make any alterations as unfortunately DD suffered an injury and no longer dances en pointe. Last time we ordered shoes was approximately 5 years ago - still have them - never worn ☹️ Hope this helps
  3. porthesia

    Social Media

    I find WhatsApp invaluable. A group was set up after the death of my mother in law for all the siblings to deal with the sale of her house - still not sold but that's another story - but it does mean we are all in contact with each other all the time - with one sister in law in South Carolina for 2 years we have been able to know she is safe during the tornado season. We have another group just for DH, DD non DD and Non DD's boyfriend and myself - all who live in this house - very useful if we run out of anything or someone needs a lift.
  4. I got the email to verify,and I've just found the link to Facebook so I've shared there x
  5. At a loss for words, signed
  6. My biggest mistake was not buying a 16-25 railcard, could have saved myself loads
  7. Wishing your daughter all the best in whatever course she pursues in life.
  8. I bought one of DD's teachers a vase to put all the flowers that students gave her in
  9. Rant warning. I have just been trying to buy tickets for Australian Pink Floyd for my husbands Christmas present -Brighton Centre next November 2018. Bit cheesed off at the £4.50 booking fee - that's £4.50 per ticket to then have the choice of paying £2.90 to have the tickets delivered 48 hours before the performance so nothing to give my OH Christmas day or £2.55 - to PRINT THEM MYSELF!! So I'm paying for the ink in the printer, the paper and the electricity and also being charged for the privilege of doing it myself. Can't even collect from the venue! Ticketmaster I think you take the biscuit for ripping people off
  10. My eldest daughter and her boyfriend finally wore us down and Orion and Nova arrived on Sunday. Two small black balls of fluff that are so far tearing out our heart strings as Nova (not my cats and I didn't choose the names) has been unwell since his inoculations, de-fleaing and de-worming on Monday - another trip to the vets today for anit-inflammatory injection and he is to have another anti-inflammatory injection with the 2nd part o the inoculations. I had forgotten just how much fun and how cute kittens were. They have yet to meet Tia as we made the decision not to have her inoculated this year as she had a funny reaction last year. She's 14 years old and should be fully protected from the kittens - just not them from her. Keeping fingers crossed it all goes well!
  11. Wishing a speedy recovery to your son
  12. Card Factory - Christmas cards in the shop and it's still August. I love Christmas but not this early!!
  13. So sorry Lisa, hugs winging their way to you.
  14. Non-DD interviewed for a new job within the County Council library service on Monday. Pleased to say she's been offered the position. No more late shifts and no more entitled nasty customers - hurrah and more money!! Downside is she now has to start paying back her student loan
  15. My daughters told me about that and I still had the empty packet and the date was fine and so am I. They just didn't taste the same - perhaps it's a blessing in disguise as I really need to loose weight - always a silver lining
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