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  1. My dd is current year 7 and I know her head of year well; so I know that she definitely hasn't done hers. I'm a bit worried now that it's a bad sign if they've sent some and not others! Gulp!
  2. Oh Willow that's so difficult! Obviously all of the schools want to secure the students they want, but it doesn't make it easy on the children or the parents having to make decisions! Good luck with whatever you decide!
  3. We couldn't afford to register for Tring and weren't fortunate enough to secure an MDS awarded place so we sent a letter pretty much straight away to say it was well out of our financial realm without funding. Does anyone know the kind of numbers for the Hammond? How many will be there Monday and for how many places? I know there were rumours of both numbers prior to Tring finals but I haven't seen or heard anything regarding Hammond numbers......Although maybe sometimes the not knowing is better!
  4. My dd's school hasn't received them either Willow04! I was a bit worried too, but maybe they send them out after next Monday?!
  5. Oh so sorry to hear that HappyMum. It really is horrible. If only money wasn't such a massive obstacle.
  6. Thank you HappyMum and I hope you receive good news soon. The waiting is the worst! Dd is a fighter so she'll be ok. I help out at one of her ballet lessons (which was first thing this morning) and I expected her to look a bit deflated and sad, but she did the exact opposite; worked her socks off and performed the class like she was on stage! So hopefully these knocks will only stand to make her stronger as I guess she feels she has more to prove!
  7. It's a no and the reserve list for us. Even when expected it's still a little sad to get the actual letter. Good luck to those still waiting and a massive well done to those who are celebrating with a yes this weekend!
  8. Ah thank you for giving me a glimmer of hope SwaybackSapphire! I'm still not overly optimistic but it's nice to hear it's not a complete impossibility! xx DancingForJoy, it must have been so so stressful for those who had already been attending the school. Even more pressure for those dc than those hoping for a first time place I would have thought. Well done to your dc for successfully obtaining an award! It's just such a shame there is so little for funding for so many talented children. I have already pre-empted dd for a no, she says she'll be disappointed but she's resilient! HappyMum, I leave for work early tomorrow so it will be a long day for me!! Good luck to everyone awaiting results! Xx
  9. Loulabelle, there were at least a couple in the 11.15am class who are current Tring students, one of which didn't have an MDS place for the first year but is now auditioning for one. As much as it feels like it must put our currently non voc dc at a disadvantage, I can't help but feel for those who have already been at the school for a year and may be facing the possibility of having to leave if they are not awarded an MDS place. Must be very hard on them. Piccolo my dd from the same session was not asked to see the physio either. She feels like she did her best and is remaining positive which is slightly heartbreaking seeing as I think the odds are against her! She was in the same position last year when she tried for a year 7 place and the 'no' email came very quickly the next morning. I hope it isn't a two week wait!
  10. Yes I expect that must be it, although makes me think they have invited a lot back for funding audition if they were originally all grouped together and have now been split! Eek!
  11. It's for DD and she is trying for Year 8 Happymum, so if your dd is year 7 maybe they've kept times the same? I received the amended time by email
  12. Ours was 9.15am and is now 11.15am! We're happy with the slightly later time too!
  13. I agree with the above. Chantry Dance Company are brilliant, as is their associates programme. I believe it runs once monthly on a Sunday. I was really upset that my dd had to give it up when her CAT classes changed to a Sunday. She'd love to go back in the future if the chance arises! Highly recommend them!
  14. Yes I don't think my nerves could take waiting until after the January auditions Happymum! Ooh good luck to you all of you first audition candidates then Cantabile! I wonder if it will just be the early November auditions they'll send out or whether they'll send them out all in one go?! If it's about 4 weeks from each audition date I might just have to wait until after Christmas day to tell dd as I'd hate her to spend Christmas feeling upset!
  15. I've just noticed that there are a couple more Junior Dance audition dates on Tring's website for January! I was just wondering if anyone who had early November auditions have received their result? Dd auditioned yesterday and we weren't given a time scale for results so I'm just trying to gage how long we may have to wait! Dd felt she danced her best but also felt there were others in the group who were much stronger, so not expecting a recall given the number of audition dates this year and the fact she's trying for a year 8 place, but it would be nice to find out prior to Christmas so she can move on and focus on the next goal if it's a no! Good luck to all those waiting and to those still to audition!!
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