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Fonteyn window Westminster Abbey

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My choir is singing Evensong this week at the Abbey and I was delighted to discover the window devoted to Margot Fonteyn in the cloister, just outside the room where the choir rehearses and robes. Actually it was one of my fellow choristers who noticed it:

"hey, there's a ballerina in that stained glass window!"

I was just about to say, "Wow, it's Margot Fonteyn!" when another chorister said, "Why would they put a ballerina in a stained glass window? it must be some kind of a joke...
[me] SPLUTTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I find it so typical of a common attitude that ballet is something trivial and not a serious art form. No one took issue with the fact that literary types are memorialized in the Abbey.

If you're visiting the Abbey yourself, you can see it at the "Cheyneygates" entrance near the entrance to the Cellarium Cafe:


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Now that a couple of city blocks surrounding the Victoria Palace have been completely demolished, The Pavlova statue looks even more impressive with just the sky as backdrop from most angles and can be seen at a far greater distance than before.  Sadly a massive modern monstrosity is to be built where characterful old buildings and streets once stood, and poor Pavlova will become a minor feature in the new brutal landscape planned for the Victoria area.


Those with an interest should go to see her now.

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You can access that part of the Abbey cloisters by entering at the Dean's Yard gate on Sundays in time for, or after,  a service (mattins 10, eucharist 1115, evensong 3).

Otherwise if you pay admission to visit the Abbey during the week you also have access to the cloisters and can see the window just before the Cellarium cafe.

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